Saturday, May 21, 2011


Everyday I walk into the office, I get more and more convinced that this is not the place I ever wanna be. Talk of making wrong decisions and destiny playing a bad joke on me. Well after I'm part of a rat race which all my life I tried avoiding.
There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you don't recognize yourself (clich├ęd) but thats a situation I face everyday.
I was supposed to work in a funky place where ideas would flow and I would use my creativity and spread some aditi-isms but here I am stuck in a pressure cooker where people are stuck to staring at their screens and decreasing their grey cells by constant use of phones (thats exactly what I do all day), its just a lucky Saturday that I can even get myself to write this piece.
Its just hard for me to believe ill be doing this for the next full year.
Where is the place where they say "Do something which you like, then you'll never have to work again" why didn't anybody tell me that this statement is such a oxymoron.
I still can't believe I'm a banker :P


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PJ said...

hmmm...I know how it feels. I feel I should have been somewhere else(I am still trying to figure out where!!).Everyday I work in a cubicle and force myself to code!(something I am paid for) I like it sometimes and sometimes I don't.Its like someone inside me keeps telling me this is not where I should be!

But then I realize I am still alive to go ahead and do what I always wanted to do! Its never too late...:)