Thursday, June 7, 2007

What exactly is getting bored???

I have been using this word from the past 3 months ''since 15Th of march,when my holidays started, I am getting bored, I am getting bored ,I am getting bored .
And now i am a bit tired of getting bored.
All that I have been going these holidays is checking out orkut ,sleeping ,eating and sleeping, plus saying I am bored.
Well before the holidays started I had all these amazing plans about reading lots of books and writing like crazy,but my holidays are going to end ,and i haven't done any of these things i had planned for.
Just wasted my entire holidays, sob sob sob
SO coming back to my original question ,if was that bored all these days ,i should have done something, nahh the lazy me ended doing nothing.
OHHH god when am I gonna learn from my mistakes ???


Express said...

vacations r meant to b wasted i guess its okay if u did nuttin apart from having funn...
and after dat busy 1st yr..v did deserve a break!

So alls well that ends well....but da vacation just dont seem to end!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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karen said...

hey aditi,
i think u r relieved that colg has finally started, anyways , luv yr blog , i m goin thru exactly what u hv described so beautifully !!! I M TIRED OF SAYING I M BORED , lol
rock on gal
keep up d gud job
n btw if u r bored ,then dont forget to check out my blog :)