Monday, March 31, 2008

Tag invented !!!

I was watching a movie called 'Shes the man' a few days back in which a Girl pretends to be a Guy to join the soccer team. This gave me the idea of this tag :)


Write 5 things you would do or like to do if you had a chance to change into the opposite sex LoLzz

Then tag as many people you want too :)

Here are my 5

1. For starters, I'd like to have spikes(David Beckham wale) or even a Zero cut would do. Maintaining long hair is a pain :(

2. Would follow my dad's footsteps and join my friends at NDA (National Defence Academy).

3. Play along side Shreshant in the Indian Cricket Team .LoLzz

4. Go backpacking across the world all alone. 'I wonder when will the day come, when this place becomes safe for women'. :(

5. Build up some muscles and thrash some people. LoLzz

Well, I have no regrets been a Girl .
Thought of doing something silly on BAKRA DIN 'April Fools Day' LoLzz

I tag d Sinner,Gunj, Samby, Maverick, Express, Alisha, pj, Microvable cat, Rohit, Soham, Nilesh, Metal-Militant, Umang, Gonecase, Craziest,Skeptic Saint, Mavoj, busy-writer and everybody who is reading this post.

Take it up.....

Happy Bakra Dewas !!!

Peace :)

Well 'PEACE' is one of my favorite words.
I sign off any chat or conversation by the same, people ask me, why peace??
Its because its Peace. LoLzz
The symbol of Coexistence of human being with each other :)
Just a calming word to say on parting :)


RACE - Avoid it

Well went to watch 27 dresses but it was already out, so ended up watching RACE. But if you are in my position please do not do so.
Its really not worth a watch in the theater, watch it on a DVD only if you dont have anything else to do.
As for the movie, the first part is still okay but the second is really bad.
I was ready to run. LoLzz
They tired all out to make it different but it was just like any other ordinary Bollywood flick.

But this movie proved Saif Ali Khans's coming off age, he's has joined the elite league of Bollywood now.

My take
Some good cinematography
Average acting
Below Average direction

1 star

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Sound of Music # 2

Well for starters watch the video on Skeptic Saint's post called Popstarts.
I guess this is one of the reasons most people despise pop, but lemme tell you pop is much more.I agree this so called Pop-culture has its faults but the Rock culture is no better' I guess you already know,what I am talking about'.

All I am saying is that, Do we even care about what these Popstars and Rockstars do in their personal lives? Do we care if they crash cars, get drunk and end up in rehad?
Well I don't, all I am concerned is what kinds music they make.

And I like the music they make, even Britney Spears and Michale Jackson have made some really amazing songs. And they have worked really hard to get where they are today, their success wasn't served to them on a silver platter.

I agree pop is 'growing up music' and we get inclined to rock and metal later but criticizing Pop calls for hypocrisy.The songs we cherished when we were kids remain the same, its our preferences which change. We start relating to more and more to the lyrics and the music of metal and rock. 'I know this cauz Iv been through this phase myself '
But this does not give us the right of abusing pop.

Pointers towards Pop's originality were raised, well all I'd like to say is pop is a blend of all types of music be it rock, classical,world music,Jazz,hip-hop, country, fork etc etc and a blend like this is made after extensive experimentation. The best example of this can be seen in the music of Timbaland 'if you haven't heard him already, do so and u'll be surprised by the kinda music he makes'.
Pop reinvents itself with every artist and every song and it has the maximum variety when it comes to sounds and voices.

And when comes to lyrics, pop does not lack any lusture in it. I guess you should listen to the some of the old classic pop songs which will tell you what I am talking about.

If you have any other things too, I'll be more than happy to clarify :)

Bhooooooooooooot !!!! LoL

Location: Marine Drive,Mumbai
Time: 8ish at night
Holi wala din tha !!! 'oppps raat thi' LoL :)

The picture was taken by my sis and she goes like 'you look like a Ghost in it' LoL
Thats what 5 days of severe food-poisoning did to me:(

I guess color yellow played the trick with me this Holi :(:(
I am pale :(


Monday, March 24, 2008

The Sound of Music

NEM bought a lotta noise about which genre it belonged to, but my point is do we even care about the genre of a song??
Dont we listen to songs which belong to other genre's ??
I surely do, ''the only thing which attracts me to a song is how it sounds'' LoLzz

Different bands are classified as Metal,Pop,Rock,Heavy-Metal,Hip-hop etc, according to what kinda music they make at the starting of their careers and that tag remains with them from there on. Even if they try to do something different that tag still remains with them and this adds to the confusion of this so called genre debate of music.

So can you make out the difference between Rock and Metal, for me Rock is what Greenday makes and Metal is what Metallica makes. But again you cant't call NEM a metal-metal song but on the other hand One is all out metal.
Greenday is classified as Rock but their songs have a tinge of the Pop in them.
Talking of Pop music, BSB , Westlife and Blue have shades of hip-hop, classic,country feels to them.

So all this leaves us to one thing i.e music is intertwined be it whatever genre, music has always given us the much needed jolt and courage or whatever is does for you to make you alive again.

Music rocks :)
So lets make Peace not War on music.

One more thought ill have to add to this post, Iv seen people all around abusing pop music 'I agree the Pop culture has its moles' but I am sure at some point of time you all must have enjoyed the songs of Abba ,BoneyM, Venga boys, Celion Dion,Britney Spears,Blue,BSB..........too long a list.
I have grown up listening to them and I can proudly say 'I love Pop music' though I listen to alota metal and Rock but my first love will always remain pop which includes Indi-pop 'but I prefer the classic pop more :)'
All i'd like to say is just dont go on abusing pop-music in order to make a mark or look cool cuaz I am sure you cant dance on metal.

Next time you abuse Pop, you gota face me :):)

Friday, March 21, 2008

NEM - Metallica

Nothing Else Matters

Listen to it, if you haven't already.......

This song means a lot to me. I acts as a quick fix to all my problems each word has its smoothing effect 'donno how, but it just fixes everything for me'.
It gives such a 'High' and the world looks fine again and everything falls into place.

Listen to it, It wont let you down.:):)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tag - 7 Random things

Was tagged by Gonecase

Write about 7 random things which come to your mind
Tag 7 people
7 Random things

1. I love to read 'I have practically grown up reading Hardy Boys',I can go on for about 8 hours without stopping 'completed the DaVince code' in about 2 days. And I hate Harry Potter 'I know I will be thrashed for writing this but yes I do, I dono why people wana read about magic and wizards??

2. I don't like to eat, I like to drink LoLzz .
hello I am talking about drinking water,juices,milk,soft drinks etc etc *winks*

3. Sports is an integral part of my Life 'specially Cricket',I literally eat and sleep Cricket LoLzz. Have spent the past 20 years doing so, wish to continue the same for the next 80 years :)

4. Somebody is given me a lotta missed calls I fell like getting inside the phone and punching him. @#$^% #*&()%&

5.I just realized that I am giving CAT in November, still haven't started studying :(

6.My biggest weakness are chocolates, I'd do anything if somebody gives me a bar of TWIX :):)

7. As it is said 'every cloud has its silver lining', I just found mine so current state of things are rockin n rollin for me .

I tag Samby, Express, Alok, Manisha, pj, Umang, Alisha

Review - Jodhaa- Akbar

Caught it a couple of days ago on the big screen, and those 180 bugs spent on the ticket were not a waste.
It surely lived up to the Ashutosh Gawarikar standards, the sets and cinematography were simply mind-blowing, specially the war-scenes were picturized which great perfection, it wasn't a pull out from the history books nor was is a fairy tale. It was a story about what could have happened between Jodha and Akbar, and how the Mughals and the Rajputs made India.
Taking about doing justice to the roles, Aishwarya Rai and Hritik Roshan did a fine job and portrayed their parts with full honesty.
The story fell apart at a couple of places and was patchy at times, it wasn't easy to sit for 3 and half hours but yes there were some times when you definitely wanted more.
If you haven't seen it, go watch it for the imagery and perfect detailing of that era. You'll come out mesmerized by the giganticity of the film.

My take
Awesome cinematography
The story lacked a flow
Good acting
Direction was flawless most of the times, but patchy at a few places.
3 and half stars

Friday, March 14, 2008

Guest Blogger : Samby

Of Me n My Laziness.

Lazy is defined as, "not eager or willing to work or busy oneself; slow and sluggish."

I was too lazy to modify the layout of my own blog. Jiggs helped me. Ha Ha, Hats of to her skills and my persuasion powers.
So when it came to write a post for her blog I zeroed in on "Laziness". Its perfect. Keeps with the light mood of this blog. Defines
a common thing between her and me. And yeah I wont be able to write long like I usually write cause m too lazy too. So the post length on her blog will be maintained too. Wah Taj!! kya baat hai....

Many people think because of being from a Army backgound and military baording on top of that, laziness is not one of my virtues. But it is. And fortunately so. Let me tell you why.

Laziness can be a great tool when applied in the right way. I’ve learned to apply it in small doses throughout the day. A five minute lazy break is sometimes necessary for me to get through a rough moment. Maybe it’s a slow walk to the stationary store ins college for a fresh pack of sticky notes that I don’t really need. Other days it’s going to the bathroom, locking the door and doing a slow dance. Yeah I am still quite shy to dance in front of my roomate!! I try to take “lazy breaks” a few times throughout the day, so I can stop to assess how I really feel. Self assesment is quite a necessity but in small does only. Just like laziness.

The feeling of being lazy for a few minutes and not thinking about work eases the tension in my muscles and thoughts. When the tension is released, I’m able to refocus my energy to getting the job done. And as I always seem to be surrounded by a mountain of work to complete (read overdue journals) , I guess i need every bit of that enery and good mood.

But then again, I have found that taking a lazy break is easy, but giving myself permission to do it and then getting back to my task is difficult. It takes intelligence to apply the right amount of laziness. Pata nahi chalta when those 5 min walks become long and I end up bunking the whole day. Or when that small jam session in the bathroom becomes the audition for the next Boogie Woogie competetion only to be rudely interrupted by the angry banging on the door by my roomate. Though sumtimes I flow with the music of door banging and the dance extends still longer. ;-)

Every life needs a balance between action and inaction, otherwise our minds and joints will break down. Try applying a little laziness to your day; use it for five minutes and then let it slingshot your thoughts back into action.


He's the new kid 'oppps he's 20' on the block. Each of his posts are worth reading, straight from the heart into the bloggerspace.
Check it out Enduring Spirit

The Birdie and the Eagle

WARNING: The story which you are about to read is really crappy, so read it on your own risk LoLzz :)

Once a upon a time in a far away place lived a birdie and an eagle, one day both of them came to the same pond to drink water and made their nest on the near by tree, soon they became friends who used to fly together in search of their prey, they also shared all the information about predators and food, but one day the eagle flew away and found something valuable which he hid from the birdie and when he came back it destroyed the birdie's nest and broke her eggs :(
From then on they came on the same pond to drink water but made nests on different trees, the birdie never said a word but learned a lesson and was ready to deal with such eagles again.

I guess this is one of the worth posts which has come off my fingers hehhe
Thanks a lot for reading it :) "if in case you read it'' LoLzz

Moral of the story

Time heals all :)

Move on,after learning a lesson :)

And the next time,better make your nest stronger:)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Second Year Wonders # 1

After putting in about 2 hours on it, its finally done..........

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Stick Notes

My exams start from the 5th :(((
and I still got a stack full of xeroxed noted and a pile of books to conquer, but my cravings to post just don't seem to stop LOL. So il be just jolting down a few things on which I am gotta write later.

Well, the other day was reading Samby's blog, and was really elated to know that some body talks about UFO's and Aliens ''cuaz that's one thing that has fascinated me all my life since I was a small kid'' .I have read all the books and articles possible about Area 51 and UFO encounters ,watched documentaries of the same ,read UFO fiction books.
Donna why I always had this thing for aliens. LOL

Infact the ideal match section of my orkut profile reads
btw Roswell is my favorite tv series
, will be elaboration on the same once I am done with my exams:)

And yes will be back commenting on your blogs only after 13th, so please bear with me:):):)
Cuaz its high time, I better be filling up my answer sheets than the bloggerspace

Ciya till 13th