Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad Mood

''OUR mood should not rule ,we should rule our mood ''-ROBIN SHARAMA

This line is very true, but often this is not the case, our mood takes the better of us for the worse, we have fights , we say bad things to the people;we are close to, and blame it all on our mood.
In fact something happened with me today which prompted me to write this post, apparently I was in a ''bad mood'' today, and that really made me very irritated and dull ''my mood took the best of me and turned me into some kinda stupid girl'',LOL
I am sure I disappointed my friends today at some level but I just couldn't help it .
I am learning to improve on this one , BTW I am a very slow learner. LOL


Ajan said...

:) how true!
I control my temper generally..umm...for 10 or so passes away most o the time.. ;) thats the secret o my naughty grin..hehehehe!

Never heard of the line of Robin Sharma b4 rey..its gud..!

Express said...

ah...well after a bad patch of mood, remmbering dat u were rude 2 sum1 and apologizing is 1 thing i really ve started to appreciate...
I used 2 take it 4 granted that the other person would understand that i was in a bad mood...but 1s 1 of my very good friends did the same, and then, she apologized! only strengthens the bonds of friendship!

ive learnt my lesson...just realised...i learn pretty fast! :D

abhi said...

very true .. with the fast on going liefesyle .. things are like abc ..****....+++====12zxywv.... --++...... conusion all stuffs arises .. whihc means that .... u can further see that v r differntaitin our thinkin abilities for different scene that v face ..... which itself is a challenging task maintainin a positive outcome .. so then .. truly said by AJAN .. close ur eyes smile .. count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... n it workds .. n infact u will feel in a diff world .. n u may also feel as if ur small .. but then coz of that feelin of bein small it gives a positive bounce back for a better platform ..... in the i wud say NO MISTAKES MEANS ANIMALS AND EVEN A SNIGLE MISTAKE OR MORE MEANS MAN ;) ;) ;) ... so u got to choose any 1 :-p ;)