Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shock N Disbelieve - The world has lost a Leader

The news of her death came in 2 days back, and I was dumb stuck with disbelief and shock. She was one person who could bring some sense of normalcy in Pakistan. And with her death that hope is also buried.
I have seen many of her interviews and she came across to me, as a true leader who had a vision and plan for her country, who really wanted to bring a chance ,who felt for the people of Pakistan and was committed to fight the terrorists head on.
But with her death the crisis in Pakistan have just reached a threshold and could escalate any moment bringing India's safety into trouble. Pakistan has become a state of utter chaos and clutter where religious extremism breads ,its the 21st century ,the world is moving forward and I see Pakistan go back into the darkness of terror and disorientation.
It disturbs me a great deal to see all this cause the effect of this turmoil will soon be left in India with the terrorist groups getting stronger day after day.

May god rest her soul.

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The Raconteur... said...

Indeed, this act needs to be condemned. But this is nothing new in Pakistan. Although we do need to worry about the growing fundamentalism... looking froward to reading more...