Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Words Unheard

There used to be time when I was addicted to blogging, my day and night used to revovle around my blog. This space was my home; something I used to come back to which would always accept me with open arms.
It would be a patient listener at times and at times the biggest source of my inspiration.It was there when the times were tough and also during the joyous times.
It was the reason I got my first job which followed a string of other events. Some which were just dreams and came true.

It been a while that i'v stopped coming here, its not just that I don't have time, It's just that sometimes your thoughts are so cluttered that even words can untangle them. They say that "new beginings bring about new life", but sometimes it takes some time to set course into the new life.

And sometimes we get so blinded by the brighness of the new life that we forget the old self and the old dreams. The dreams for which we had set our course for. The brightness tricks us into taking wrong turns and causes undue pain. And when the light finally fades is when we see the path clearly. The path we were destined to walk.

There is nothing wrong is charting a new course but never forget the path to your dreams

P.S - It feels great to be writing again :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well thats what I call my creative CV :P
and I am currently looking for a Summer Internship

Hire me !!

Friday, July 17, 2009


If it's a good idea, go ahead and do it.
It is much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.

~ Admiral Grace Hopper

Now thats what describes me the best.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Metal again!

When life acts HARD!

you hit back harder...

One - Metallica

Friday, June 12, 2009

Literally on the ROAD!

I’v tasted the fruits and salads of my first pay cheque but today I got the real taste of my hard work. As a part my orientation program at my B-school, we underwent a Business Exercise where in we had to earn a minimum of Rs. 200 without spending even one rupee from your pockets.

In groups of two we were told to go to Laxmi Chowk in Pune. After walking for some time we got a lift from Mr. Mahesh, who dropped us at our destination. At about 9.50 A.M “mission –getting a job” commenced. After a few initial setbacks finally we landed up a job with Kohinoor Enterprise with Mr. Uday Sane who owed a Sports Shop with badminton products and also operated his business of moulded V.I.P chairs. He promised to pay us Rs. 200 for our services.

During our working hours only a few customer walked in and we showed them the sporting products telling them the details about the same. This gave us a lot of time to interact with Mr. Sane, he had set up this shop soon after completing his masters in management from Pune University in 92 on a bank loan and it took him ten years after that to make a profit. We were surprised to know that he was a World Federation Refree of Badminton. As he himself was fully engrossed into the sport it was easy for him to tap customers for such a limited product, by the virtue of one to one contact with potential customers and word of mouth publicity. His goodwill in the field of badminton also helped him in getting customers. One of the observations made was that he provided small services like mending of broken strings of the racket for free this helped him in retaining his customers.

He supplied Victor and Yonex goods, which were imported from Taiwan, when asked about Indian manufacturers he said that due to lack of Branding their market share is less. We also offered him marketing solutions to keep up with the current times. As he had mentioned that he had an account of Facebook, we told him how he could reach his target audiences through Facebook. Making a page of his company, giving details about products and services being offered and new discounts and schemes . It all could reach out to many and all this would be free of cost. We also talked about google ads and how he could use them in his business.

At 1: 30, he was closing down for lunch and he handed us our money. It was a great experience interacting with him. As we headed for the market we realized that they all were closed for lunch or else the owner wasn’t around. Then we decided to make use of this time and did a few surveys of the footwear shops, we spoke to about 9 shops, the street told us that their average daily income ranges from 200-300 in the off season and about 500-600 in the peak seasons and there is no effects on his sales due to Recession. Whereas when we asked the same question to a Branded foot ware shop we were informed that they earned Rs. 12,000-10,000 daily and during the off season it was from 4,000-3,000 but the sales had decreased over the last couple of months as compared to last year same time.

Then we headed to our final destination and this time an Auto gave us a lift that too he went out of his way and dropped us at our destination. And the driver Mr. Manoj Goswami was the perfect ending to the one of the best days I’v ever had. Mr. Goswami have us a lift just because we spoke to him really well, in his own words “itne acche se bol rahe ho tou mai mana kaise kar sakta hu”, then we started to talk with him and he weren’t prepared for the things we told us, he owns a dotcom called www.sb.com and is holds a certificate in interior designing, he had marketing experience of 10 years in an FMCG company and the only reason he drives an auto is that currently he wants to stay with his family in Pune and for him no job is big or small. He said his needs are less and this job provides him enough.
This day will definitely proves that,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Starry eyes and the Road

Here I am - on the road again
There I am - up on the stage
Here I go - playing star again
There I go - turn the page

When there is nothing else
there is Metallica
If I say Cricket is my first love,
you guys come in a close second.

Thanks a ton for being there!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I to I

I can't write anything, good anymore

huh !! when have you even written anything good ???

You just write... that's it

Now, better get over yourself,

YOU lazy creature!!

And better Start


I'v learnt a Lesson :P

Sunday, May 24, 2009

you wont feel a thing when those colors fade,
the same words seem so lifeless,
the charm goes away,

even the emptiness doesn't exist anymore...

your life seems like a painted wall...

and you often say nothing...

which is actually true!


Friday, May 22, 2009

... and I stand
to light the fire,
till it burns, inside of me.

P.S- Can anyone throw light on the skills a Management student should acquire during his/her MBA program.
Please mail me at aditigupta02@gmail.com (its my pre-orientation assignment)

Friday, April 10, 2009

...we sugar coat every bad situation with a lesson,
what if there is no sugar in a situation.
I guess the salt teaches us never to do it again!

Wooo! I seem to get better at this, I just think about something and lines like these pop outta my head :P

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's ALL about Brand (Management)

Why I am writing this?
Because in less than two months, il be officially a Management student,so I am just getting into the mode :P
And there is a lotta hue and cry about facebook changing its layout.

And here's what I gotta SAY.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world (and when I say world you can imagine the amount of users I am talking about). 'Google it' in our answer to what ever we don't know, 'Facebook it' is ours, when we have to share stuff with people (photos,notes,messages etc).
Facobook's status today stands only after Google when it comes to the online business, now that's a big thing.

The applications on facebook are all user generated and they are free, has anyone pondered the fact why people put these applications for free on facebook, which they themselves have generated?
They don't get money outta it, its still Mark Zukerberg who makes all the cash.
He makes money by putting Advertisements on the sidebars, yes the ones we click.
Yes, facebook is free but we the users are the people who are instrumental in making it run, if there are no users, there would be no Ads hence no money for it to run.

Its a user driver site, the makers cash in on the fact that peple spend hours facebooking, and when people are addicted to a product (facebook), they can't change it without customer support . There is bound to be backlash. After all, we all feel connected to Facebook, its our mini-online home, isnt it!
I am sure if there are changes in my room which I don't like ill surely protest.

The layout is one of the most important aspects of a website, playing with it, without a good amount of market research and customer feedback is absolute foolishness. (Something which wasn't expected outta Facebook)

Last month I got an opportunity to interview Mr. Kiran Khalap (he heads Chlorophyll, the top most Brand Consultancy in the country) where he pointed out to me that today for a Company to be successful its very important that it sticks to its core values, because customers get attached to a brand and start relating to it. The word he used was OWNERSHIP, today customers own the brand. They are emotionally attached to it.
Any change in the product is bound to cause an impact.

Like with facebook, users own it, therefore no one has the right to disturb it.
And if they do they will loose their customers big time.

As for me, if they wont change the layout I am outta quit fb and a loota others like me will follow suit.
Then how in the world will they make money, one golden rule "Never mess with your Customers",
I hope something is done before it too late.

Remember the Old coke and New coke case.

I still got tons to write but a chapter on Bacterial amylase is calling me, the floor is open for a discussion.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"When you want something,
all the world conspires in helping you to achieve it"

~Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

This is one of my favorite quotes ever, and I hate the fact that OSO copied it, Farah Khan should have been sued for it.
Anyway it holds TRUE.
So True :)

P.S- Naah, I haven't had a break up infact I am not even hooked to have one :P
All that what iv written below, is my way of expressing emotions, I am not that expressive when it comes to emotions in real life and words are the way I express them. So the quotes which I call FOL(s)- Facts Of Life are somethings which I have derived from situations I have faced, sometimes may be a song or a book. That's about it.

And yes that follow up post on 'destiny' is gonna take some time, got my finals coming up and I need to get good grades else the B-School I managed to get through would kick me out :D

I am praying that they fix facebook, the new layout sucks :(

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some stories have a happy ending,

And some Don't

But every story leaves us with a Lesson.

Aditi Gupta is currently Up-beat!
(My facebook addiction is at its peak)

P.S- If u'v read my post on destiny below,I'v got the answers, it was all for the good. I'll be putting down the whole story in here soon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"it was the alcoholic heart all along"

Now I know,
Just let it goooo!


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Some songs have been there forever and u'v heard them before,
you stumble upon them again and get hooked.

Sacrifice - Elton John

Believe - Cher

It Must have been Love - OST Pretty Women

Lemme know about the songs you stumble upon.

P.S - Currently I am in between certain events, once I am done ill let you know what I exactly meant. I always find lessons and reasons from events taking place in my place but from a few, I just couldn't find any so I blamed "Destiny".

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Destiny haa...
I am a big fan of destiny, basically its my favorite word.
But sometimes some things happen whos reasons you can't find,
Was it destiny that I spent the last few days in hell,
Was it destiny that my hopes and dreams were fading away,
Was it destiny that made be completely lifeless,
Was it destiny that made me doubt myself and seem as a waste,
I was completely blank and walked as a ghost.
And now I get to know that it was all for nothing
It is destiny that,
What was happening wasn't right at the first place.

Well I guess it's destiny which has given me a second shot.

But who's responsible for all those days I spent not living.

Life can be a pain in the Ass, but its worth all the happy moments :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why does everything which you expect
Never Happens
And everything which you don't
Just Happens.

Why are some things,
worth nothing,
just Nothing.

Why do they even happen
if everything happens for a reason.
Why does some things have
No Reason
a Result

Anyway you gotta listen to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours.
I can't seem to get over this song and him :P
(its the Karaoke version)

Friday, February 6, 2009

When things get Bad, I get Mad
That's the only explanation,
I can give for my acts.

Let Me Be
I have to FACE it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Recession Talk

These days where ever you go, recession is the current flavor
you put on the news, job cuts is the news :O
apparently more than one lakh jobs are been cut world wide per day
now that's a staggering figure.
I am sure we all are aware of it.

So now lets try to find some light in these dark times called recession.
One thing positive that I can find in these times is that people will no longer take the beaten track and will look for other alternatives and when a lot of people get down on new roads there will be progress. Amidst the current situations there are several avenues mushrooming which were never heard off, for example in the book Hot ,Flat and Crowded; Thomas L. Friedman states that green technology is the answer and the benefits of it can only be realized now as cruel oil prizes are unaffordable.

It has lead people to take up unconventional roads and people are using their inherent talents to something outta it, I am sure not everybody would be knocking the door of a B-school any time soon.
This is just one example, every situation has good and bad we just have to find good in this current one.

As for me, its the first time I am ever facing a situation where I cant find my way in life, all I want from my life is to live off a laptop and a bagpack and go to a work place wearing my all stars . Lemme know where I can do that.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well its my birthday tomorrow, the 21!
iv never been high on birthdays,
and things have been real bad lately
im just not all happy n jumpie about it
but people around me are
they are (they so are)
and I guess till tomorrow
it will catch up with me too
and this birthday
just might be the thing to
lift my spirits up.

Anyway, I wont be having a big bash, ill just head to Candies for that awesome mud cake 'it can cure anything' and ill be counting down July 2 (my half birthday) :P that's when its gonna be my big fat 21st party :D

Though ill turn 21 tomorrow, I wonder when will I start acting as one
I hope that day comes soon.

btw some Wine for you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

About me :P

This question always choked me, but off late I can write essays on the same :P
Care to read :P

I am gonna turn 21 in less than a month (but that doesn't mean I behave like one, I was much matured and wiser at 14 than I am now), I am highly impatient and impulsive at time( I've done some stupid things owing to it). I cant stay, let alone stand at one place for long, I find it hard to hold my interest in things, but once I do; I get quickfixed to it :P. I am pretty social but at times I just like to keep to myself. I think a lot, so much that sometimes I just wonder that's wrong with me ??

At 5 feet, I practically have to strain my neck to look at tall people, but now I can say that I've lost all my baby fat and I can fit into my old cloths :D, though it sometimes sucks when I have to pick my shoes from the kids section (size 4). I am not fussy about dressing, it takes me 5 minutes to get ready, a tee and shorts and I am off. Though I am obsessed with converse All Stars (call it my weakness). I don't put make-up not even a lip gloss (believe it) and I often forget to put a Deo too :P

A few things I am quickfixed to are; Cricket, like 95% of Indian I worship the game (I call it my first Love), though I play all racket games quite well, I only follow World Cup football and its Brazil for me till my last breath. I've not missed watching the last 3 Olympics, I used to run 400m once upon a time. I've practically grown up on the play ground. Coming back to Cricket I've been keeping records of all the games India plays since I was 9 or 10, I cried when India was knocked of in the 2007 WC and the T-20 victory was one of the my most memorable moments (I can go on and on about Cricket, Later)

Writing, I donno how it came to me, it's one thing I am always gona stick too,I agree I am not the best but its one thing I am good at, blogging is another thing which I can't do without. Its an extension of me :)

Books, I wish I could read all day, I plan to write my own one day ( and il coax u guys to buy it :P ) I've read a hundred of Hardy Boys ( Franklin W. Dixon Rocks), I can read anything ranging from Fiction to self help. (my book list is way too long) all I need is a good book and I can survive anywhere.

Then comes Biology, (I am majoring in Life sciences) my quest for finding all the answers has come a long way, plus I love ecology (ask me anything and I'l tell you more)

World affairs are something which I absolutely love to know (different cultures, different stuff) and I plan to visit as many as my pay cheque can afford :P

Music is one thing I can't do without, I consider myself as a Pop head but I love metal, basically whatever sounds good to me is Music to me. My favorite song is "Take me to your heart" - MLTR, my day starts with "Nothing else Matters" - Metallica.
I cant sing nor can I play a guitar, but I can write some lyrics.

The social causes I support are adoption of kids and foster care and of course world peace ( I am not going to sit around and just write about it, I will make a difference) and I hope I make this earth a peaceful place before my remains are mix with the soil and microbes get to nibble on them :P

Now a few miscellaneous things, I absolutely hates Mobile phones (my mobile is on the vibrator since the past 6 months) and I never pick my phone and sometimes I reply to an SMS after a week. I always wear a wacky look on my face, my spces come in handy to hide it when and wherever required. My friend have endless names for me but I like to be called 'Aditi'. i laugh a lot, so much that something my stomach sramps up. I currently have 2 jobs but I guess soon I am gonna loose them both :P (is anybody listening ?? ).
I love to dance and I specialize in the Jangli catagory.

And how can I forget my love for Extra terrestrial and everything super natural,I even want my guy to be like the half Alien, half human hybrid Max Evans in Roswell and Matt Dallas 'Kyle XY' :P :P (Yes, I am silly)

(opps I better dose off, gona get up at 6 tomorrow, to be continued )

I am just differnt from all the abnormal people around, normalcy is not a word in my dictionary :P

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This time around I ain't feeling ''New Yeareee'', one of the years which I am completely clueless about. I've always been a person who always keeps tabs of things going around in the world; world politics and sports. But I just realized that I'd lost my grip of them the past year, I got way to involved with myself that at the end of the year I found myself not knowing stuff.
Now I need to get back on track.

1st January, a bomb went of in Guwahati,
2nd Sri Lankan Army storms in against LTTE.
The Middle East crisis intensifies,
there is just no stop to the killing.

What Next ?

I say my life sucks, well there are scores of people out in the world today who don't even have a chance to say this.