Sunday, August 5, 2007


Its often said that ''WE can't choose our parents,but we can choose our Friends''.
I have put this picture because the entire cast of Friends depict ''friends'' for all of us.I am sure we can figure out the Joey'es and the Chandler'es among our friends.
Well having friends around is always a pleasure ,life gets a bit easy to bear when they are around. I don't wanna get all poetic here and blabber ''they pick us up when we are down blah blah blah ,'' because we all know what friends do.
As I have stayed in a lot of places, I also made many many friends ,some were the so called ''close once'' and some were not. And when we part we often make promises to keep in touch ,but somehow as life goes on we tend to forget about them.It so happens that we strike a cord with friends whom we never knew even existed before and feel millions miles away,from the best of friends.
Recently I met a friend of mine ,who was my classmate in the 5Th standard ''though 7 years had passed since I had last seen him,we just started off from where we had left'' and on the other hand I cannot relate to, some of my best friends, they just seem to be millions miles away.
I guess that's what,LIFE is all about.
Human relations are complex, and would remain a mystery to all of us.


manojvasanth said...

Perfect!! Specially the last line :)

Ajan said...

hmmm!! thats there...but to find some answers..simple ones...v make big reasons... ;)

NEHA CHANDOK!!!!! said...

awesome....true that sometimes ur best frnd seems the farthest and a stranger seems to know u all...but holding on is sometime thats needed...

Maverick said...

that's my favorite TV show ever. apart from the comedy, u really learn how to keep a friendship. Its probably very easy to make friends but tough to keep them. They will be friends for us, forever.