Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Update !!!

This post has no head or tail, just a string of few words put together in a state of complete blankness.

'I am not gonna bore you about Barack Obama's election campaign here' :P
Well when life gets really monotonous and becomes a cycle of vicious events , that time you need to bring a 'Change'.
Just break free, stop doing the same old things, change your path for some time.

Well I for one, was really bored of doing the same things over and over again, same lectures, some practicals, same train, same everything.
So I just bunked :P, did everything else but not the same old stuff for a week. It has really bought a refreshing change.
Change it is, when your gloomy and dark, try giving your taste buds some chocolate, I am sure you'll be outta it for sometime 'even a pack of chips would do, does for me' :P

Coming back to the break free mode, do somethings crazy and wacky, take risks break some rules, go wild and the next day u'l be back to normal with a renewed enthusiasm and energy. Try it, worked for me. :P

Of late I am getting a lotta slack all thanks to my '2 second memory' 'Yup,its true', from getting fired in class to screaming friends who's birthdays I forgot :P
Iv called by friend, talked to him and not wished him :P
Wished my Cousin bro a day earlier :P
And I dono the date of another friend's birthday which is due this month :P
This is nothing, Iv done worst :P
For one, I am a person who is really not high on birthdays, in fact I call my good friends to wish me on mine :P , they do the same when its their :P .
So if I forgot to wish you 'which I am sure I will, please lemme know :P '

As I am in the bunking mode these days, a loota my friends have joined in the same :Pand of late the "Adda" has become a mini parliament where tempers run high on the current Nuke deal, as everybody stands firm on their position and are out to refute the other :P . These arguments lasts for hours and tea saves the day 'a welcome break', plus a lotta illegal activities are being carried out on the "Adda" :P , its so much fun :P

Next week seems to be crucial, got a few things important coming up.
And have to think of a good excuse when my name features in the defaulters list for the second time :P

Listened to the radio today after almost 2 years, My ipod has packed up :( ,same old boring crap, all the channels playing the same set of songs, I wish there was a channel playing Metallica all day :D
These Radio Channels really need to get a life !!!

Some of my friends got their dream jobs, gives me hope that one day its gonna be my turn too.

I feel like throwing my Cell phone in a bucket of water 'yes, I hate cell phones', you're connected to people always :X,
I never pick up calls and get blasted later for doing so :X and the anxiety of expecting a call kills me :X

P.S - I am cumulating all the facts over the N-deal, will be putting forward the stands of both the sides soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1-2-3 Agreement

Read the actual text of the agreement here.

The country stands divided on it,
so does the parliament.

Lately Iv heard the arguments from both the sides,
both have given logical and concrete reasons for their stand,
both have interpreted or misinterpreted the nuke deal
both have viewed it under different lights

I stand divided on it.

So tell me what do you make of it,
Do you view it as U.S encroachment ?
India's gateway in becoming a super power ?

Please leave a comment or
Mail me at

Thanks a ton.

P.S - I am talking about the Indo-U.S Nuclear deal,
if you haven't read the news papers lately,
then Google it :P

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shawshank Redemption

Some movies come once in a Lifetime, ageless and timeless are two understated words used to describe it. A master piece crafted with utmost perfection.

Having seen Shawshank Redemption, I wonder if I'd ever like any other movie :P
It has truly spoilt me went it comes to setting standards. :P
Entering my list of '5 Must-Must Watch movies'

My favorite scene is the one in which music plays through out the prison and Morgan Freeman quotes 'It appears as if the walls are dissolving', siting the power of music plus the last scene blew your mind away.
That imagery would stay with me for a long time to come.

Morgan Freeman's narration is excellent and he can add one more fan to his list :D

" Hope is a good thing, a good thing never dies"

Words are not enough to describe the movie,ul have to watch it,yourself to know more.
P.S - I hope I don't get stabbed for this :P :P

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All the Time in the World, Yet no Time :X


hours in a day

Sometimes seem so




The hands of the


ticks on,
with it
Each second of our


They say

'Time is the most valuable thing'


I agree


No More Wasting this treasure.

P.S - This is the result of extreme anger and helplessness :x

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Darjeeling Limited

Movies are an illusion of the real and unreal world which we live in, they are an extension of what a man desires in his life and what he has achieved. Sometimes emotions are depicted in the most extravagant manner and sometimes subtle words and images speak volumes.

There are some movies which come along and leave you baffled, by their simplicity and honestly with images speaking louder than words and you are taken back by what just hit you. Such is the magic or I must say the brilliance of Darjeeling Limited.
The movie stars Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman playing three brothers in search of their estranged mother who resides in the Himalayas as a missionary, during their journey they encounter different people, situations and deal with some of their own problems. Owen Wilson is at his comic best and with Irfan Khan's acting talent at display, the movie surely is a treat to watch.

The main reason why this movie did a magic spell on me, was the way Director Wes Anderson uses the beauty of rural India as the backdrop of the film. These are some movies which make you realize how beautiful and charismatic India is, this one surely sits on top of my list.
The subtleness and simplicity of this movie just took my breath away, and has entered my list of the '5 Must-Must watch movies', along side Lakshya,' 3 places still vacant :D

After watching the movie I was curious about how Wes Anderson sought the inspiration to make such kinda movie and that to base it, in India, well Wikipediaed it :P and finally the answer, it was the man himself Satyajit Ray doing the trick.
Last year the film society at my college screened 'Apu Trilogy' , the films were shot in the 1950's and just gives you a glimpse of Mr. Ray's vision and tells volumes about how his mind worked ahead of its times. The 3 films are ageless and classics its their own league, with people belonging to every era relating and appreciating them.Thats the magic which he brings on screen.

I'll leave it to another post to write about Mr. Ray, for now watch Darjeeling Limited :)

Well Lakshya is another must watch, ill write about it in my next update :P

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Guest Blogger : Express :P

Jiggy’s special!

Doing a post for Aditi came as a pleasant surprise! Now our dearest is suffering from ahem “writer’s block” and wants me to do this post for her. While I secretly know that Jiggs is one of the most laziest ones around and this is another of her banahas to not work, but this might just turn out to be fun. So today when Mumbai is submerged in water and college has declared a holiday, I sit cozy at home and complete this impending post :-P This one is gonna be about us, me i.e. Express aka Shatabdi aka Kabul Express and Aditi aka Jiggs aka Fundoo, and the thing that binds the both of us together [apart from blogger], Ruia college :-)

Joining Ruia was a turning point in my life, as I am sure it was for many Ruiates. Ruia is one of its type. I don’t think too many people who’ve not been to Ruia will be able to relate to it, but then, we are addicted to that place, this is the case for us. So addicted that we ‘miss’ college on Sundays [miss college and strictly not lectures :-P]. The best thing I like about Ruia is that which-ever kind you are [eg. nerd, brat, fun-loving, sincere, hard-working etc etc.], you find your kinda people there :-P

Life is good within and around the walls of Ruia……..

Apni laid-back lives,

carefree majja-masti,

not getting bored of the typical hang-outs,

wohi Vishnu ki chai [teri coffee],

wohi Gulshan mein ban-maska/ keema pav,

wohi DPs ka dinn mein atleast ek chakkar,

woh Mondays ko-hi Mani’s [Mondays closed] yaad aana,

wohi “quadrangle mein mil”

Teri ultra-stupid msgs,

Canteen mein gup-shup,

Blogger-world k saare updates!

Endless talks about Metallica and F.R.I.E.N.D.S and BSB and bitching about all possible people!

Subah late-wali train mein milna,

Reading hall mein padhne baithna, aur padhai chhodke baki sab-kuch karna,

Exam k baad k utre hu-e chehre,

Results k baad ka celebration,


Sublime Sounds!!!

I am gonna miss you so much gal! sob sob…

Guess this can wait for another year :-P So coming back to both of us………….

I remember that we got introduced in First year Microbiology lecture; one of the disaster lectures by your favorite Prof. P .Remainder of our tenure with the micro department in the lectures was spent grinning around the entire class to each other and thinking of methods of passing time. That man really got to your nerves, didn’t he? Well, I still continue to respect him, for his ideas and ideals of-course. Baki non-sense toh hamesha were a constant source of entertainment. He couldn’t stop abusing us, we couldn’t stop abusing him. You even had him in practical! Ha ha, I was lot more lucky, Vora sir, total tp!

Obviously you gave up Microbiology and took Life-Sciences for Second year. Good for your management plans. I canalized my energies into the subject of my choice, Biochemistry. But we had a common chord again, the grand our very own locker no. 39! We shared it, just kept journals in there, but none of us actually used it. Oh no! Your old bag was dumped in there all year long! LOL! Both of us lost the key! The bacha hua extra key is all crooked, thanks to all the force exertion :-P Now you use it for your current locker! Before late, get extra copies of the key made and distribute to people all over Mumbai!

Now, one thing many people don’t know about Jiggs and I will do a little pol-opening here, teehee… Aditi is prolly the only person I know who begins to ‘seriously’ study about more than one month before the exam commences! Baki time she is doing all tp possible, but exam k pehle ka ek maheena and exam ka ek maheena, you will find her posted indefinitely in apna Reading Hall. And now she is talking about me inspiring her to study, lol!

Second year was sprinkled with so many moments of fun that I can’t even re-call so many of them. All I hold back is the bond, the sense of attachment that shall keep us bonded to Ruia forever.

All said and done, I can’t think of an end to this post, coz there is no end to us, isn’t it? But I guess in Third Year we don’t need any chord as such to keep us together. Ek aur saal jhelna hai iss pagal ladki ko, end tak shayaad main bhi pagal ho jau….

Abhi toh I have lost a bet to her, kyuki by chance Spain defeated Germany in Euro 08. Unlimited cups of Vishnu ki coffee pilani hai madam ko, dekhte hai kitna loot-ti hai :-P

Love you lots!

NO! I am straight….. :-D

Pervert budhdhi! ;-)

Shatabdi Express ke Disoriented Neurons :P :P