Thursday, June 4, 2009

Starry eyes and the Road

Here I am - on the road again
There I am - up on the stage
Here I go - playing star again
There I go - turn the page

When there is nothing else
there is Metallica
If I say Cricket is my first love,
you guys come in a close second.

Thanks a ton for being there!


pj said...

yea, music can lift your spirit anytime!

deluded said...

thank you so much!

I didnt know 'we the readers' meant so much to you!

oh. wait.

you were talking about metallica.


AG said...

well im thankful to everybody who reads me
atleast they do!
thnk u for that

Express said...

Yes, metallica, one of the 1st loves, definitely yes.

We have a tallica song 4 every occasion, their music flows in our blood, their lyric is the words of our tongue..

Metallica it IS!