Sunday, December 30, 2007

40 days w/o blogging

WARNING - This might be a long and boring read, cause I am still coming to terms with the fact that I survived this long.The following is an account of the major events that took place in these days.

I am a self-confessed Internet addict, Internet is like my lifeline but owing to some unavoidable circumstances I had to stay w/o the net for 40 agonising days. The first few days were a nightmare but some how I got busy with work at college so managed to surpass 40 days 'yaah I really did'. LoLZZ

Firstly, I'd like to thank all the God who roamed the face of the earth for bringing Vishnu back,''btw he's the guy who sells TEA near my college'',and calling that cup of tea, tea is an understatement.'I so mean it'.That's the reason we survive the agony of lectures, and for once in the practicals our eyes are open, each break means Vishnu.Vishnu's like saves the day for us. LoL
btw I am really not a fan of tea, in fact I don't even have tea at home,its just Vishnu's tea,no wonder why people call it Heaven.
So now with Vishnu's tea, we were all geared up to conduct our annual Life Science Dept. fest called 'SYNAPSE', the preparations were on since a long time, but at the last moment thousands of things erupted,nomatter how hard and bullet proff the planning was. But the show was a success , I personally had a lovely time being the host ,learnt a lot about planning and execution of events. Had a great time.

Moving on to the College Sports day, I didn't run this time 'got plain lazy', I know shame on me.
That's not the end,the best is yet to come AAROHAN an intercollegiate fest which our college hosts returned after 13 years,this time is was just electric the highlights of it was the Rock Band elims on the first day'the winner would go into the 2ND round of Channel V Launch Pad', the entire show rocked,the crowds enjoyed every bit. The 2nd day couldn't have been better, YAVU, SCEPTRE, DEMONIC RESURRECTION, NECROSIS brought down the house, the crown went frantic,I too had a stiff neck owing to all the head banging.Really had fun that day. The music just took me to a HIGH.

BTW I was volunteering for Security'though I was a complete misfit for it' LoLzz.
Then came 3 days of UTSAV 'the intra college fest',danced my feet out, the last dance was for the third year students who had tears in their eyes. 'I guess I might be in the same position next year'.
And yes 5 days of Security for a person like me was hectic,never again am I ever going to do it.
Enough of dancing, I deserve a goodnight sleep this new year so that I can start a fresh with lots of energy and focus to reach my dreams.


The Tentacles of Thought said... u wat...check out my post The Solitary weeper.Its about i had to live without Internet for HALF A DAY.i guess im a much bigger addict than u r.Moreover the gig review is dun but i am nt able to put the pics since they r too large nd are gettng cut.:-( wil hv to do without the pics....nd u knw anuja?she was in my college b4...nd keep me informd abt future gigs plzzz.

Vinni said...

i was wondering where u were all this while!

The Tentacles of Thought said...

By any chance did u pose with the necrosis band members in a red tee? Cuz in aniruddhz (necro vocalist) there is a photo of a gurl calld aditi posing wid them!!

The Tentacles of Thought said...
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The Tentacles of Thought said...
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d SINNER!!! said...

:D happy new year!
have fun!

matty said...

well 40 days w/o blogging and net..i would chose to hang myself instead..
but still u survived..
amd yeah it's good that u had lot of fests to keep urself busy..

well u seem to be enjoying a lot..