Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Update !!!

This post has no head or tail, just a string of few words put together in a state of complete blankness.

'I am not gonna bore you about Barack Obama's election campaign here' :P
Well when life gets really monotonous and becomes a cycle of vicious events , that time you need to bring a 'Change'.
Just break free, stop doing the same old things, change your path for some time.

Well I for one, was really bored of doing the same things over and over again, same lectures, some practicals, same train, same everything.
So I just bunked :P, did everything else but not the same old stuff for a week. It has really bought a refreshing change.
Change it is, when your gloomy and dark, try giving your taste buds some chocolate, I am sure you'll be outta it for sometime 'even a pack of chips would do, does for me' :P

Coming back to the break free mode, do somethings crazy and wacky, take risks break some rules, go wild and the next day u'l be back to normal with a renewed enthusiasm and energy. Try it, worked for me. :P

Of late I am getting a lotta slack all thanks to my '2 second memory' 'Yup,its true', from getting fired in class to screaming friends who's birthdays I forgot :P
Iv called by friend, talked to him and not wished him :P
Wished my Cousin bro a day earlier :P
And I dono the date of another friend's birthday which is due this month :P
This is nothing, Iv done worst :P
For one, I am a person who is really not high on birthdays, in fact I call my good friends to wish me on mine :P , they do the same when its their :P .
So if I forgot to wish you 'which I am sure I will, please lemme know :P '

As I am in the bunking mode these days, a loota my friends have joined in the same :Pand of late the "Adda" has become a mini parliament where tempers run high on the current Nuke deal, as everybody stands firm on their position and are out to refute the other :P . These arguments lasts for hours and tea saves the day 'a welcome break', plus a lotta illegal activities are being carried out on the "Adda" :P , its so much fun :P

Next week seems to be crucial, got a few things important coming up.
And have to think of a good excuse when my name features in the defaulters list for the second time :P

Listened to the radio today after almost 2 years, My ipod has packed up :( ,same old boring crap, all the channels playing the same set of songs, I wish there was a channel playing Metallica all day :D
These Radio Channels really need to get a life !!!

Some of my friends got their dream jobs, gives me hope that one day its gonna be my turn too.

I feel like throwing my Cell phone in a bucket of water 'yes, I hate cell phones', you're connected to people always :X,
I never pick up calls and get blasted later for doing so :X and the anxiety of expecting a call kills me :X

P.S - I am cumulating all the facts over the N-deal, will be putting forward the stands of both the sides soon.


Anindita said...

You put up a pretty impressive post when you meant to do was string in a few words! :P

Cheers. ^^

Nits said...

ahaan nuke deal..
we class mates had hell lot of time discussing actually debating it! ;-)
and about birthdays...i am with you girl, its the same case with me! lol!

Express said...


d u even forget that u HAVE already wished? u wished me like 100 times :-P not an issue..

Yes, nxt week is crucial. very. Good luck wit umang :-)
yes, radio sucks.
and Metallica rocks \m/

Love u!

d SINNER!!! said...

hmmm...agreed it was all random..

pj said...

hey good idea...i am so gonna try it...will c if it works....:D

Pranay said...

Aaaaahh the college life. So damn miss it!
I m not too big on birthdays too...:)
will be looking forward to that nuke deal post...

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

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gunj said...

same pinch same pinch!!

Anonymous said...

" I wish there was a channel playing Metallica all day :D
These Radio Channels really need to get a life !!! " I wasting my life hoping for such a change too???:P

ah..n the nuke deal....brr...kinda makes me wanna doze of again!!!..zZz

since our stupid counselling iis still going'll take one more month for me to kinda begin my college no comments on bunking n stuff...will do that after that short 1st sem... :|

and oh...I kinda wanna tag you with that "Why I blog" savvy sis???

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

surely il take it up
would gime a chance to get my rusted brain working:P

Anonymous said...

I hate my cellphone too.

Anonymous said...

kaha hai ?