Friday, October 17, 2014

This place is home!

One time I used to be addicted to blogging, words would just flow but I really have to make an effort to write, but this place (blog) has always been like "coming back home".

Writing helps we accept things,  we all live in a delusional world at times.
Acceptance of loss is hard to come easily.

But here I'm writing it down to ACCEPT it!

Some things are not meant to be! to be!

Of Regrets!

I live my life to the fullest and I never have really have regrets!
But I guess the circle of life tangles you along and leaves you with a few!.
This goes out to a fantom, I guess ill never know.

Dear Fantom,

It's my loss not yours,
You've spoilt me for choice,

I'm sorry ( I'm, really!)

I guess its two xbox now, but I so hoped it was One!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Business Advice to my Best Friend!

Cause she has a great Idea - She has the invested money it in - She knows how to sell it - She's good at it - And I know she'll do wonders with it - All she needs to do it Get off her Lazy Ass! 

So here are a few tips which every one can use if you want to start your own Business!

1 - If you have a great/good idea and you think it will work - Start now 
You never know who else comes up with the same idea as yours 

2- Inventory bought and not sold is just added weight - START Selling it NOW !

3. Tell the world - Yes there are a lotta people in this world!  
ITs called - WORD OF MOUTH! 

4. Have faith - Even if it fails - you'll just learn from the experience  - TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH!                                            
5. Don't listen to anyone who comes in your way/or delays cause they don't know what you know!