Thursday, December 9, 2010

taking sides!

They say, if you don't have an opinion then you don't exist. Let it be right or wrong but you should stand for something.

Diplomacy is a disease which kills the essence out of the good, and leaves you with a lot less people in your life. It soaks the living sense out of you and shuns you in the deep corners of self denial and grief.
For once taking sides might make you the bad, but it leaves smiles on the face you care about. I say its all worth it, if you want to see the same faces after five years still being a part of your lives, rest are just a blur going through the motions of your life.

There are things which are not done, not said, not acted upon and the build up to resentment and self doubt. Lending a hand and lifting a person up from the darkness is the fact of the matter. But that darkness and grey should not pull you inside so that you, yourself drown in the grey and the ugly.

Time and again when faced by complex human emotions, these words help me make sense of it all. Emotions have many facets but I guess I've blunted a few of them inside of myself. They have eroded over the years and shown me the real image of myself. But in the process left me with cavities.

Ive always masked my real emotions by my words but today all I want to say is, I can't be emotionally stretched, because thats one thing that will pushes me towards things which I have left behind. Life is simple for me, I have goals and a long bucket list and I live, and let others Live.
I let people make their own mistakes and learn from them, I accept them as they are, then again my intolerance for certain judgmental people is increasing, and I don't know what to do of it. I'm at that stage of my life, when I look behind I see a blur.
And my fears are coming true once again, but this time I'm stronger and it would be lot easier going through it.

Seasons change
Destinations change
We Evolve.