Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hope !!!

I am still on a sabbatical, I just watched this movie called 'A Walk To Remember' which a friend had recommended and couldn't stop myself from writing about what I took from the movie i.e HOPE.

Many a times life beats us down, shows us its ugliest face, throws us in a dungent, leaves us empty and we start to question 'Why Me',What wrong did I do? and we start cursing the entire world for putting us through it. But does blaming others help?, I guess not.

So in our darkest hours all we can do is hope. Hope for a brighter new day, hope for a fresh start, hope for a miracle to happen because till there is hope, there is life, in which there are dreams to be fulfilled.

So don't loose Hope :D

Leavening you with a few things to ponder :)

If hope is all you are left with, treasure it cause you never know when the miracle strikes.

Night falls because morning has to follow.

And as they all say 'Umeeg par tou duniya kayam hai' :D

Listen to the song 'Someday' - OST ' A Walk to Remember' :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

100th post :D

My blog has hit its first century :P
and I am ecstatic :D :D

I'd like to dedicate my 100th post to all of you, who read my blog :D :D

I am not high on making formal speeches :P

All I have gotta say is -

Thank You

Thank You

Thank You

Thank you for reading my words,
Thank you for commenting,
Each of your comment puts a smile on face
and many a times uv Just Made My Day !!!

and the forks who don't comment and just read, guys drop in a few words and ill be on top of the world :D

P.S - My romance with words:P has put a smile on my face and helped me get over a lotta things but it has also taken over my life and left me exhausted, so I am just taking some time off blogging.

Ciya soon fellows :P
Peace :D

Whaoooo, my iPod is on shuffle and while I was typing and thinking all the stuff about my exhaustion, Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) started playing 'now thats a Omen or what' :D
I can wipe off my tears now, things will turn out just fine :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

aditi :D :D :D

I gotta a song named after me :P

Though its not on me, but I can strike off one thing from my Bucket list :P
I gotta a song :D :D

I am so gonna watch this movie :P

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip Update :P

I started on 3th from here with my Mom , and the moment I landed at Delhi I was like ' aahh Delhi', nostalgia gripped me right away.
Went to my Mausi's house to stay, my cousin sis 'who's in 8th' and bro '3th' had grown taller from the last time I had seen them which was about 1 year ago 'I so wish I could still grow taller, but unfortunately I am stuck at 5 feet since the past 2 years :('.
They were busy studying for their Monday tests 'thats one thing I hate about school, and thank god I am in college, Cauz the Semester system so rocks 2 weeks before the actual exams you start studying and you sail through :D :D '
The next day was spent in carrying my Mom's shopping bags across Lajpat Nagar in the scotching heat' I shouldn't be complaining here, cauz I too bought some stuff :P '
and yes nibbled on some Momo's ' I miss them so much here in Mumbai :('
And also went to this Softy Joint at Sarojani but the softy didn't taste the same :(
Couldn't meet any of my school friends too :/
Showed by blog to my cousins and they go like ' didi,you look like a Dracula is the picture' thats the reason I took my picture off, didn't want to scare away my readers :P :P
The next day took a train to Nabha 'my Mom's place', on which I read Anything for you ma'am :D

Well the real fun 'if I may call it so, starts here'. The moment my Nani laid eyes on me she goes like 'Look at your self you have become so thin, don't you get food to eat back in Mumbai :P' then the party started with my Mom and Nanu joining in telling me all the reasons in the world about staying healthy :P'which I didn't bother to listen cause everyday I gonna listen to the same thing at home, I have been a poor eater all my life, but I love junk food and literally survive on Chips and Chocolates'.
All I could hear was food, food, food and all I said was don't blame me, blame the food poisoning.
Okay then in the 7 days I stayed their, it was my grandparent's mission to make me fat, they use to feed me so much food 'omg', I was forced to eat and blackmailed too for eating 'imagine', had to triple my intake :P :P
I don't understand Parents and Grandparent's fixation with food. :P

Now, my mom's quite a popular daughter so I had few of my Nani-Bua visiting, they go like -
Nani - So, beta what are you doing?
Me - Last year of Graduation nani
Nani - tou, khana banana seekh lia ?
"that time I so wanted to say, take a chill pill, I am just 20 and khana banana is not the sole job of a girl's life, this so sucksss"
Me - I said No mujhe nahi aata
Then she tells my mom 'teach her' something ....

Well, now it had been about 6 days without the net and I so craved for the net, went to the market to but couldn't find a single cyber cafe, I guess even god wanted me to keep my promise :P
Then went back to Delhi meet some old family friends, and landed back home to Mumbai.
Was stuck in a traffic jam even at 1:30 at night :P 'even wondered why Mumbai is called the city that never sleeps' :P
Came home and the first thing was - I checked my blog :D :D

Monday, May 19, 2008

TAG a-z :P

Took a break from being angry :D
n did this tag for a change :)
so tagged myself :P :P

A - Available?
College is off, I am sitting at home getting rotten,
ohh yes I am :P

B - Best Friend
Music and iPod
P.S - I have a lotta close friends, they all are the best :D

C - Cake or Pie
yum yum
gimme them to me if their is Choclate in them :P

D - Drink of Choice
Vishnu ki Coffee :P

E – Essential thing(s) used every day
Keyboard I cant write :P
Net 'sole addiction' :P :P

F – Favourite Colour
White, Purple, Red, Green, Blue, Black

G – Gummi Bears or Gummi Worms
Gummi Bears :P

H – Hometown
Bathinda ke kudi hu mai :D

I – Indulgence
Music n books

J – January or February
February, its my bday on 2nd :D :D

K – Kids and Names
Abhi bahut time hai sochne ke lia :P

L – Life
My favorite topic :P

M – Marriage
Hoge kabhi :P

N – Number of siblings
One, Younger sis
who is completely opposite of me :P

O –Oranges or Apples
Both, but I prefer mangoes *yum*

P – Phobia
Belenophobia - Fear of needles 'shit scared of them' :/

Q – Quote
''It's Life, Live it''
''Destiny it is :)''

R - Reason to Smile
Cricket, when India wins
Shreeshant :P
Justin Timberlake
Fresh air
a swim
A new comment :D

S – Season
Summers love them :)
Hate winters

T – Tag people
I dont wanna be egged :P

U – Unknown fact about me
I am a big time Joker who cannot walk without falling :P
n talks as if shes hitting someone :P :P

V – Vegetable you do not like
No one in particular

X-rays you have had.

I keep on falling down :P

Y – Your favorite food

Anything with cheese n corn n mushrooms *yum*

Z – Zodiac
Aquarius :D

Friday, May 16, 2008

Anger Outpoured

I'v been really angry lately,

7 blasts in Jaipur and about 60 dead, thats what the news flashed 2 days back.
Of all cities, Jaipur.
Why ? Why ? Why ?
What was the fault of that 10 year old who was killed ???
What was the fault of the bride who's no more ???
What is the fault of all the innocent people who went out of their houses to buy some stuff and pray, to never come home again ???
What is the fault of the man who lost his leg and can never walk again ???
Why target the innocent ???
Why kill a fellow human being ???
Why ?
Why ?
Why ?

I don't understand what do these #$%&%^& terrorist gain outta it.
I'd shoot them all, if I had a gun.

On top of that, not even 2 days to this incident, there is high alert all across the country and these ^#^%& news channels (Aaj Tak)and some news papers (Mid Day) are more concerned about Shahrukh Khan being called a dog by Aamir Khan.
Imagine ???
Its a shame that they call themselves Journalists.

Then these @%^^&^&# cell phone companies keep calling about @^&^&* offers about downloads, I lost my patience when I got 3 calls in about a span of an hour '4-5 sms a day were a norm'.

Thank god !!!
for the Do Not Call Law
btw to stop these messages and calls SMS ''DNC ACT'' (for Reliance Users) to 53733 and it will be activated in 45 days.

Well I read the review of Anything for you, ma'am on Youth Curry , which made me more angry. Well the writer is a 20 odd year old who's written the book himself, I guess some people forget that they were in College too at some time and have no right criticizing him, cause writing a book is no cake walk 'I'v been trying for the last 2 years and I cant get past the first 2 pages'.
Yes, I am a wannabe writer.
Its high time we start giving Indian writers their due credit rather than criticizing them.
Btw I am eagerly waiting for you guys to review the book.

And stop judging and branding people who sport colored hair as show-offs, not all of them are the same, some just do it, cause they want a change.
Just a Change
Nothing less, nothing more
Just a Change.

P.S - Been a bit angry :P and busy, the trip update coming soon.
And I took a break from FountainHead because, the book is so good that I needed some time to digest it :D

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

anything for you, ma'am - Tushar Raheja

I really wanted a break from Fountain head so, I up picked this book 'had read about it in the newspaper a few days back' from New Delhi railway station, while I was on my way to my grandparents place in Punjab.
The front page said an 'IITians love story', and I was like do they even get time off their books :P
I have big time motion sickness plus sitting at one place for 8 hours is impossible for me, but thanks to this book I didn't come to know how those 8 hours passed. And when my Mom said pick up your luggage I was like 'we've reached, so soon' :P
Well than day I didn't have dinner cause I so wanted to finish the book :D

Its a complete laughter ride, the coincidences, the pranks, everything is worth a read with Mr. Fate doing his magic.
The story grips you all the while and you cant leave the book until your finished with it :D
Read it, read it.
Its awesome, I couldn't stop laughter while reading it.

P.S - I am knocking on Mr. Fate's door too :P

Thursday, May 1, 2008

12 days break :P

I am a big time internet addict, with my holidays on this addiction has reached new heights :(

I am doing off to Delhi for a few days and then to Nabha,Punjab at my Grandparents place :)
Iv made a promise that I wont come online in these days, I just hope I can keep it :)

Well talking of Delhi, I love the city having spend 4 years there (8th to 11th) some of the best years. Got lots of friends and relatives settled there so its like home to me. When I was there the metro and all the flyovers were under construction but now they have changed the face of Delhi.
I hope I get to nibble on some Momo's and meet my school friends. And if I get time ill visit my school too.
ahhh, school nostalgic memories :D

Mumbai is a safer city and you get all the independence here,
but Delhi still rocks :D
though I love Mumbai too :D

Ciya on 13th :D

IPL update

16 matches down
High scoring games
Nail biting finishes

Foreign and Local players shining
Big Guns silent
New T20 records been made
Rain of 6 and 4s
Packed stadiums

Cheerleaders grabbing the front page news and a lotta blog posts too :P
Get covered up in Mumbai :P

Harbhajan slapping Shreeshant
Shreeshant weeping,
Harbhajan banned for 9 games.
Looses 3 crores for a slap :P

Heavy celebrity turnout
Cameras focus shifts on them after every 4,6 or a wicket falls,
as if they have done it :P : P

Chennia Super Kings haven't lost a match
Mumbai Indians finally managed to get a victory under their belt
Rajasthan Royals - the underdogs surprised everyone
Good work Captain Shane Warne
Hyderabad Deccan Chargers and Bangalore Royal Challenger are down in the dumps
Kings'11 Punjab are fighting hard
Delhi Daredevils are on a roll.
Kolkata Knight Riders are loosing their luster

Crowds enjoying
Advertisers making money

Overdose of Cricket ??
I say Yes,
coming from a Cricket maniac like me :D

Thats IPL for you........

I am surely going for King's 11 Punjab Vs Mumbai Indians on 21th :D

Happy b'day Yashu :D :D

for 4th May :D

Happy Birthday Yashu !!!!!

Sorry I won't be there for it :(

But I want my Dutch Truffle when I get back :D :D :D

P.S - I am broke, so this is all you are getting for your Birthday :P : P