Tuesday, January 6, 2009

About me :P

This question always choked me, but off late I can write essays on the same :P
Care to read :P

I am gonna turn 21 in less than a month (but that doesn't mean I behave like one, I was much matured and wiser at 14 than I am now), I am highly impatient and impulsive at time( I've done some stupid things owing to it). I cant stay, let alone stand at one place for long, I find it hard to hold my interest in things, but once I do; I get quickfixed to it :P. I am pretty social but at times I just like to keep to myself. I think a lot, so much that sometimes I just wonder that's wrong with me ??

At 5 feet, I practically have to strain my neck to look at tall people, but now I can say that I've lost all my baby fat and I can fit into my old cloths :D, though it sometimes sucks when I have to pick my shoes from the kids section (size 4). I am not fussy about dressing, it takes me 5 minutes to get ready, a tee and shorts and I am off. Though I am obsessed with converse All Stars (call it my weakness). I don't put make-up not even a lip gloss (believe it) and I often forget to put a Deo too :P

A few things I am quickfixed to are; Cricket, like 95% of Indian I worship the game (I call it my first Love), though I play all racket games quite well, I only follow World Cup football and its Brazil for me till my last breath. I've not missed watching the last 3 Olympics, I used to run 400m once upon a time. I've practically grown up on the play ground. Coming back to Cricket I've been keeping records of all the games India plays since I was 9 or 10, I cried when India was knocked of in the 2007 WC and the T-20 victory was one of the my most memorable moments (I can go on and on about Cricket, Later)

Writing, I donno how it came to me, it's one thing I am always gona stick too,I agree I am not the best but its one thing I am good at, blogging is another thing which I can't do without. Its an extension of me :)

Books, I wish I could read all day, I plan to write my own one day ( and il coax u guys to buy it :P ) I've read a hundred of Hardy Boys ( Franklin W. Dixon Rocks), I can read anything ranging from Fiction to self help. (my book list is way too long) all I need is a good book and I can survive anywhere.

Then comes Biology, (I am majoring in Life sciences) my quest for finding all the answers has come a long way, plus I love ecology (ask me anything and I'l tell you more)

World affairs are something which I absolutely love to know (different cultures, different stuff) and I plan to visit as many as my pay cheque can afford :P

Music is one thing I can't do without, I consider myself as a Pop head but I love metal, basically whatever sounds good to me is Music to me. My favorite song is "Take me to your heart" - MLTR, my day starts with "Nothing else Matters" - Metallica.
I cant sing nor can I play a guitar, but I can write some lyrics.

The social causes I support are adoption of kids and foster care and of course world peace ( I am not going to sit around and just write about it, I will make a difference) and I hope I make this earth a peaceful place before my remains are mix with the soil and microbes get to nibble on them :P

Now a few miscellaneous things, I absolutely hates Mobile phones (my mobile is on the vibrator since the past 6 months) and I never pick my phone and sometimes I reply to an SMS after a week. I always wear a wacky look on my face, my spces come in handy to hide it when and wherever required. My friend have endless names for me but I like to be called 'Aditi'. i laugh a lot, so much that something my stomach sramps up. I currently have 2 jobs but I guess soon I am gonna loose them both :P (is anybody listening ?? ).
I love to dance and I specialize in the Jangli catagory.

And how can I forget my love for Extra terrestrial and everything super natural,I even want my guy to be like the half Alien, half human hybrid Max Evans in Roswell and Matt Dallas 'Kyle XY' :P :P (Yes, I am silly)

(opps I better dose off, gona get up at 6 tomorrow, to be continued )

I am just differnt from all the abnormal people around, normalcy is not a word in my dictionary :P

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This time around I ain't feeling ''New Yeareee'', one of the years which I am completely clueless about. I've always been a person who always keeps tabs of things going around in the world; world politics and sports. But I just realized that I'd lost my grip of them the past year, I got way to involved with myself that at the end of the year I found myself not knowing stuff.
Now I need to get back on track.

1st January, a bomb went of in Guwahati,
2nd Sri Lankan Army storms in against LTTE.
The Middle East crisis intensifies,
there is just no stop to the killing.

What Next ?

I say my life sucks, well there are scores of people out in the world today who don't even have a chance to say this.