Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some things remain constant!

There comes a point in you life when you loose yourself, you don't feel yourself in your own skin, you life completely changes, the people around you change.
The world seems a different place.

At times like these you realize some the constants in your life.
Some old friends
The taste of homemade food
The calmness of your own room
The classics on your oldest iPod
A day without phone calls
and some words on your blog
and of course A cricket match!
PURE Bliss....

Such situations in life gives you an opportunity to reinvent your self and restore some tranquility in a chaotic environment.


Express said...


true that! they say change is inevitable.. but things that make us what we are, they never change :)

Anonymous said...

True ! Even the taste of 5 Star,the chocolate is one of such things :P I concur with what you have said here :)

You should write more often, if possible that is !

sigit hermawan said...

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