Monday, October 25, 2010

Free of Judgement

Its disappointing when you are judged by your actions rather than your Work.

Its even more disappointing when your actions are judged on the behest of care and concern. As a strong,independent,free willed person its easy for me to take in everything and just brush it off labeling it as kiddish and stupidity, but its hearting to see some close ones take a hard hit due to the same.

There is a thin line between the good, bad and the ugly and moments like these teach us lessons which help us determine them. Symbols emerge and patterns are drawn for us, to record history. The kind of history which tells us how to deal with certain kind in the future.

We live in a Collective society where decision are made by communities but then I think individualism is something which comes to us intrinsically, we have grown up with it, ours is the generation which has the advantage of freedom of expression and we shall stand and show us, our worth to the unworthy.

So with a very heavy heart and no expression, all I say is certain things are just not worth it. Make your self worthy and show your worth to the ones who see you for your work rather than who you lead you life. Life is too short for the unworthy and you meet hundreds of people during your life time. Some stick, spread smiles and laughter, the others fade away leaving us with lessons.

On my Mind Aerosimth - Amazing
A small addition to this post.
About a year back I read this statement "People don't change, they become more of themselves". And every time I go through complex out pour of human emotions, I remember this sentence and smile (Life moves on even if it's at a snail's pace)


Anonymous said...

This was lovely.....
I mean you jus made the entire situation sound as if there was nothing wrong at all.....
I love u sweetheart n i guess this is wat makees us click..
I used 2 always wonder as 2 how r v such gud frnds n i hav finally got my answer 2day after long 16 months of being 2gether...
Thanx for writin this for me...n d next time i hope 2 be better !!

AG said...

I might sometimes come as emotional empty but you make my Human list :P :P

These words are dedicated to you.

adhishg said...

i coudnt relate a lot.. personally to all of it..but i could sense where its coming from... im a liviing example of being judged and getting upset..the ones that matter claw back into you life..the rest just fade away... :)