Monday, December 31, 2007

New YeaR '08

The clock reads 11 P.M, which means this is my last post of 2007.

Well what am I doing this new year ?? Nothing, just tired of partying so home alone. YAAH, my parents are partying 'were forcing me too',but I was content with a bucket full of Bavarian chocolate ice cream and fried fish this year. LoLzz
I plan to dose off in about an 15 mins, so before I do so I gotta admit the year 2008 is an extremely crucial year for me as I am giving my CAT this year. I plan to take my studies very seriously and cut down on the amount of time I waste.
I hope I succeed in doing so.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

40 days w/o blogging

WARNING - This might be a long and boring read, cause I am still coming to terms with the fact that I survived this long.The following is an account of the major events that took place in these days.

I am a self-confessed Internet addict, Internet is like my lifeline but owing to some unavoidable circumstances I had to stay w/o the net for 40 agonising days. The first few days were a nightmare but some how I got busy with work at college so managed to surpass 40 days 'yaah I really did'. LoLZZ

Firstly, I'd like to thank all the God who roamed the face of the earth for bringing Vishnu back,''btw he's the guy who sells TEA near my college'',and calling that cup of tea, tea is an understatement.'I so mean it'.That's the reason we survive the agony of lectures, and for once in the practicals our eyes are open, each break means Vishnu.Vishnu's like saves the day for us. LoL
btw I am really not a fan of tea, in fact I don't even have tea at home,its just Vishnu's tea,no wonder why people call it Heaven.
So now with Vishnu's tea, we were all geared up to conduct our annual Life Science Dept. fest called 'SYNAPSE', the preparations were on since a long time, but at the last moment thousands of things erupted,nomatter how hard and bullet proff the planning was. But the show was a success , I personally had a lovely time being the host ,learnt a lot about planning and execution of events. Had a great time.

Moving on to the College Sports day, I didn't run this time 'got plain lazy', I know shame on me.
That's not the end,the best is yet to come AAROHAN an intercollegiate fest which our college hosts returned after 13 years,this time is was just electric the highlights of it was the Rock Band elims on the first day'the winner would go into the 2ND round of Channel V Launch Pad', the entire show rocked,the crowds enjoyed every bit. The 2nd day couldn't have been better, YAVU, SCEPTRE, DEMONIC RESURRECTION, NECROSIS brought down the house, the crown went frantic,I too had a stiff neck owing to all the head banging.Really had fun that day. The music just took me to a HIGH.

BTW I was volunteering for Security'though I was a complete misfit for it' LoLzz.
Then came 3 days of UTSAV 'the intra college fest',danced my feet out, the last dance was for the third year students who had tears in their eyes. 'I guess I might be in the same position next year'.
And yes 5 days of Security for a person like me was hectic,never again am I ever going to do it.
Enough of dancing, I deserve a goodnight sleep this new year so that I can start a fresh with lots of energy and focus to reach my dreams.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shock N Disbelieve - The world has lost a Leader

The news of her death came in 2 days back, and I was dumb stuck with disbelief and shock. She was one person who could bring some sense of normalcy in Pakistan. And with her death that hope is also buried.
I have seen many of her interviews and she came across to me, as a true leader who had a vision and plan for her country, who really wanted to bring a chance ,who felt for the people of Pakistan and was committed to fight the terrorists head on.
But with her death the crisis in Pakistan have just reached a threshold and could escalate any moment bringing India's safety into trouble. Pakistan has become a state of utter chaos and clutter where religious extremism breads ,its the 21st century ,the world is moving forward and I see Pakistan go back into the darkness of terror and disorientation.
It disturbs me a great deal to see all this cause the effect of this turmoil will soon be left in India with the terrorist groups getting stronger day after day.

May god rest her soul.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Loneliness v/s Solitude

I wanted to write about these two faucets of life since a long time ,but never got the right perception of them, Rohit's post called loneliness-solitude-insitutionlized made it possible for me .Do have a look at it.

We all battle times of loneliness in our lives, as per me loneliness is a feeling of being distant from others ,the feeling of not been cared for, etc etc etc . I feel sometimes we give a lot of undue importance to this word. And forget the joy of it 'you must be thinking, I have gone nut's 'but the fact is, in times like this you get to know the real you, you change as a person and gain some strenghts,learn some valuable lessons about people and yourself which you would cherish for life.
As its rightly said 'its all in the mind',loneliness is also the trick of the mind it's man made pain which can be surpassed by working 'yaah been there,done that'.
But yes its a part and parcel of human life 'pain, that's what makes us human' ,enjoy it ,learn from it and when you come out of it ull notice the difference.

So after the wave of loneliness passes comes the wave of Solitude, personally I am a big big fan of it. LOLzz
Its gives you a sense of absolute satisfaction and bliss which cannot be put into words, at times when life bashes you ,I recoil it by solitude which shields me from all the blows and strengthens me to fight back.
It helps me to find myself again and realise my true objectives and goals in this fast track and hasty world which I call home.
I have always been a Loner and I guess always will be, but times of tears do come, in which I have the company of nobody but me.I COME TO MY OWN RESCUE:) 'quoting Rohit's words'.I don't care what people say when people find me sitting alone cause they don't know the bliss of solitude. So if you are like me , carry on with the way you are, cause you have you.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I am BacK back back back

Ohhhhhhh man,
Finally I am back
fells so good
don't know how I managed to survive w/o blogging for abt 40 days
lota thinga happened during this time
do log again on this page for some laughs n sobs

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

through my lens...........................

Awesome 4some

Left to Right Juilee, Me, Sharvari, Arti - THE INSANE BRIGADE LOLZZZ

'Life is full of surprises,You never know what would happen to you in the next moment'. I went into my trip hoping to create some wonderful memories and discover another pocket of India's rich and diverse heritage.But faith had other plans for me, which hooked me up with three insane humans of the same kind. And when this much insanity aggregates together the result has to be ballistic. LOLzz

All we did through out the seven days was laugh ,laugh and laugh soem more''yaah really that's all we did''.
The incidents of our insanity are better untold, to save all of us from a lot of embarrassment ehehheheh, we encountered a lot of unwelcomed guests too but soon the insanity got to them. LOLzz
So I don't know how to start talking about these girls, there's so much to tell with so little space. 'btw this line is only included cuaz these girls will read this post' LOLzz

Lets start with the sweetest of them JUILEE, she is really a kid at heart who's million dollar smile makes hearts melt.ehehheheheeehehe
Then comes SHARVARI ,who was the pick of the trip for many 'LOL' and once she starts laughing no body can stop her with everybody in a 100 meter radius, comes to know that some where a joke was cracked. Her laughter travels faster that light. LOLzz
Lastly, ARTI ,how can I forget this girl ,I would really pay somebody who could make her quite, her brain works faster than a rocket when it comes to smart talk.'She is a clear winner, hands down in this ' LOLzzz

Well I just bargained for a few happy memories but I got three wonderful friends in return. You girls really made my trip extra-ordinary had tons of fun.

Thanks a lot for all the wonderful memories.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

3 Species of Students


These are the people who attend all lectures, read the topic to be taught in advance and do a daily follow up on the things taught and 'yaah of course' score the maximum in tests. I find a large chunk of them in my college. You notice this disguised expression on their faces when the exams are nearing 'like the we know it all expression'.And when you go to get notes from them,just one day before the exams they hand them over to you with a smile which clearly says 'buddy,you are doomed'. They are the once who are excited before the exam and come out gleeful and smiling after it .

The JACKS '50% NERDS - 50% BRATS'

I am sure a lot of us fall into this bracket, 'I surely do',we enjoy the best of the two worlds,we attend lectures and bunk too.But yes we are the once who run after people for notes,start stuidng one to two weeks before exams, get an above average score and fight the urges to go out and waste time'doing tp' when we know our priorities are something else.
From my personal experience I say, people like us are the most 'lost and confused' bunch cuaz we know our priorities but then also we end up doing nothing about them ,we are dragged more and more into wasting time and end up loosing focus. And when our senses finally come back to place that time we realise the time which has gone,which would never come back.

We also see a lot of brats in our college life, these are the so called 'popular' people who bunk lectures ,sit in the canteen all day doing nothing, exams are mere nothing to them,they brag about flunking ,they enjoy their college life to the fullest learning nothing at the end.They know nothing about the things happening around them and are mere 'frogs in a tank'.

I always wonder where do people land up after college, I guess the nerdy kinds pass out with flying colours and end Up with their dream jobs, the Jacks find their own place in the world,they either make their lives successful or are pulled down by the brats following their suit to 'no where'. After college ends 'the so called popular' people end up no where and become 'Zero's from Hero's' and I guess the nerds are the once who finally win in this race called life.
Cuaz at the end of the day, it all boils down to the numbers on your score card and the knowledge you have, with no credit to how popular you are.That's something I have learned.

Though I have written this, I myself need to realise some of the aforesaid points cuaz still my senses are at the wrong places and I need to get they back in place before its too late.I am having a hard time balancing academics and extra-curricular activities ,but I guess ill have to give up some to achieve my dreams.

Do ponder over the aforesaid and think where you stand with your lives.
Here's hoping to become a nerd someday 'soon'.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

JAB WE MET -- Not Bad haaa

So after a lot of recommendations for JAB WE MET,I finally managed to download and watch it, well to my surprise I didn't find Kareena Kapoor's over acting irritating, in fact I enjoyed it. I guess finally she has come off age ,and Shahid Kapur has shed his 'boy like' looks but hasn't lost his charm.The story isn't great and it gets boring at a few places,starts with a bang but dies down at the end.

Over all is isn't bad ,watch it for a few laughs and I am sure you won't regret it.
But yes not worth spending 200 bugs on a movie ticket ,rent or even better download it.

The Bhool Bhuliaya Effect

I saw this movie on the 18Th of October 'that is almost a month back'. Loved the movie ,laughed on the jokes, appreciated Vidya Bhalan's acting skills, recommended it to a few friends too.
But 2 days back, I had a nightmare owing to it, the entire movie was been played in my dream 'man it was indeed scary'.I didn't get scared watching it, but it really gripped me in my dream.

Kudos to Vidya Bhalan she made me sweat. LOLZZZ

btw from this incident I really wonder what all goes around in our Sub Conscious minds and for how long does incidents and situations like this stay hidden inside of us.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Here enters the Mighty Laila Ali - THE BOXER

btw this post is the works of 2 useless people who got no other work in the middle of the night, so one of them thought about writing about the other,''btw some months back I almost forced this girl in making her blog'but couldn't succeed in making her post regularly' ,so on the eve of her 3the post here's a few words for her''.

Well firstly Miss Boxer is actually not a real boxer',its just a name giver to her by Bhojpuri',in fact shes the target for all,owing to her sensitive skin which leaves a mark of our offences. LOL
She's my laughter twin, we laugh all the time v'r together 'insane people we are'. Put together on any stage we can easily beat anybody when it comes to laziness 'no kidding',some nostalgic memories coming to mind. hahahhahaa
Plus working with her so easy 'she does what ever I say',hahahahahah
To put a cherry on the cake.......

oohh ohhhh ohhhhh
Just came to know that boxer is writing a story for me 'so no more praises for her,as I bribed her to do the same for me in exchange',so I guess IL have to put the cherry on the cake later and write a story abt her.

Here it comes,

Once upon a time ,an ordinary girl Alisha Iyer wore a black T-shirt with a red dragon on it,since that day this ordinary girl has encalcated the powers of a dragon and now is better known as THE BOXER.
She has taken the outh of spreading bleh bleh bleh 'ask her abt it', everywhere.And anybody who comes in her way would be tossed and turned into bleh. Some people have already been blehfied.
'So beware'
She is the queen of Blehland and no one has the strenght to beat her in Blehland.
Well wishing her all the best and 'God save me' cuaz , I am just told that the next target to be blehfied is poor ME.

I just relised that my story is really crappy so I better continue putting the cherry on the cake.
She is a gem of a girl,one person I can cry my heart out to, blabber anything and everything ,always smiling away to glory and just been their to partner me in all the craziness and madness.

btw she has written a story on me on her blog, The Fundy Duckling.Take a dig at it.

One more thing all the aforesaid is the works of 2 empty minds so please do not pay any attention to it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

No Expectations

Sometimes in life ,things happen which makes you wonder about people and their behaviour changes.At one moment they are the once 'who cared' and the next they become strangers who wanna axe you.Time and again I have said human relations are complex 'proved yet again'. I hope one day we find a way of getting out of this vicious cycle.

I've always been the responsible one ,done the right things, said the right words, made sure no body gets hurt, thought about others before myself, dealt with situations being in the shoes of other 'btw I am not praising myself,just putting some things, to throw light on the topic been talked abt' LOLZ

But all this 'Goodness of mine',''as I may say so'',hasn't done any good for me, time and again I end up getting hurt.People take me for granted, and I get pushed into yet another emotional dungent.
I guess Ive reached a point in my life where Iv had enough.And hence forth I wont have any kind of expectations from anyone anymore.

I've always believed in the saying ''If you do good things, good things would happen to you''. I still believe in this and will continue to 'the good things' but won't have any expectations in return.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wonder ...........

So before I get my results ,its time for some fun, I am going for an excursion 'its part of my course, heehehh' to Ramthombore-Jaipur-Agra 'we all call it a picnic.Surely looking forward to it , as its with my college friends and the memories gonna be there with me forever.

Well I have seen the Taj Mahal before '4 years back' ,and yes I was spellbound after looking at it,and I am sure this time its not going to be any different.'its a piece of amazement and beauty, ITS JUST PERFECT.
Haven't been to Jaipur before so looking forward to it, and also crossing my finger to site a few tigers at Ranthambore.

So won't be blogging for a few days 'till 1st November'.

btw I guest blogged on Shake Inc's 6ix-feet-under ,have a look .He's also responsible for the new look of my blog:)


DATE ; 6.10.2007
TIME ; 2 A.M
SITUATION - 5 days left for my first semester exams
STATUS - 60% portion done 'Thank God ,ill pass'

Well after learning a few lessons from the first year ,this year''2nd year'' I started studying about 3 weeks before.
Started off by collecting notes, 'xerox notes' ,thank god somebody invented it else I dont't know what would have happened to people like me who are generally found out of the clssroom. lolz 'infact had fallen short of pocket money owing to them'.

At that moment of time'in which the pic was taken' , I was so sure of doing well in my exams that I didn't study anymore,'tried to act smart and only covered the portion featured in the last 3 years papers'.This time around I expected to do really well.
And when the 'THE DAY' came,I still had portions,which remained untouched, tensions were on a high with my palms sweating 'I really wanted to avoid this,this time around but just couldn't'.
And after my first paper ,my expectations were washed away ,all what was felt was a sense of 'betrayal,I gave to myself',so from the next paper, I just went in, with no expectations and did what ever I could do, in the given time.
''It was as if the examiner knew what all portions I had felt, and gave those topics in the question paper, and this happened in all the papers ,not just one''.
Well none of them were good ,they were just 'okay' and 'fine'.
Yes I would definaltely pass,but passing was'nt ever an issue for me, I just need to score better cauz I have good brains and I need to show that.
What I need to learn from this is that, I shouldn't take my academics lightly, its time to become serious.
I better pull up my socks before its too late.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

All Star - My Star

I am not the type of a girl who just goes on and on taking about her clothes, shoes,etc etc etc .
But today I would really like to flaunt my All Stars, they are just 'awesome' . Chuck Taylor was the one who made them popular,
I have a self-confessed obsession with them ,already got 2 pairs, eyeing the third . hehheehe
SO who ever is reading this post you can help, by click on the advertisements up on my blog.


i-pod n Me

It was the year 2001 and the man Steve Jobs who bought this creation to light, though it was June 2006 when I finally got my hand on one.

It so happened that, that just 2 minutes before my standard 12Th's board result, I told my dad that 'I want an i-pod if I get above 80%',and he said 'anything you want you will get' cuaz he expected me to get around 70% odd ','even I didn't have the confidence of getting above 80%', it was just a fluke which I had attempted.
But it so happened, that I got above 80% ''to my amazement and disbelief'',and now it was time for me to get my reward. 'that was one of the biggest moments of my life'.

So I earned it ,and since I laid my hand on my I-pod, my happiness quotient has risen many fold.I have a song for every mood and moment, I can deal with everything,even 3 hours of hectic travelling in the crowded trains and buses of Mumbai.My each day starts and end with it.

Just love this gadget, and here's a salute to everbody who put their minds on it .
Kudos to you guys

Friday, October 19, 2007

'' I' v been Tagged ''

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.
Belenophobia ''scared of needles'', well I don't know how I got it , but yes I am shit scared of needles ,I faint every time I go for a blood test. :(

2.What does your phone look like?
Its a flip phone, Nokia 2233 CDMA, one piece of advice don't ever go for a Nokia flip phone ,they pack up after every 6 months and it takes about a month to get it repaired .
Currently eyeing Nokia 6300,but owing to bad battery problems shelved the idea .
Now waiting for some new model to hit the market.

3.What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Glowing stars covered all over 'an illusion of the night sky' :)

4. What is your current desktop picture?
Metallica sketch but planning to change it to Fall Out Boys .

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?
As long as people are happy with their choices I give them a go ahead.

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
Focus ,concentration ,strength to reach my dreams.

7. Are your parents still together?
Yaah ,20 and going strong.:)

8. Last person who made you cry?
Some one close . 'yaah it can only be,someone close'
sobs :(

9. What is your favourite perfume/cologne ?
Keeps changing

10. What are you listening to?
Nothing right now,
but would listen to Nothing else matters by Metallica before sleeping.

11. Do you get scared of the dark?
Used to, been a kid, now I don't

12. Do you like pain killers?
I believe Pain kills Pain .|+|

13. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
but my so called Ego won't let me . ("_")

14. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Chocolate fudge @Baskin n Robbins , ummm 'my mouth is watering' heheh :):):)

15. Who was the last person who made you mad?
Just had an argument over some silly thing with my mom :(

16. Who was the last person who made you smile?
Last night India won the match ''really fought like champions'' :)
were down 64/6 to win 194-8

17. Is someone in love with you?
How do I know , ask them

Monday, October 8, 2007

Owe to Jacky

if u suffer, those who love u will suffer… so stop suffering… don’t get hurt, this may swell… hide ur wounds, air may infect it…

don’t ask for love.. like u ask for water all de time… if u deserve it… u will get it… don’t beg anyone, it’s a sin…

keep up ur honor.. If it falls... than cover it with mud n burry it deep… so no one can see that ur honor fell…

think of money, save it, trick with de things around you… and give it to those who gave you… u have favors to return…favors that are so high and large in number… I m afraid, u may never be able to return them at all…live for others… that’s life…

Who says love is all that we ever needed… remember that day u were asking for ‘jeans’… when I said I love you…and… and… and…

@ Capt. Jack Sparrow a.k.a Rohit

Firstly I would appreciate Jacky for allowing me to put some of his lines up on my post, I read his post '' de rivals ''i'' and....''i'' '', these lines , just hit me home .They just bought me back from a place, to realise some things I kinda lost in the hassle and bustle of a fast moving life .
In our lives we keep on emphasising on things like success, happiness, love,honour sidelining the small things which make us happy. We keep on cribbing about minor things when we have our universe with us which we just didn't notice before, and with all this 'so called messed up and hurt full felling'' ,we end up hurting the people close to us.
We some where down the line loose track of our priorities and that's where all the trouble gets started.

SO one thing for starters ''Keep your priorities in place,and everything else would fall into place''

Sunday, September 16, 2007

If I were a Song.......

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
And nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
But I know

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
And nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they say
Never cared for games they play
Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
And I know

So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
No nothing else matters

This song really strikes a cord with me,
you are what you are and nothing else matters ,
dont care about they say ,
dont care about what they do,
and you are.


Sunday, August 5, 2007


Its often said that ''WE can't choose our parents,but we can choose our Friends''.
I have put this picture because the entire cast of Friends depict ''friends'' for all of us.I am sure we can figure out the Joey'es and the Chandler'es among our friends.
Well having friends around is always a pleasure ,life gets a bit easy to bear when they are around. I don't wanna get all poetic here and blabber ''they pick us up when we are down blah blah blah ,'' because we all know what friends do.
As I have stayed in a lot of places, I also made many many friends ,some were the so called ''close once'' and some were not. And when we part we often make promises to keep in touch ,but somehow as life goes on we tend to forget about them.It so happens that we strike a cord with friends whom we never knew even existed before and feel millions miles away,from the best of friends.
Recently I met a friend of mine ,who was my classmate in the 5Th standard ''though 7 years had passed since I had last seen him,we just started off from where we had left'' and on the other hand I cannot relate to, some of my best friends, they just seem to be millions miles away.
I guess that's what,LIFE is all about.
Human relations are complex, and would remain a mystery to all of us.

Something about the rains.....

From the past few days,I had been sad and dull ''dono why exactly ,but just was''.I really tired getting out of it,but was stuck to it .
But the rains had other plans for me ,it rained ''cars and dogs '' for 3 hours and and and owing to the amazingly bad drainage system of Mumbai, there was knee deep water around college,the trains had stopped ,in short everything was stand still.
And that called for THE celebration time , me and my friends were literally jumping with joy ''cuaz we were stuck in college'' LOL .
The party began with the traditional water bath, and ended with drowning each other. LOL
A few more things happened too,'' its better not to mention them'' LOL
At the end of it all, my sadness and dullness was all washed away ,and that's what matters at the end.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back to School ................

School days are special in every body's life,so are mine.I have changed 6 school during the 12 years of schooling because my dad was in the Air Force ''and we had to move to a new place every 3-4 years'' though I never regretted the move, but yes always missed the previous once.I studied in AFGJI(Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute),New Delhi from 8th to 11th ,had to leave in the 12th ,but somewhere down the line I was really attached to this one.I had the time of my life here, made some amazing friends ,learnt some harsh lessons and just grew up as a person.
Now that I am in college, and out of school, going back to school was a wonderful experience,''I actually couldn't believe that I was out of school '' LOL
It bought back memories of the time when we never thought about the life beyond school,we used to be kids looking at our seniors, laughing away to Glory in the breaks, looking for a off period which was a distant dream , comparing marks with friends and calculating the rank. LOL
BTW doing all this in college is something, I am sure is not expected of anybody. ''I guess everybody would have guessed what I am talking abt''LOL
Coming back, we passed out a year back from school, but nothing much had changed since we left,the same teachers still teach, the students are asusual late , the morning assemble is still a bore and the school basket ball team still rocks, its only that, the Juniors have grown up and the school has grown one year older.
Well , I meet up with my biology teacher''who still remembers my name'', she was somebody I always looked up to because she is the reason I love biology so much that I am doing my bachelor's in it .And also my English teacher who tolerated my slang's and finally succeeded in improving it.LOL And yes I saw my Hindi teacher , ''man used to hate her so much,lol,I always thought of writing her a hate letter but never actually did'' LOL .
ALL in all it was a great experience , though I am out of school but the memories still remain near to my heart and always will.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad Mood

''OUR mood should not rule ,we should rule our mood ''-ROBIN SHARAMA

This line is very true, but often this is not the case, our mood takes the better of us for the worse, we have fights , we say bad things to the people;we are close to, and blame it all on our mood.
In fact something happened with me today which prompted me to write this post, apparently I was in a ''bad mood'' today, and that really made me very irritated and dull ''my mood took the best of me and turned me into some kinda stupid girl'',LOL
I am sure I disappointed my friends today at some level but I just couldn't help it .
I am learning to improve on this one , BTW I am a very slow learner. LOL

Friday, June 29, 2007

Alone in a Crowd

1 out of every 5 people , hmmmm naah I guess 4 out of 5 people or may be 5 out of 5 people would agree to this statement'' ABOUT FEELING ALONE IN THE CROWD '',in fact if you ask me ,ill say yes. But this feeling varies from person to person, for some it depends on the mood for others its a sense of being reserved and cut-off from the rest of the world.

In fact I feel this way the most when I am surrounded by tons of people, regardless of the fact weather I know them or not. It's like I am siting,listening and saying things with which I have no connection with or in other words '' i'm just cut-off or rather just not into what I am doing in that moment ,I am just in some other world''

One more thing I always find myself in a corner or rather pick a space like a corner''where I am away from the eyes of the rest'' ,hmmm cuaz may be I just wana be left to myself away from this world hahaha,though I have nothing against this world.LOL
Well Ajan left a comment ,which prompted me to write add something more to this post
yaah well I do too nod my head and give smiles on regular intervals even when I am not listening. LOL
And at moment of time I am thinking about something which I wouldn't have thought about even if I was free ,the only conclusion to this that I can make out is that,at that time being with friends in that free and non-stressful environment gives us an exit from all the pressures ans stress which we are facing in our lives and we just think about things which make us happy or simply which are of certain significance to us.

So I guess feeling this way is not that bad after all if it makes us forget about certain things in life and just makes us HAPPY.

'I know sounds a bit crazy but yes I do feel this ''strange way'' .' LOL

Remnents of an old layout

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why the heck is my blog pink .....

Well first of all lemme tell you , I am not a girl who's crazy about the color pink'' nahh i am absolutely not that girl ,but whys my blog pink.
Actually I wanted my background black'' cuaz i love black'' and there wasn't any other color going with it ,so pink
yeah that's all

What exactly is getting bored???

I have been using this word from the past 3 months ''since 15Th of march,when my holidays started, I am getting bored, I am getting bored ,I am getting bored .
And now i am a bit tired of getting bored.
All that I have been going these holidays is checking out orkut ,sleeping ,eating and sleeping, plus saying I am bored.
Well before the holidays started I had all these amazing plans about reading lots of books and writing like crazy,but my holidays are going to end ,and i haven't done any of these things i had planned for.
Just wasted my entire holidays, sob sob sob
SO coming back to my original question ,if was that bored all these days ,i should have done something, nahh the lazy me ended doing nothing.
OHHH god when am I gonna learn from my mistakes ???

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Lately I have discovered a talent which I always believe i had,but never really got in touch with it fully,but now I can say my writing talent is in full bloom.
It even helps me in overcoming grief and sadness, as recently as yesterday I was having a very bad day ,so at night I wrote a post on my cricket blog, which surprising came out really well,and that set the tone for the night I was literally jumping all around cause of that post. LOL

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Friday, March 16, 2007


THE STORY Of THIS BLOG STARTs WITH ''ME '',a red pen ,a blank paper and the thought of me ,suffering from a writers block ''that's because on a few occasions before - i just coudnt fill a blank page ''like i used to do it before that before 'cauz in that before i used to set up eyes on a blank paper and in flat 5 mins that paper never saw a blank day again........' sounds weird ya ,hmmmmmm ''well i should not be wrting this stuff on my blog cuaz people are gona read it and say what the heck is this gal up too'' and they might be right ''cuase i myself dont know wt am i up to '' so my reply to those people will be, of course in my polite tone and with a smile on my face face saying ''PLEASE BEAR WITH ME 'I AM JUST HERE TO WRITE,BECAUSE THAT'S SOMETHING WHICH I REALLY LOVE TO DO;and PROBABLY BORN TO DO.

SO coming back to the story ,well the good news for me was i wrote and i wrote and fianlly filled that page ''in flat 5 mins''.at that moment the light bulb in my mind lightened up and i thought of opening a new blog and JUST WRITING.......
MY vacations are on to ,so i have a lot of free time and with my crazy mind working its bit ,exoect a lot of craziness and chaotic stuff on this post .

All said and done ,beneath all this randomness and chauos somewhere lies a serious writter and a pumping heart ''if u didnt get it, thats me'' . AND THATS A SIDE OF ME YOU MAY FIND IN SOME OF MY POSTS .AS far as my other posts go i am sure ull laugh your stomachs out . LOL