Monday, November 24, 2008

Guilt is colored GREY

What you give,
is what YOU get.

Karm karo, fal ki isscha mat karo
Zeewan ke rah par chalte chalo


Prakhar said...

thoda change...

Karm karo..fal ki isscha bhi karo (uske bina karm adhoora hai) ..lekin fal ki chinta na karo! :)

Guilt is truly truly grey...

Last post is really beautiful! :)

pj said...

hmm...true but its difficult isn't it?

btw some1 seems to be in a deep pensive mood!

nice poem btw:)

Soham Chakraborty said...

ohh finallly I can comment on this post.. !!! hua kya hain tereko.. bahut poems likh rahi hain ..? last poem was very nice indeed ... !!!! and i watched dostana too.. Its good :P..