Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some things remain constant!

There comes a point in you life when you loose yourself, you don't feel yourself in your own skin, you life completely changes, the people around you change.
The world seems a different place.

At times like these you realize some the constants in your life.
Some old friends
The taste of homemade food
The calmness of your own room
The classics on your oldest iPod
A day without phone calls
and some words on your blog
and of course A cricket match!
PURE Bliss....

Such situations in life gives you an opportunity to reinvent your self and restore some tranquility in a chaotic environment.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

random expressions!

Whoever talks about work life balance is so hypocritical, they are either have no life or no work. Because lets face it if you work you can kiss life a big GoodBye.

Life is a string of crazy events and when it breaks, it puts a full stop on life.

Everyone wants a little bit of crazy in Life.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Human emotions, one cannot run away from them; can they.
At your lowest point you remember the past and in a state of shock you remember you have to go tomorrow to work.

Conflicted thoughts
Lost words

Lost in the infinity of a "Normal Life"

Expression is the only thing which differentiates an artist from a "a person who has a job"

(Of anonymous words to unknown writer for a invisible addressee)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Everyday I walk into the office, I get more and more convinced that this is not the place I ever wanna be. Talk of making wrong decisions and destiny playing a bad joke on me. Well after I'm part of a rat race which all my life I tried avoiding.
There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you don't recognize yourself (clich├ęd) but thats a situation I face everyday.
I was supposed to work in a funky place where ideas would flow and I would use my creativity and spread some aditi-isms but here I am stuck in a pressure cooker where people are stuck to staring at their screens and decreasing their grey cells by constant use of phones (thats exactly what I do all day), its just a lucky Saturday that I can even get myself to write this piece.
Its just hard for me to believe ill be doing this for the next full year.
Where is the place where they say "Do something which you like, then you'll never have to work again" why didn't anybody tell me that this statement is such a oxymoron.
I still can't believe I'm a banker :P


Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Freedom!

It seems that the world over a "freedom movement" is taking place. The generation of boomers have finally taken charge of their destiny. Stuck in place where they can't live under the shadows of their elders nor can they be as confused as their younger generations, the boomers have taken upon themselves to live the rest of their life enjoying independence and liberty.

The intrinsic need of a person is "expression of his individualism", and with mass media and internet playing the music of freedom, liberty and anti - establishment at full blast its very hard for the oppressed not to wonder. The Egyptian got rid of a corrupt establishment and will soon enjoy a democratic leadership which will allow for the first time the individual to rise in the country.

We the so called Generation X born and brought up in a democratic, secular and tolerant country sometimes take the freedom given to us for granted. Since birth we are not the slaves of royalty nor the followers of a community leader. We were groomed with formal education not is religious textures. The world is an oyster to us rather than a mine field. We made decisions because its us who want to do it, we don't follow some mislead people.

This is the true power of our generation, this is want our ancestors fought for. Freedom is when I express myself here without any inhibitions about my words.