Saturday, January 3, 2009

This time around I ain't feeling ''New Yeareee'', one of the years which I am completely clueless about. I've always been a person who always keeps tabs of things going around in the world; world politics and sports. But I just realized that I'd lost my grip of them the past year, I got way to involved with myself that at the end of the year I found myself not knowing stuff.
Now I need to get back on track.

1st January, a bomb went of in Guwahati,
2nd Sri Lankan Army storms in against LTTE.
The Middle East crisis intensifies,
there is just no stop to the killing.

What Next ?

I say my life sucks, well there are scores of people out in the world today who don't even have a chance to say this.


pj said...

hmm...u know,i always used to do that...keepin a track of things and then mull over them and then end up ruining my life!...
its good to know things happenin around you but ther's nothin wrong in forgetting abt it so tat u devote time to ur life.

Earlier i used to force myself to keep a track of everything that happened even when i dint feel like.But there's no point in doin something just for the heck of it right?

And c'mon its a brand new year!...i am sure there are a whole lot of good things to look forward to!...isnt it!??


Soham Chakraborty said...

arey seriously mujhe bhi is baar nahi laga new yearii..feel hi nahi aa rahi .. not at all excited ... actually excited to dur .. no emotions only .. :P .. ajeeb hain..

piro nun chiyaa said...

aye de year we almost had de world falling apart! n dis thing doesnt seem to ve an end anywhere near! bt refraining a song ''a million tears make an ocean for for truth...for for me n one for you''! n lets just be wishful ab't a better tomorrow :)

n its gud to be back here at ur blog :P

Peenuts said...

The last line was too well sometimes sucks..but then..its up to make it better..all the best..and a happy new year

@nsh....!! said...

well ..
i dont know why we all feel so much about such things.......
as the only problem with us is that we do not value "life"...!!
which i guess is everything.....