Friday, June 29, 2007

Alone in a Crowd

1 out of every 5 people , hmmmm naah I guess 4 out of 5 people or may be 5 out of 5 people would agree to this statement'' ABOUT FEELING ALONE IN THE CROWD '',in fact if you ask me ,ill say yes. But this feeling varies from person to person, for some it depends on the mood for others its a sense of being reserved and cut-off from the rest of the world.

In fact I feel this way the most when I am surrounded by tons of people, regardless of the fact weather I know them or not. It's like I am siting,listening and saying things with which I have no connection with or in other words '' i'm just cut-off or rather just not into what I am doing in that moment ,I am just in some other world''

One more thing I always find myself in a corner or rather pick a space like a corner''where I am away from the eyes of the rest'' ,hmmm cuaz may be I just wana be left to myself away from this world hahaha,though I have nothing against this world.LOL
Well Ajan left a comment ,which prompted me to write add something more to this post
yaah well I do too nod my head and give smiles on regular intervals even when I am not listening. LOL
And at moment of time I am thinking about something which I wouldn't have thought about even if I was free ,the only conclusion to this that I can make out is that,at that time being with friends in that free and non-stressful environment gives us an exit from all the pressures ans stress which we are facing in our lives and we just think about things which make us happy or simply which are of certain significance to us.

So I guess feeling this way is not that bad after all if it makes us forget about certain things in life and just makes us HAPPY.

'I know sounds a bit crazy but yes I do feel this ''strange way'' .' LOL


Ajan said...

Depends on the mood rey..
I mean, even if I'm among my best friends I sometimes feel lonely..expressions dont show o'course...v jus nod our head or smile in intervals..hehe!
happens sometimes..!!

Shamur said...


Ankit said...

Thats some really good insight into human behavior. I once read that sitting in the corner or leaning against the wall are all classic signs of an ego-defensive personality. Is that correct? Feeling alone in the crowd on the other hand is a case of identity crisis. Our strange brain is wired to sense the general trends, but gets confused easily when there are too many of them, hence the feeling. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the references to these facts. Will search and update ya.

PS: Nice post. Reader count +1 :)

abhi said...

lolzzz ummm .. well that how iam most of the time lolzzz .. since childhood ... lately have changed to some xtent ... but being lonly ... makes u more understanin urself better .... it gives u a slef understni realiastion better ..... though not good always coz then that means v r not being HUMAN ... or wt so called HUMANITY ....... it varies from person to person .... it is like being lonley is fine to an xtent when it is equired coz u feel like n it also does give a better reponse for the futue times if v pplz know how to IMPLEMENT LONLEY ... but being ALONE ... no way not a good sign ... after all both end up being the same meaning but hav different implementation ... LONELY Vs ALONE .... lolz ;)....