Friday, March 16, 2007


THE STORY Of THIS BLOG STARTs WITH ''ME '',a red pen ,a blank paper and the thought of me ,suffering from a writers block ''that's because on a few occasions before - i just coudnt fill a blank page ''like i used to do it before that before 'cauz in that before i used to set up eyes on a blank paper and in flat 5 mins that paper never saw a blank day again........' sounds weird ya ,hmmmmmm ''well i should not be wrting this stuff on my blog cuaz people are gona read it and say what the heck is this gal up too'' and they might be right ''cuase i myself dont know wt am i up to '' so my reply to those people will be, of course in my polite tone and with a smile on my face face saying ''PLEASE BEAR WITH ME 'I AM JUST HERE TO WRITE,BECAUSE THAT'S SOMETHING WHICH I REALLY LOVE TO DO;and PROBABLY BORN TO DO.

SO coming back to the story ,well the good news for me was i wrote and i wrote and fianlly filled that page ''in flat 5 mins''.at that moment the light bulb in my mind lightened up and i thought of opening a new blog and JUST WRITING.......
MY vacations are on to ,so i have a lot of free time and with my crazy mind working its bit ,exoect a lot of craziness and chaotic stuff on this post .

All said and done ,beneath all this randomness and chauos somewhere lies a serious writter and a pumping heart ''if u didnt get it, thats me'' . AND THATS A SIDE OF ME YOU MAY FIND IN SOME OF MY POSTS .AS far as my other posts go i am sure ull laugh your stomachs out . LOL