Monday, February 25, 2008

All that

I thought I wouldn't blog till I am done with my exams but just couldn't resist, lots has happened and I just gotta blog about them.

For starters, Manchester United slaughtered Arsenal by 4-0 ,my fingers are crossed EPL for Man U.

The IPL auctions took place, man!! money money everywhere , I don't know how its gonna effect Cricket so just waiting for it start.
I am supporting Mohali ' that's my home team', plus it has the likes of Yuvraj Singh, Brett Lee, Shreeshant:),Irfan Pathan .

Plus elections in Pakistan took place, thank god the regime of Musharaz ended, and I hope Pakistan sees the light of the day.They need to tackle with poverty and illiteracy which is breeding the seeds of terrorism in the country.

These are a few stick notes on which I will be writing soon:)

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