Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey there Delilah - Plain White Ts

I have had moments when I have cried on this song.
I have had moments when I have smiled listening to its lyrics.

This is what I call ''Lyrics'' in its true sense.

I'd fall flat if someone sings such a song for me :) :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Popping :D

Yesterday my net connection again screwed up and the CD which had the movie 'No Country for Old Men' didn't work :(
Then only movie I could find was Music and Lyrics, owing to the completely messed up study table of mine which has piles and piles of books and papers making it impossible for me to find anything :P

Anyway the movie opens with the song called 'Pop goes my heart', listen to it for a few laughs :D :D
LoOLzz :D :D


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grass is always Greener on the other Side :D

My life isn't been a smooth ride, it has had its share of thorns and huddles.

Broken dreams and sour memories are a part of everyone's life, and mine is no different.I clearly remember the days when I used to cry myself to sleep, used to lock myself inside my room and just sit doing nothing for hours and hours, had nothing to look forward to and no more dreams to fulfill. I had become a complete lifeless being back then.
As time passed things got better, I had stuff which I could look forward too. And also, I had gained some kinda strength which made me delusional about handling everything which came into my way.

As I have said before, life always has its ways of telling you 'Who's the Boss', and even after properly watching my steps I tripped again. It took me some time to get up but this time when I got up I had discovered an antidote to all the pain .
This antidote was 'laughter', I can literally say I laughed my way outta the pain and one day all I was left with was a lotta laughs and no pain.

I guess after you have gone through pain and misery you get to know what happiness and joy feels like. And I must say I cherish happy times now, more than ever before.
All this has also taught me to live for the moment cauz u never know what happens next, 'may be the earth stops spinning or a volcano erupts beneath you'. LoLzz

They say laughter is contagious, you should spread it.
And the reason why you see a lotta :D's and LoLz on my posts is cause I wanna spread this disease of mine to ya.
Trust me laughter doesn't hurt,its one of the must have diseases :P

I'll leave you with this quote said by some great guy 'who's name I am forgetting, blame it on my poor memory' :D
I was sad because I didn't have shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ocean's 11,12,13

Yesterday my Net connection was down, Kings 11 Punjab 'the team I am supporting in IPL' had a easy victory',so while switching the channels I came across Ocean's 11. I have seen all the 3 Ocean movies earlier and can't get enough of them.

The reason why I went to watch Ocean's 11 was George Cloney :D, but I came out mesmerized by the skill and intelligence with which the movie was made.
The day Ocean's 12 was released, I went and watched it. But I was a disappointed cause it couldn't live up to 11's standard.

I wanted to give 13 a miss fearing the same disappointment of 12, but was literally dragged by my cousin to watch it. And I thank him till date for doing it. Cauz Ocean's 13 is one movie which you cannot miss.
Its a master piece, hats off to its makers.

We have had our very own Bollywood making clones of it, but they could not come match the tiniest bit of it. I hope some day we get to see such movies in Bollywood too.
But I guess that is day is unimaginable :P

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Typos , typos n tons of typos

I am sure you must have noticed a lotta typos 'typing errors', which I make in my posts and specially when I comment on your blogs.

Well the heights which my typos have reached is even more than a 250 storied building :D :D :D

I have typed 'do not' in places where I had to type 'do'

I have written 'slaps' in place of 'claps' :D

I have written 'mine' in place of 'yours' :/

-this list is endless these are just a few highlights :(

Well I guess this happens because my brain functions faster than my fingers, or my fingers functions faster than my brain or there is plainly no connection between them :D I don't know the reason.

And if you find any donot's, do's, claps, slaps in the wrong place, please do not get offended cause I haven't done it on purpose. It's again silly Aditi's silly typos at work :D :D :D

Today Soham told me 'he finds my comments more hilarious than my posts' LoOL
again its the typos doing their bit embarrassing me :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ode to Samby

Well today the bloggerspace is gonna loose a Gem ( I hope for some time only :)
He's Samby and for me he's my Alien Brother ( We share the same fixation of Aliens :D

Here are some of his words......

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. I know what I'm worth, & I'll go out and get what I'm worth.I been knocked down so many times. But I'm willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying I am where I am because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't me. I'm better than that... I have been kicked around, cut, stitched and scarred.. Yeah but I am ready to take the take the hit but not the fall, I know fear, but also the courage to face that fear... That is what the Enduring Spirit is all about... That is what Samby is all about.... That is what I am all about...... I will leave this blog here as a reminder of all that we shared and who knows.....someday I may be back with renewed faith. If not, I can only hope I have touched your lives even if only a little and rubbed of some of that Enduring spirit... my only asset.

He has surely taught me many things about life.

May the Enduring Spirit always remain with you :)
I won't say Goodbye
All ill say is see you soon :):)

Will miss ya:(

And Thanks for everything ....
Enduring Spirit will always be a part of my blog :)

Yup, I took his permission before putting the words and picture up :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cute cute cute ?????

Cute girl !!!
Cute guy !!!

-thats normal

Now listen to this

Cute paper
Cute marks
Cute book
Cute post
Cute chocolate

-the list is endless

These days 'Cute' is the most used and abused word. Its been used to describe stuff like books and food items too 'heights'.
With all the cuteness around Cute is not cute anymore :D:D

The literal meaning of cute according to the dictionary is pleasantly pretty. It was derived from 'acute' and is in use since 1731.

Well well well I guess our past generations have been addicted to this word too. So we shouldn't be blamed, I'll be quoting one of my favorite lines 'its all in the Genes' :D:D

But yes people their are other words in the dictionary too :D:D
Try something else for a change. :P

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Changes and Alien invasion :D

Sometimes we change, people around us say its okay, but they do not like it.
Cause it forces them to change as well.
I have changed, some people have accepted these changes, some have not.
So Adieu to them.

- The opening line of Invasion, Star World, episode which aired on 19/4/08

Well, Invasion is about a small town which is being which is experiencing bizzare phenomenon after some extra-terrestrial species invaded a near by lake during a hurricane like event. Apparently some of the people were abducted by those creatures and have become human-alien hybrids who have developed special powers. Right now they are not fully aware of what they are experiencing and seem confused about the changes within themselves, which people around them are not been able to accept. They are struggling to get their lives back on track but at the same time they are enjoying their newly developed powers which has given them some kind of strength which is unprecedented .Hence the line about changes.

I have already written about by fixation with Aliens. LooLzz
I'd love to have alien powers specially if I can dream walk and do mind reading :D:D

What would you do if you had some of these powers? :D

Saturday, April 19, 2008

30 Questions Looooooooooooooong tag

Was tagged by Skeptic Saint

Here it goes....

1. Last movie you saw in a theater?
Race :P

2. What book are you reading?
Fountain Head - gotta finish it in 4 days else my friend is gonna murder me :D:D

3. Favorite board game?
Chess - love it to the core :)

4. Favorite magazine?
I am really not a magazine person but I read Sports star and Outlook often. But regular with sciam's podcasts.

5. Favorite smells?
hmmmmmmm Petrol, can't think of any other now I guess my nose isn't that good at smelling stuff :D:D

6. Favorite sounds?
Music Music Music :)

7. Worst feeling in the world?
Somebody betraying your trust :(
India loosing a close Cricket match
Broken dreams

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
Brush my teeth :D

9. Favorite fast food place?
Hot millions's, Chandigard
Over Fresh, Chandigard
Momos of Delhi heart
Mani's n DP's near my College

10. Future child’s name?
Let the time come :P

11. Finish this statement. “If I had lot of money I’d….?”
Save some, Donate some, and use the rest to travel all around the world.

12. Do you drive fast?
I don't enjoy driving that much, but i'd love to drive those cars in Tokyo Drift :P.

13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

14. Storms - cool or scary?
Scary :(

15. What was your first car?
I don't like cars as much as I like planes :D

16. Favorite drink?
As you all know I survive of fluids so everything which is a liquid is my fav ;)

17. Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would….”?
Well, I have all the time, it's a different thing that I don't do anything with it :D:D I hold a PhD is wasting time :P

18. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
Broccoli with white sauce is my favorite dish, I'd have it anyway :D

19. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
Had purple streaks some time back :P, now the color has gone and they have turned blond :P plannin to get red next eheheh :D

20. Name all the different cities/towns you’ve lived in?
Hyderabad, Hindon, Chandigarh, Suratgarh, New Delhi, Mumbai(at present) :D
owing to my dad's Air Force posting :D:D

21. Favorite sports to watch?
Cricket 'I eat ,sleep, drink Cricket' :D I watch soccer, tennis, F1 tooo

22. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?
Amazing writer :)

23. What’s under your bed?
My memory boxes :D my tennis, badminton and table tennis bats :)

24. Would you like to be born as yourself again?
oohhh yesss :D

25. Morning person, or night owl?
Night own, my brains doesn't work in day light :P

26. Over easy, or sunny side up?

Anything would do :D

27. Favorite place to relax?
In front of my tv :P

28. Favorite pie?
Well, the first thing that pops in my mind hearing the word pie is 'American Pie' :P

29. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate all the way :D:D

30. Of all the people you tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first?
I am not tagging anyone, whoever is interested can take it up :)

This tag really tested my patience, thank god it's finally over :D:D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

$$ IPL $$

Its been a long time since I have written about my First Love i.e Cricket ;)
18th of April, 2008 marks another Chapter in the game's history :)

IPL 'Indian Premium League' starts from today and has got everybody talking about it for all the good and the bad reasons.

Finally a day has come when I wont have tears in my eyes after if I see Sachin getting out for a duck or Pathan been thrashed for 70 runs. I wont be biting my nails in a close finish nor would I be sad when my team loses. :D:D
IL be sitting back and enjoying all the matches, after the T-20 World Cup we already know the kind of adrenal rush, this format of the game brings. And IPL promises the same, with some of the best players fighting it out in the middle.
It would be quite a site watching Sachin and Jayasuria open for Mumbai Indians, Dhoni batting against Ishan, Shreeshant,Pathan, Brett Lee bowling for Mohali's 11 Kings, Ganguly facing Harbhajan. Would definitely be a treat to watch :D:D

It would also give the Local players a chance to shine and learn from their much experienced team mates, IPL would act as a platform from where they can dawn the India Cap, plus the amount of money they getting is bonus.
Talking of money, after looking at the player auctions the moolah involved is really astonishing, it seemed as if the corporate world has gone nutts over IPL :D, every body from big corporate house to film stars like Shahrukh kahn and Preity Zinta wanted a piece of it. Making debutants like Ishan Sharma Millionaires over night, the Monkey controversy fetched Symonds more money that his Captain Ricky Ponting and Dhoni ended up getting more money that Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid. It seemed as if a bunch of people who had zero knowledge about team composition went bizark fetching players based on their Brand value and popularity as against their requirement in the team line up.
Well what is done is done, I hope next time they do better.

IPL was launched by the BCCI to cut ICL 'Indian Cricket League', it also went on to banning the players who played for ICL. Though ICL wasn't much of a success but still managed to make a mark. And with all the buzz surrounding the IPL, its the BCCI who is making stacks of money. Its their greedy of money which has lead to putting media restrictions and as a result of which, IPL is been boycotted by many parties. BCCI is acting as a giant crushing everything that comes in its way.
But, I wonder how long can they dominate cause they are loosing respect and support day after day with its antics.

At the end of the day its the players who will run the show and its them whom we care about and enchant slogans for :D:D

I am supporting King's 11 Punjab, cause its my home team plus Shreesant, Yuvraj, Pathan, Brett Lee are in it :)
So its time to pick by your loyalties and get down to battle of another kind :D:D

Uptown Girl - Westlife

This is called a typical Pop Song :D:D
One of my favorite Westlife Songs :)

The original was sung by Billy Joel :)
And thanks a lot you guys, my iPod is working now :D:D

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can't think of a Title

A few days back at 12 at night, I came across the first episode of the first season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (yUP, I had nothing better to do :) ,it filled me with nostalgia of all the years iv been watching them. The characters have somehow grown up after all the ups and downs that they have gone through.
That gives me hope 'that some day I will grow up too' LoOL :D:D

FRIENDS is one of my all time favorite tv shows, hats of to the script writers how made every episode simply perfect and a delite to watch. The actors added the spark and we had one of the greatest tv shows ever.
As for the characters, we all have similarities with them, I think I am a mixture of Chandler and Ross ;)
Teme who you are and leme know whom you think me to be :D :D

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tibet -the larger picutre # 2

Come this August and curtain from yet another Olympic games will be raised, this time the host is Beijing,China. And the focus of the entire world will be on it. It will also mark a curtain raiser for China.
The current unrest in China's backyard is aimed at disrupting China's showcase into the world. It is aimed at defacing China at the world stage but doing so will also disturb the sanctity of the games.

I strongly believe that Sports and Politics should be treated differently. Yesterday the pro-Tibetan parties have out a warning about kidnapping and killing athletes. Something like this was shocking cause innocent lives will be at stake. Athletes will become mere puppets in the hands of their governments who cant back out reason being risking bad relation with China and if they go ahead a threat to their lives would loom over them.

Athletes prepare day in and day out for the Olympics, and when it comes down to this kind of conflict. The games no longer are about them but about dirty politics and hidden agendas which takes away the glory of Olympics.
Olympics are about victories and cheers and among all the present tensions I have my doubts on its spirit.

The news reads that Kiran Bedi, Rahul Gandhi, Baichun Bhutia have refused carring the Olympic torch. They all have personal reasons for the same but according to me it sends a wrong signal out. World over the pro-Tibetan lobbies have attached the Olympic torch and due to the same reason back home the torch relay is cut down to only 3 km in New Delhi.

These events make me sad cause targeting the Olympics and creating violence wont do any good to anyone but it would create more tensions and bad blood between the two parties.

I am not here to take sides, nor I intend to change your opinion about the same and may be I got some facts wrong but this is something which I have comprehended and I think is right.

Tibet - the larger picture # 1

China's economy is growing at a rate of 10% for almost a decade, the global markets are flooded by everything 'Made in China' from toys to electronics and because of its low cost, is has lead to Job cuts and closure of many industries world wide. China is ruthless when is comes to competing with their counter-parts. This makes China a big threat to biggies and has lead to the seeding of mass scale hatred against China.

This is evident from world wide protests against China after the recent Lhasa riots and a wave of Tibetan uprising, the western media to some extent is biased towards Tibet and has at times painted an incorrect picture of the events which are actually happening in the region. The riots in Lhasa by pro-Tibet supporters lead to mass scale destruction of property and killing of innocent civilians too. Some elements in the Tibetan freedom struggle are resorting to wrong methods for seeking their demands. The world wide support for its cause it just fueling their ways.

Tibet wants an autonomous control and the all the power in its own hands, this brings us back home to Kashmir, where the demands are the same but are we ready to give up Kashmir??
I guess not, so how do you expect China to give up its claim on Tibet.
May be I not aware of things and hard facts, maybe my judgment is wrong.

I am not siding with China here, but the recent protests have sparked doubts in my mind about the involvement of external elements who are using Tibet as a shoulder to fire their gun. A lot of countries are jealous of China's growth and secretly aiding Tibet for their own political gains.
No country will openly condemn China for its acts and support Tibet cause doing so means straining relations with Beijing which would be like stabbing itself in the stomach.

In fact Dharamshala houses Tibet's government in exile since 1959, but New Delhi never recognized it as legitimate.Then also Tibet is one of the major reasons of the bad taste of affairs between the two countries. And in the present scenario considering China's might, New Delhi seems to be in a fix about how to handle the situation. Till now India has taken a cordial approach but soon it will have to take a decision about the future course of action.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Swirl :P

Yesterday I was sitting in front of my college facing the cricket ground, suddenly a friend of mine pointed out towards a Swirl bringing up. We watched it built and its collapse in a gap of a few minutes.

Swirl is build up by sudden change of the wind direction causing a twisted motion, which rises up and then collapses after a few minutes when the normal conditions prevail.

LoOLzz, I am not giving any gyaan here.

Well yesterday something really unexpected happened to me which was like a roller coaster ride twisting me all around :D but after some time the nausea ended :D

This omen 'the swirl' taught me one thing that, things happen when you have least expected them. No matter how you plan things or how stable your life seen to be. Life always has the last laugh.
It always shows you 'Whos's the boss'

My results are out :D
Thanks a ton for all the wishes , I did good :):)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wrong decisions And No Regrets :)

After tons and tons of wrong decisions that I'v made I can easily call myself the queen of wrong decisions. LoOLzz

For starter,
I am doing the wrong course (though I emencely enjoying do it :)
I am in the wrong College (though I have a gala time out their :D)
I trusted the wrong people :( at least now I know whom to trust and whom not to :)
Worked with the wrong people (though learned to tackle stuff )
Made Friends with the wrong people( though the time spent with them wasn't that bad )

But I don't regret any of them, these were my own decisions 'with a few external forces acting :D' and I take full responsibility for them too.
Somewhere these decisions were a great vehicle for me to learn important lessons of life. They were pretty hard to digest at the beginning but now I won't have had them any other way :):)

Given a chance to backtrack on any of them, I would take a pass :D:D

btw my result is tomorrow (Alisha and Express's too ) so wish us Luck :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wind of Change - Scorpions

This song is currently engraved in my mind :)
I practically hear it all day :D

Monday, April 7, 2008


Sometimes Weird things happen to you,you walk the same road everyday do the same things everyday but then suddenly one day out of the blue something happens and while walking the same road you don't feel the same. Your over-powered with a emence of a power controlling you. That power gives you a high which you never left before .

But deep down you know this power is not for real and is temporary and has put you into this dream land which you seem to enjoy for the time being but you also know you need to some back to reality soon. Cause some dreams are meant to be dreams.

Well at this junction, all you can do is anticipate.
Anticipate the things to come :)

Well this might not make sense to you, infant I myself couldn't understand what I typed it just came off my fingers :D:D

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Normal College Day :D

My result of 2nd year is due on 10th, and to my amazement my 2nd year is already over:( The year just passed, in a flash. Now, all I am felt with is some memories.
So on this note, I'll record my activities of a normal college day.

5.30 the alarm does off
I get up around 6:10 after being dragged out of the bed :D
Get ready 'stuffing all that I can see laying around on the study table, half the time I forget my specs LoL ' and practically sprint to the train station .

7:03 thats the timing of the train which I generally catch 'if I am lucky enough then I am able to stand in it else I have to hang outta it :D',takes me about 30 minutes to reach the College ka station plus about 7-8 minutes on foot and I reach the college gate where I am stopped by the watchman who tells me to wear my ID' everyday I pass the gate at least 10 times but then also he wants to check my id 'anyway I juggle my bag and practically empty it LoL then finally I find it, in the front pocket, silly me' LoL
My practicals start at 7.25 and by the time I reach the Lab, my watch already reads 7.45 :D:D, but there are others too who gimme company outside the lab. Finally after a lotta requests, sorries, and at times an apology letter too, we are allowed to attend the practical :) but we never learn and every time the same story repeats :D:D:D

I'll spear you with the details of what all we do in our practicals' I'v attaches snaps of the shark which I dissented earlier ;)'
At around 9:30 they get over, and then I realize that I'v again lost the key to my locker 'me n express share one, and I trouble her alot for the key, thanks a ton gal for bearing me through out the year:)'
So now its time for Vishnu 'the tea n coffee wale uncle near the college,he's world famous in all of Ruia College' LoLzz
There I meet my friends 'including Alisha', most of them come around 9ish though their lectures start at 7:25 :D
Sipping on 2 cups of Vishnu's coffee sets the tone for the day, at least I can pretend to keep my eyes open during those boring boring organic chemistry lecture 'which I only attend cz my names features in the blank list'.

Hmmm now the watch says 10:10 and I run inside the classroom, enter from the back and occupy the last bench :D 'and if its my lucky day, I am not called in the first row' then I some how get through the lecture taking some notes, drawing things at the back of my book, day dreaming, chatting etc etc etc.
I generally skip the 2nd lecture(at 11:05) :D,but to cover up my very poor attendance I sometimes attend ;) ehheee

Each lecture lasts for about an hour and by the time its 12(3rd one), all I do is practice sleeping while sitting 'my specs come in handy in doing so'. LoLzz

The final bell rings for the day at 12:45' oppss but there this fc class too which I haven't attended all thought this year'. Btw fc means foundation course, which includes history, politics, economics covering the basics of these fields for us Science students. But 4 hours of reading one day before the exam is enough for us to crack it. It's kinda fun cz I really find it light after the heavy theories n fat-fat reference books :)

Then its time for us to hit Mani's 'the friendly neighborhood Udipi',where I'v been ordering Idli-chatini for the past one year LoLzz.

So on paper by College gets over at 1:45, but I reach home by 5-6.
Well what I do in that time, ill leave it for another post ;)
btw this time also including one hour of Journal writing in the reading hall .

And now I have holidays for about 3 months and I am badly missing everything :(

Writers Blend

I am not much of a poet, but sometimes words flow in the form of a rhyme. One words leads to another and I have a poem. :)

The current theme on Blend in War and here's my words Only a Soldier

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