Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cold Wave

I just hate winters
The chilly morning,
The laziness in getting out of that quilt,
The cold winds,
and about everything which the winter season brings with it.

This is coming from a person like me, who has lived for 17 years in the North(New Delhi,Chandigarh,Suratgarh). Been there,survived it

I remember given my 10th pre-boards with my hands shivering, wearing 4-5 layers of clothing then also feeling cold, my fingers used to turn blue due the same.
Those were bad days and I thought I had escaped them, when I came to Mumbai ''infact one of the biggest reason I agreed to come here leaving Delhi was to escape the cold there''.
This is my 3rd year in Mumbai, and finally the cold wave has followed be here, its the month of February and the chill is still there in the air.
I am so not loving it :(:(

I guess its due Global warming and its time we get up and take notice of it before its starts snowing in Mumbai.


ManojVasanth said...

True..We should do something on Global Warming Problem..But questions are like, From where should we start? Are we really bothered about these things? What are we doing to prevent ourselves from further damage?.

"batti bandh" in mumbai was good start.But not sure how successful was that. Even Media is now busy covering stupid things around! Cant help.Its the time to understand each ones responsibilty towards the place where we are living happily :)

gunj said...

ive been in delhi eva since i was born :P 22 yrz nw...n i still hate d winterz
i always long to see d sun
summerz here r no bettr but i like d spring n d autumn here!
lovely it is!!
global waring is begining to scare me nw!
its chilly here today!

gunj said...
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Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ manoj
I agree media is after petty things is not focusing on thsi issue which really has to be bought into limelight .
Its up to us to make a change and I hope we find soem solutions before its too late:(

Iv stayed in delhi for 4 years and every year all I wished for is when is this season gonna end so that I can get out f the quilt,
as per summer its my favourate season love it, and I really dont mind the extremely hot summer too:)
same here global warming already gives me sleepless nights .

I would suggest you two to watch a documentory film called AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH by Al Gore which would give you a better insight into the matter


Artster said...

Thanks for commenting on my post.

I thought global warming worked the other way around - it warmed the earth? :D

Around here, we have an average temperature of -10 degrees celsius in winters - I love the cold


Alok said...

I really hate winters, because I hate being cold. I love summers.
Scientifically, being cold is having lesser energy. And I hate energy being extracted from me so mercilessly. It's seriously irritating.
Have you ever been to a forest or a wild reserve? this cold reminds me of the climate in there... Maybe that's why I hate it lesser this time.

Your 10th std. reminisces remind me of my 10th standard exams, when I was in Jabalpur (temps around 5-6 celsius) , waking up at 4:00 Am with blankets wrapped around me, studying in candlelight (due to load-shedding in MP at that time).......

I'm not sure about global warming though.. it's a very serious issue and the only solution that comes to my mind is to stop using electricity, vehicles, etc.. the situation is that serious. Maybe there are better solutions and less scarier. Who knows?

P.S. Are you sure it's global warming? or did the cold just follow you to Mumbai? :D

maverick said...

n its so freaking hot here..i love the winters..i love being in del in winters..eating ice creams..getting up in the mornings..n takin a walk in the fog...damn i miss all tht :)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ artster
the cold wave is a by product of global warming cz it results from altered patterns of wind.
such drastic climate changes are all the il effects of global warming.

gr88!! enjoy ur winters and take some degrees from here too LOL

@ alok
I guess top using electricity dont be a viable idea, its too drastic n practically not possible but we can design vehicles who emit less harmful gases n regulate the industries who do the same.
i completely agree with u, winters does make u lazy n inactive atleast makes me completely static lol.
wtever it is global warming or the cold following me i want it to get over as soon as possible :)

@ maverick
kudos to you for bearin n enjoyin that cold
i wish i could trade places with ya:)


Alok said...

I'm not sure that regulation is a solution to the problem. Surely, it'll reduce the rate at which it's happening or it might even stop it temporarily, but then there will be a time when the human population would have increased to such proportions that it will start all over again...

Will we be able to find a way to harness energy safely? I don't know.

I know that I sound too radical when I say that we must stop using electricity and vehicles, but I feel that is the only way we can stop the exponential rate at which the temperature's rising.

Can we find a solution before it's too late? Should we depend on this solution's arrival? The problem might go out of hand before we know how to deal with it.

Anyways, don't you feel that we're overusing vehicles and electricity?

d SINNER!!! said...

lived in chd frst nw in simla...

i like chill until i can stay in my quilt all day have gt used to it nw...ur right..globl warmin is takin a toll..

MV is right ant media bcmin senseless nd nonsensical...

nd yep, i have gvm most of my examz..(10, 12, frst yr, scnd n thrd yr's houses) like that,...stne cold hands which refuse t write n think it wud be d same situation 4 final college exams ....

Reeta Skeeter said...

I just love Delhi winters... The fog is sooo awesome!!

Gonecase said...

Oh I love winters and am missing them so much here !
But strange it is that global warming is making weather colder, shouldn't it be global cooling :P

manisha said...

oh!!!me lives in mumbai...nd dunno i wrotea post in my blog hw much i lovvveeee winter!!! :)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ alok
I totally agree with you on the overuse of electricity n vehicles but the fact remains that we cant do w/o them.
we just cant stop using just like that, the use can be minimzed but not stopped.
for one can u imagine ur life w/o electricity ???
I guess alternative fules are a way to go forward
I hope we coem out with a solution sooon.

@ d sinner
kudos to you gal for suviving such cold condtions in shimla.
id be ice till now if i had been in ur place LOL

@ reeta
enjy winters:)

@ gonecase
enjoy winters !!!
and as per golal warming is concerned ,such drastic climate changes are a by product of the same .

@ manisha
u must be enjyin now right :)


Vinod R Iyer said...

Love the winters :D ...Hope it does snow sometime in Pune atleast if not mum :)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ vinod
I hope the cold wave moves to Pune and it snows there lolzz


Anonymous said...

hmmm...& its the same here in Calcutta too...We are having a long spell of cold winters in decades...We are still in our woolens now, whereas earlier years by now we had to switch on the fans....winter at its best!

Express said...

well, i prefer winters to summers. Actually ive never been to the north in winters, and i love ideal mumbai winters.

Traveling early morning is such a pain. Owing to our standing-at-the-doors-of-local-trains habit; and im just so bad in wearing multiple layers of clothes, I hate sweaters :( Well, hopefully it shall soon be gone.

P.S. Ive seen the inconvenient truth. Must watch.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ Kalyan
this is a global phenomenun, the weather has had some dratic changes dono wts exaclty d cuase.

@ Express
Enjoy the weather gal:)

Express said...

reply on comments on my blog:

ur take on the topic is damn cool..n yea, my 10th boards/prelims weren't freezing...opps i just forgot, i wasnt in north india :P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ express
thank god those days r over


mayz said...

how can someone not like winters???

i have stayed in hill stations first 18 yrs of my life...from shillong to kashmir...n i want more of it...n delhi winters rock...i mean comeon u can binge n binge on good food without d fear of gettin fat :P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ mayz
I just dont this them ,they make me lazy n inactive which so sucks
hey tried openin ur blog
cdnt go past the home page