Tuesday, November 13, 2007

through my lens...........................

Awesome 4some

Left to Right Juilee, Me, Sharvari, Arti - THE INSANE BRIGADE LOLZZZ

'Life is full of surprises,You never know what would happen to you in the next moment'. I went into my trip hoping to create some wonderful memories and discover another pocket of India's rich and diverse heritage.But faith had other plans for me, which hooked me up with three insane humans of the same kind. And when this much insanity aggregates together the result has to be ballistic. LOLzz

All we did through out the seven days was laugh ,laugh and laugh soem more''yaah really that's all we did''.
The incidents of our insanity are better untold, to save all of us from a lot of embarrassment ehehheheh, we encountered a lot of unwelcomed guests too but soon the insanity got to them. LOLzz
So I don't know how to start talking about these girls, there's so much to tell with so little space. 'btw this line is only included cuaz these girls will read this post' LOLzz

Lets start with the sweetest of them JUILEE, she is really a kid at heart who's million dollar smile makes hearts melt.ehehheheheeehehe
Then comes SHARVARI ,who was the pick of the trip for many 'LOL' and once she starts laughing no body can stop her with everybody in a 100 meter radius, comes to know that some where a joke was cracked. Her laughter travels faster that light. LOLzz
Lastly, ARTI ,how can I forget this girl ,I would really pay somebody who could make her quite, her brain works faster than a rocket when it comes to smart talk.'She is a clear winner, hands down in this ' LOLzzz

Well I just bargained for a few happy memories but I got three wonderful friends in return. You girls really made my trip extra-ordinary had tons of fun.

Thanks a lot for all the wonderful memories.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

3 Species of Students


These are the people who attend all lectures, read the topic to be taught in advance and do a daily follow up on the things taught and 'yaah of course' score the maximum in tests. I find a large chunk of them in my college. You notice this disguised expression on their faces when the exams are nearing 'like the we know it all expression'.And when you go to get notes from them,just one day before the exams they hand them over to you with a smile which clearly says 'buddy,you are doomed'. They are the once who are excited before the exam and come out gleeful and smiling after it .

The JACKS '50% NERDS - 50% BRATS'

I am sure a lot of us fall into this bracket, 'I surely do',we enjoy the best of the two worlds,we attend lectures and bunk too.But yes we are the once who run after people for notes,start stuidng one to two weeks before exams, get an above average score and fight the urges to go out and waste time'doing tp' when we know our priorities are something else.
From my personal experience I say, people like us are the most 'lost and confused' bunch cuaz we know our priorities but then also we end up doing nothing about them ,we are dragged more and more into wasting time and end up loosing focus. And when our senses finally come back to place that time we realise the time which has gone,which would never come back.

We also see a lot of brats in our college life, these are the so called 'popular' people who bunk lectures ,sit in the canteen all day doing nothing, exams are mere nothing to them,they brag about flunking ,they enjoy their college life to the fullest learning nothing at the end.They know nothing about the things happening around them and are mere 'frogs in a tank'.

I always wonder where do people land up after college, I guess the nerdy kinds pass out with flying colours and end Up with their dream jobs, the Jacks find their own place in the world,they either make their lives successful or are pulled down by the brats following their suit to 'no where'. After college ends 'the so called popular' people end up no where and become 'Zero's from Hero's' and I guess the nerds are the once who finally win in this race called life.
Cuaz at the end of the day, it all boils down to the numbers on your score card and the knowledge you have, with no credit to how popular you are.That's something I have learned.

Though I have written this, I myself need to realise some of the aforesaid points cuaz still my senses are at the wrong places and I need to get they back in place before its too late.I am having a hard time balancing academics and extra-curricular activities ,but I guess ill have to give up some to achieve my dreams.

Do ponder over the aforesaid and think where you stand with your lives.
Here's hoping to become a nerd someday 'soon'.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

JAB WE MET -- Not Bad haaa

So after a lot of recommendations for JAB WE MET,I finally managed to download and watch it, well to my surprise I didn't find Kareena Kapoor's over acting irritating, in fact I enjoyed it. I guess finally she has come off age ,and Shahid Kapur has shed his 'boy like' looks but hasn't lost his charm.The story isn't great and it gets boring at a few places,starts with a bang but dies down at the end.

Over all is isn't bad ,watch it for a few laughs and I am sure you won't regret it.
But yes not worth spending 200 bugs on a movie ticket ,rent or even better download it.

The Bhool Bhuliaya Effect

I saw this movie on the 18Th of October 'that is almost a month back'. Loved the movie ,laughed on the jokes, appreciated Vidya Bhalan's acting skills, recommended it to a few friends too.
But 2 days back, I had a nightmare owing to it, the entire movie was been played in my dream 'man it was indeed scary'.I didn't get scared watching it, but it really gripped me in my dream.

Kudos to Vidya Bhalan she made me sweat. LOLZZZ

btw from this incident I really wonder what all goes around in our Sub Conscious minds and for how long does incidents and situations like this stay hidden inside of us.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Here enters the Mighty Laila Ali - THE BOXER

btw this post is the works of 2 useless people who got no other work in the middle of the night, so one of them thought about writing about the other,''btw some months back I almost forced this girl in making her blog'but couldn't succeed in making her post regularly' ,so on the eve of her 3the post here's a few words for her''.

Well firstly Miss Boxer is actually not a real boxer',its just a name giver to her by Bhojpuri',in fact shes the target for all,owing to her sensitive skin which leaves a mark of our offences. LOL
She's my laughter twin, we laugh all the time v'r together 'insane people we are'. Put together on any stage we can easily beat anybody when it comes to laziness 'no kidding',some nostalgic memories coming to mind. hahahhahaa
Plus working with her so easy 'she does what ever I say',hahahahahah
To put a cherry on the cake.......

oohh ohhhh ohhhhh
Just came to know that boxer is writing a story for me 'so no more praises for her,as I bribed her to do the same for me in exchange',so I guess IL have to put the cherry on the cake later and write a story abt her.

Here it comes,

Once upon a time ,an ordinary girl Alisha Iyer wore a black T-shirt with a red dragon on it,since that day this ordinary girl has encalcated the powers of a dragon and now is better known as THE BOXER.
She has taken the outh of spreading bleh bleh bleh 'ask her abt it', everywhere.And anybody who comes in her way would be tossed and turned into bleh. Some people have already been blehfied.
'So beware'
She is the queen of Blehland and no one has the strenght to beat her in Blehland.
Well wishing her all the best and 'God save me' cuaz , I am just told that the next target to be blehfied is poor ME.

I just relised that my story is really crappy so I better continue putting the cherry on the cake.
She is a gem of a girl,one person I can cry my heart out to, blabber anything and everything ,always smiling away to glory and just been their to partner me in all the craziness and madness.

btw she has written a story on me on her blog, The Fundy Duckling.Take a dig at it.

One more thing all the aforesaid is the works of 2 empty minds so please do not pay any attention to it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

No Expectations

Sometimes in life ,things happen which makes you wonder about people and their behaviour changes.At one moment they are the once 'who cared' and the next they become strangers who wanna axe you.Time and again I have said human relations are complex 'proved yet again'. I hope one day we find a way of getting out of this vicious cycle.

I've always been the responsible one ,done the right things, said the right words, made sure no body gets hurt, thought about others before myself, dealt with situations being in the shoes of other 'btw I am not praising myself,just putting some things, to throw light on the topic been talked abt' LOLZ

But all this 'Goodness of mine',''as I may say so'',hasn't done any good for me, time and again I end up getting hurt.People take me for granted, and I get pushed into yet another emotional dungent.
I guess Ive reached a point in my life where Iv had enough.And hence forth I wont have any kind of expectations from anyone anymore.

I've always believed in the saying ''If you do good things, good things would happen to you''. I still believe in this and will continue to 'the good things' but won't have any expectations in return.