Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Freedom!

It seems that the world over a "freedom movement" is taking place. The generation of boomers have finally taken charge of their destiny. Stuck in place where they can't live under the shadows of their elders nor can they be as confused as their younger generations, the boomers have taken upon themselves to live the rest of their life enjoying independence and liberty.

The intrinsic need of a person is "expression of his individualism", and with mass media and internet playing the music of freedom, liberty and anti - establishment at full blast its very hard for the oppressed not to wonder. The Egyptian got rid of a corrupt establishment and will soon enjoy a democratic leadership which will allow for the first time the individual to rise in the country.

We the so called Generation X born and brought up in a democratic, secular and tolerant country sometimes take the freedom given to us for granted. Since birth we are not the slaves of royalty nor the followers of a community leader. We were groomed with formal education not is religious textures. The world is an oyster to us rather than a mine field. We made decisions because its us who want to do it, we don't follow some mislead people.

This is the true power of our generation, this is want our ancestors fought for. Freedom is when I express myself here without any inhibitions about my words.