Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back to School ................

School days are special in every body's life,so are mine.I have changed 6 school during the 12 years of schooling because my dad was in the Air Force ''and we had to move to a new place every 3-4 years'' though I never regretted the move, but yes always missed the previous once.I studied in AFGJI(Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute),New Delhi from 8th to 11th ,had to leave in the 12th ,but somewhere down the line I was really attached to this one.I had the time of my life here, made some amazing friends ,learnt some harsh lessons and just grew up as a person.
Now that I am in college, and out of school, going back to school was a wonderful experience,''I actually couldn't believe that I was out of school '' LOL
It bought back memories of the time when we never thought about the life beyond school,we used to be kids looking at our seniors, laughing away to Glory in the breaks, looking for a off period which was a distant dream , comparing marks with friends and calculating the rank. LOL
BTW doing all this in college is something, I am sure is not expected of anybody. ''I guess everybody would have guessed what I am talking abt''LOL
Coming back, we passed out a year back from school, but nothing much had changed since we left,the same teachers still teach, the students are asusual late , the morning assemble is still a bore and the school basket ball team still rocks, its only that, the Juniors have grown up and the school has grown one year older.
Well , I meet up with my biology teacher''who still remembers my name'', she was somebody I always looked up to because she is the reason I love biology so much that I am doing my bachelor's in it .And also my English teacher who tolerated my slang's and finally succeeded in improving it.LOL And yes I saw my Hindi teacher , ''man used to hate her so much,lol,I always thought of writing her a hate letter but never actually did'' LOL .
ALL in all it was a great experience , though I am out of school but the memories still remain near to my heart and always will.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad Mood

''OUR mood should not rule ,we should rule our mood ''-ROBIN SHARAMA

This line is very true, but often this is not the case, our mood takes the better of us for the worse, we have fights , we say bad things to the people;we are close to, and blame it all on our mood.
In fact something happened with me today which prompted me to write this post, apparently I was in a ''bad mood'' today, and that really made me very irritated and dull ''my mood took the best of me and turned me into some kinda stupid girl'',LOL
I am sure I disappointed my friends today at some level but I just couldn't help it .
I am learning to improve on this one , BTW I am a very slow learner. LOL