Sunday, August 5, 2007

Something about the rains.....

From the past few days,I had been sad and dull ''dono why exactly ,but just was''.I really tired getting out of it,but was stuck to it .
But the rains had other plans for me ,it rained ''cars and dogs '' for 3 hours and and and owing to the amazingly bad drainage system of Mumbai, there was knee deep water around college,the trains had stopped ,in short everything was stand still.
And that called for THE celebration time , me and my friends were literally jumping with joy ''cuaz we were stuck in college'' LOL .
The party began with the traditional water bath, and ended with drowning each other. LOL
A few more things happened too,'' its better not to mention them'' LOL
At the end of it all, my sadness and dullness was all washed away ,and that's what matters at the end.


nikhil said...

its been a year of floods .... everywhere in the country there has been something or the other ...its something abt the rains that makes us want them and then curse them .... and mumbai looks so clean in the rains ....though this year its looking even more awful with slums everywhere

Ajan said...

Nice na..rains.. 1st bad thing abt being at homw wen it rains hav a mom screamin at you.."come inside you gandha bacha..or ul catch cold..."..sheesh!.. sumhw i manage to cool her down sayin that she too danced in rain wen she was kid..(guess it made her think abt her mom screamin at her..hehhe)..
but get all hot hot stuff to eat wen ur in house wen it rain

Anurag said...

interesting....the way things are...even a thing as simple as rain...i mean i never look at rain that is always melancholic to me...