Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Guest Blogger : Express :P

Jiggy’s special!

Doing a post for Aditi came as a pleasant surprise! Now our dearest is suffering from ahem “writer’s block” and wants me to do this post for her. While I secretly know that Jiggs is one of the most laziest ones around and this is another of her banahas to not work, but this might just turn out to be fun. So today when Mumbai is submerged in water and college has declared a holiday, I sit cozy at home and complete this impending post :-P This one is gonna be about us, me i.e. Express aka Shatabdi aka Kabul Express and Aditi aka Jiggs aka Fundoo, and the thing that binds the both of us together [apart from blogger], Ruia college :-)

Joining Ruia was a turning point in my life, as I am sure it was for many Ruiates. Ruia is one of its type. I don’t think too many people who’ve not been to Ruia will be able to relate to it, but then, we are addicted to that place, this is the case for us. So addicted that we ‘miss’ college on Sundays [miss college and strictly not lectures :-P]. The best thing I like about Ruia is that which-ever kind you are [eg. nerd, brat, fun-loving, sincere, hard-working etc etc.], you find your kinda people there :-P

Life is good within and around the walls of Ruia……..

Apni laid-back lives,

carefree majja-masti,

not getting bored of the typical hang-outs,

wohi Vishnu ki chai [teri coffee],

wohi Gulshan mein ban-maska/ keema pav,

wohi DPs ka dinn mein atleast ek chakkar,

woh Mondays ko-hi Mani’s [Mondays closed] yaad aana,

wohi “quadrangle mein mil”

Teri ultra-stupid msgs,

Canteen mein gup-shup,

Blogger-world k saare updates!

Endless talks about Metallica and F.R.I.E.N.D.S and BSB and bitching about all possible people!

Subah late-wali train mein milna,

Reading hall mein padhne baithna, aur padhai chhodke baki sab-kuch karna,

Exam k baad k utre hu-e chehre,

Results k baad ka celebration,


Sublime Sounds!!!

I am gonna miss you so much gal! sob sob…

Guess this can wait for another year :-P So coming back to both of us………….

I remember that we got introduced in First year Microbiology lecture; one of the disaster lectures by your favorite Prof. P .Remainder of our tenure with the micro department in the lectures was spent grinning around the entire class to each other and thinking of methods of passing time. That man really got to your nerves, didn’t he? Well, I still continue to respect him, for his ideas and ideals of-course. Baki non-sense toh hamesha were a constant source of entertainment. He couldn’t stop abusing us, we couldn’t stop abusing him. You even had him in practical! Ha ha, I was lot more lucky, Vora sir, total tp!

Obviously you gave up Microbiology and took Life-Sciences for Second year. Good for your management plans. I canalized my energies into the subject of my choice, Biochemistry. But we had a common chord again, the grand our very own locker no. 39! We shared it, just kept journals in there, but none of us actually used it. Oh no! Your old bag was dumped in there all year long! LOL! Both of us lost the key! The bacha hua extra key is all crooked, thanks to all the force exertion :-P Now you use it for your current locker! Before late, get extra copies of the key made and distribute to people all over Mumbai!

Now, one thing many people don’t know about Jiggs and I will do a little pol-opening here, teehee… Aditi is prolly the only person I know who begins to ‘seriously’ study about more than one month before the exam commences! Baki time she is doing all tp possible, but exam k pehle ka ek maheena and exam ka ek maheena, you will find her posted indefinitely in apna Reading Hall. And now she is talking about me inspiring her to study, lol!

Second year was sprinkled with so many moments of fun that I can’t even re-call so many of them. All I hold back is the bond, the sense of attachment that shall keep us bonded to Ruia forever.

All said and done, I can’t think of an end to this post, coz there is no end to us, isn’t it? But I guess in Third Year we don’t need any chord as such to keep us together. Ek aur saal jhelna hai iss pagal ladki ko, end tak shayaad main bhi pagal ho jau….

Abhi toh I have lost a bet to her, kyuki by chance Spain defeated Germany in Euro 08. Unlimited cups of Vishnu ki coffee pilani hai madam ko, dekhte hai kitna loot-ti hai :-P

Love you lots!

NO! I am straight….. :-D

Pervert budhdhi! ;-)

Shatabdi Express ke Disoriented Neurons :P :P


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


first of all
i had already fixed the match so i knew spain would win :P :P

n dont call prof p my fav, i hate that man to the core, i really do :x(

n guess wt today itself i again lost that key' the only one wh was left' now il have to break the lock :P

yaah reading hall mei wt i do, u know :P :P :P
but u better inspire me to study haa, need it badly :P :P

and yes
tujhe saal ke end tak wait nahi karna hoga, ek aur mahena rukh tu bhi pagal ho jaeege, i am infectious :P :P

aur kal paka tujhe vishnu par loot-tuge :P
agar coffee nahi hue tou chai bhi chalege
:P :P

Anyways gal, thanks a ton for writing this, uv done one of the best things that anyone can do for me, ie write abt me :D :D
Thank you soo much!!!! :D


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

aur haa
aaj kal tu mujhe late wali train mei kurla mei nahi milte
tu time par jaane lage hai kyaa :o
mei tou usual 7 45 ko pahunchte hu :P

Express said...

Haha, nahi re...7:35 pahuchti hu 7:25 k lecture ko. Teachers andar nahi lete after that :-(
and dad knows my schedule!!! all set to throw me outta the house early in the morning!

Juth bol mat, roz lectures bunk karti hai...kabhi toh teachers ko tere kaise mahan students ko padhane-ka mauka deejiye! :-D

Vishnu, any-day! :-)

Its all good man, writing for your blog is an abs honor. And its time 4 both of us to shut-up and other people to comment :-D

P.S. I forgot to mention the mind-numbing testimonials we wrote 4 each-other, teehe....

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

mei kabhi kabhi 7 25 jake hu :P
par 7 45 ko bhi my teachers take me in with a smiling face :P
they r so used to me coming late :P :P
unko pata hai mei kabhi sudherne nahi wali :P
i so love my dept.
mere jaise mahan students :P :P
bass ek aur saal hai masti ka
phir kab life mei bunk karne ko milega

Vikrant said...

i soo agree. ruia is indeed the best!!!

Alok said...


I enjoyed reading this, a peek into your lives.

Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

I think there is always some part of us that wants to go back to something- its possible though that we did not like it when we actually had it but down the memory lanes, its something that will always be a pink spot.College happens to be something like that for most of us...I think that I will miss my college too

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

well i plan to have as much fun i can 'just got one more yr left'
so that wn i leave i dont miss anything just take some fond memories with me of my colg life :)
n move just ahead in life

Anonymous said...

Well, I am lucky in that case.have already had 3 and there are 2 more to go.Lucky me !!

Sutta said...

Abey I doubt yeh koi 'writers block' hai. Its just sheer laziness. Aditi 'Ji'. :P

And btw, I met the real Aditi, I mean song wali and Imran as well today. :D

d SINNER!!! said...


Friends---(bigger sigh)...

@ sutta...

olryte, dont make us J...:P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


5 yrs :0
wh degree ru doing ?

@suttaji :P

one day u would direct them doooood :P :P
btw i am the real aditi lolzz
n u meet imran omg sigh sigh but kaise n where whr whr ???
n i have been waitin for this movie since june 4th lolzz
kal tou i am goin to watch it 4 sureeee


yes sutta do not make us jealous :X( :X( :X(

pj said...

nice post!..:)
n studyin 1 month bfore the xams?..gr8...teach me how u do tat grl!...i need help..hehe..

Soham Chakraborty said...

So finally ..ur chupe raaz coming to picture ... u r a muggu .. !!!!
And yaah that bet ..ufff... my McD tr8 went all in water .. my McD !!! :(((((((((( ...

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

well i detest to study one day b4 the exm
so i finish up wtever i can one month b4 exams n have a gala time during exams
cant study under pressure :D

abey tere gpa 9 pt something hai n u callin me a muggu is such an understatement rotlf :P
n yaah i have no intentions of fluckin my course so in order to pass i study :P
n as i told pj i cant study under stress so i start one month b4 :P:P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

aur haa i told u spain would win
didnt i ??
tou bet kyu galaee pehle baar
i am going tomro :P :P

Soham Chakraborty said...

arey kamini ... baar baar McD jaa rahi hain ... moti ho jayegi ...
bad girl ..McD i am coming..bas ab kuch din aur ... aur mera gpa is not 9 pt something .. aur tu koi bhagwan hain kya .. spain will win .. kya yaar .. kaash germany jeetta ... !!! i love ballack .. i am straight :D..

Anonymous said...

Its an Mtech+Btech- dual course..that makes it a 5 year course :)

Express said...

chabi ghum kar di?? ab?

main aaj 7:40 ko pahuchi, yes, thrown out, haha! But jo hota hai ache k liye hota hai :-P teat tha 12:30 ko, uski padhai ho gayi, haha!!

Vishnu jana hai yaar, kitne dinn ho gaye! :-(
Tapri chai! zindabad!

Alok said...


Roll on the Laughing Floor?

Hahahehha :D

Hail the typo queen!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

my diet is not like u :P :P
my predictions r kinda right, i cd see the chemistry btw the players of spain, lolzz
i knew they would win ;)
tough luck dude
treat paati mei wash hogaee
i m a big fan of ballack too but on the given day Germany palyed badly
chal give ur self a treat now

lucky u

heehh yup phir se :P
kal pkaa 1ish at vishunu

this is nothign dude iv made bigger :P

skeptic saint said...

hey...lubbed reading that...i mean its always grt to read abt friends and college days and all... i wish these days cld last forever...

and are getting quite a lot of treats these

gunj said...

awwwwwwww,,dat was sooo cute:)
u girls rock!

Scribblers Inc said...


Scribblers Inc.

Nits said...

hmmm...nice yaar...
reminds me of my friends...luckily college is not over for me yet! :-)
else wold hav missed it a lot!

Bhai with Chai said...

that was sweeet! :) last yr of coll for me too now, hoping it'll be much more chilled out than the others have been!
really liked that poem sorta thing! :) way to go, express!

crasiezt said...

That was so superly sweet! Good job done Miss Express:-)

Aditi, you know when I saw Jaane Tu I thought of you so many times!! Especially when that "Aditi has de" song came!! Am sure you musta died of choking:P Have you seen the film? I loved it!!

And yes, please stop being such a lazy pig:P Thank God you have Express:D

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


yup i saw the movie
n trust me i actually was sitting thr choked thru out cz it was as if , watching myself being played on the screen :P :P

hope ur doin fine now :)


Sutta said...

You read Realm Of Scribble.
Loads of new gyan for you. :P

mindbodysoul said...

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Express said...

1. Thanks a lott 2 every1 who saw any sense in the post :-D

2. Aditi, kuch toh likh lazy ass. Now with every passing day where my post is put-up for welcoming ur visitors, I am gonna charge you! yes, I am talking abt money!

write! I ve had enough publicity, LOL!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

ur wish is my command madam :P

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