Monday, October 25, 2010

Free of Judgement

Its disappointing when you are judged by your actions rather than your Work.

Its even more disappointing when your actions are judged on the behest of care and concern. As a strong,independent,free willed person its easy for me to take in everything and just brush it off labeling it as kiddish and stupidity, but its hearting to see some close ones take a hard hit due to the same.

There is a thin line between the good, bad and the ugly and moments like these teach us lessons which help us determine them. Symbols emerge and patterns are drawn for us, to record history. The kind of history which tells us how to deal with certain kind in the future.

We live in a Collective society where decision are made by communities but then I think individualism is something which comes to us intrinsically, we have grown up with it, ours is the generation which has the advantage of freedom of expression and we shall stand and show us, our worth to the unworthy.

So with a very heavy heart and no expression, all I say is certain things are just not worth it. Make your self worthy and show your worth to the ones who see you for your work rather than who you lead you life. Life is too short for the unworthy and you meet hundreds of people during your life time. Some stick, spread smiles and laughter, the others fade away leaving us with lessons.

On my Mind Aerosimth - Amazing
A small addition to this post.
About a year back I read this statement "People don't change, they become more of themselves". And every time I go through complex out pour of human emotions, I remember this sentence and smile (Life moves on even if it's at a snail's pace)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bucket List!

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be.” - Mark Victore Hansen

Bucket list for me is something which gets me through the rough part of my life the anger of a traffic jam, the stress of a day job, the agony of getting into a local train during rush hours, the scorching heat of a field survey afternoon and many more things which makes one want to give up.

My bucket list inspires me to keep going and gives me a reason to get up each morning and inspires me to turn my thoughts into action and gives me a purpose to live each day without any regret. Because at the end the day when I read my list and I know I am getting closer to my goal and all the hard work is worth on more tick on my bucket list.

Being a huge sports enthusiast since childhood, I want to visit Brazil during the 2014 FIFA world cup, watch Indian Cricket team in action in the 2011 World Cup, cover all four tennis courts across the world; Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon , U.S Open and play on pebble beach golf course.

Next up on the list is publishing a book, I have been a blogger for six years now and this one wish on my bucket list is one thing which drives me each day. It inspires me to read more and more, until one day when I finally complete my book and actually sell a few copies. Till then I wish to write for each and every magazine and web content portal in India, the journey has already started and I have a long way to go. I as a writer want to leave behind some words which generations after me read.

My dream company is IMG, the biggest Sports Management company in the world and everyday I work towards getting there one day. That’s the destination before that there are many milestones to be crossed.

My bucket list won’t be complete without the mention of my wish to touch all the continents in my life time. And specially visit Egypt, South Africa, Phuket Islands, Bali, Bahamas, Caribbean, Switzerland, Maldives, Spain, France the list keeps on increasing each day and so does my determination to fulfill my bucket list.

We all have dreams as children, some come true and the others fade away in the real world. And then there some which drive us each day.

P.S - this post wasn't typed for the blog.