Sunday, February 22, 2009


Some songs have been there forever and u'v heard them before,
you stumble upon them again and get hooked.

Sacrifice - Elton John

Believe - Cher

It Must have been Love - OST Pretty Women

Lemme know about the songs you stumble upon.

P.S - Currently I am in between certain events, once I am done ill let you know what I exactly meant. I always find lessons and reasons from events taking place in my place but from a few, I just couldn't find any so I blamed "Destiny".

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Destiny haa...
I am a big fan of destiny, basically its my favorite word.
But sometimes some things happen whos reasons you can't find,
Was it destiny that I spent the last few days in hell,
Was it destiny that my hopes and dreams were fading away,
Was it destiny that made be completely lifeless,
Was it destiny that made me doubt myself and seem as a waste,
I was completely blank and walked as a ghost.
And now I get to know that it was all for nothing
It is destiny that,
What was happening wasn't right at the first place.

Well I guess it's destiny which has given me a second shot.

But who's responsible for all those days I spent not living.

Life can be a pain in the Ass, but its worth all the happy moments :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why does everything which you expect
Never Happens
And everything which you don't
Just Happens.

Why are some things,
worth nothing,
just Nothing.

Why do they even happen
if everything happens for a reason.
Why does some things have
No Reason
a Result

Anyway you gotta listen to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours.
I can't seem to get over this song and him :P
(its the Karaoke version)

Friday, February 6, 2009

When things get Bad, I get Mad
That's the only explanation,
I can give for my acts.

Let Me Be
I have to FACE it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Recession Talk

These days where ever you go, recession is the current flavor
you put on the news, job cuts is the news :O
apparently more than one lakh jobs are been cut world wide per day
now that's a staggering figure.
I am sure we all are aware of it.

So now lets try to find some light in these dark times called recession.
One thing positive that I can find in these times is that people will no longer take the beaten track and will look for other alternatives and when a lot of people get down on new roads there will be progress. Amidst the current situations there are several avenues mushrooming which were never heard off, for example in the book Hot ,Flat and Crowded; Thomas L. Friedman states that green technology is the answer and the benefits of it can only be realized now as cruel oil prizes are unaffordable.

It has lead people to take up unconventional roads and people are using their inherent talents to something outta it, I am sure not everybody would be knocking the door of a B-school any time soon.
This is just one example, every situation has good and bad we just have to find good in this current one.

As for me, its the first time I am ever facing a situation where I cant find my way in life, all I want from my life is to live off a laptop and a bagpack and go to a work place wearing my all stars . Lemme know where I can do that.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well its my birthday tomorrow, the 21!
iv never been high on birthdays,
and things have been real bad lately
im just not all happy n jumpie about it
but people around me are
they are (they so are)
and I guess till tomorrow
it will catch up with me too
and this birthday
just might be the thing to
lift my spirits up.

Anyway, I wont be having a big bash, ill just head to Candies for that awesome mud cake 'it can cure anything' and ill be counting down July 2 (my half birthday) :P that's when its gonna be my big fat 21st party :D

Though ill turn 21 tomorrow, I wonder when will I start acting as one
I hope that day comes soon.

btw some Wine for you.