Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tag 'I'

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I am: Aditi Gupta :D

I think: Poverty and illiteracy are the two main reasons for xenophobia and hatred all across the world.

I know: Human being have 23 sets of chromosomes :P 'In fact the literal meaning of human beings is 23 sets of chromosomes, something which is common to all of us'

I want: A shining new pair of Roller skates :D

I have: 7 projects lined up :(

I wish: that Words come back to me soon

I hate: Celebrity fixation :X

I miss: AFGJI (my Delhi school) and School Bus (Route no. 8 ) :(

I fear: Needles (I am highly Belenophobic)

I hear: Music :D

I smell: Petrol :P

I crave: Chocolates 'being a big time chocoholic' and Hokey Pokey's Brownie and Vanilla mix Ice Cream :P

I search: Currently searching for information on Alzheimer 'gotta presentation tomorrow' :P

I wonder: If ever people would stop killing in the name of religion and community :( :(

I regret: Nothing

I love: Converse shoes :P

I ache: for High green converse 'they don't make them in size 4' :(

I was not: expecting to get what I got recently :P

I am not: plastic :P

I cry: when I am really really hurt

I believe: in leaning from mistakes

I dance: like a Jangali :P

I sing: worst than a Crow :P

I read: one book per week :D

I don’t always: do the right thing

I fight: sometimes :P

I write: what ever comes to my mind :D

I win: bets :P

I lose: interest in things quite fast

I never: give undue importance to anyone :P :P

I always:
cheers for the Indian Cricket team and Man U :D

I confuse: my folks :P

I listen: to my ipod

I can usually be found: at Vishnu's having Coffee :P

I am scared: again needles :(

I need: high levels of concentration

I am happy: when I know I did the right thing, the thing which I wanted to do, even if it was wrong :P

I imagine: myself to be standing on the sidelines of history when India wins the next Cricket World cup

I Tag: anybody who wants to take it up


Express said...

awesome tag, i guess i ll pick it up when i am jobless...
But I have a problem with a couplea points in thr!!!!!

You can't think. You don't have what is needed to think :-P

Hokey Pokey rocks yaar! Any flavour! *nostalgia*

Alzheimer's pe I have a ppt ready :-D *sending.*

Yea, yea..v knw of ur love 4 anything converse, good.

I seriously thought ur size ws 5! I wrote it in the orkut testimonial! phele batane ko nahi hota hai?

What did u get? huh?

You sure win bets, gggrrrrrr

You never give undue importance 2 any1? my good friends are so privileged :D :D :D

the 2nd last point made me proud. Love ya!


skeptic saint said...


some nice trivia abt u here...

dance like a jangali rofl...
win bets...:)
smell petrol... :D

you are surely on a roll...

Rakesh said...

Ohhh u have opened doors for people who wants top know you better :-P

Anonymous said...


I knew you would do it!

Great jiggs...subash!!

I imagine: myself to be standing on the sidelines of history when India wins the next Cricket World cup

I aint complaining..but Kyun? Why? It's ur imagination...Let it FREE!!!

pj said...

"Human being have 23 sets of chromosomes'In fact the literal meaning of human beings is 23 sets of chromosomes, "....tat was one cool piece of info!..din knw tat!
and 7 projects?...some1's busy!
don worry...words will come back to u soon, u write well and tags are soemthn u r really good at!..;):D:P

d SINNER!!! said...

23 pair of chromosomes... :P

and all those extra pairs which cause defects , phewww... 12th std was tough due to them

Sutta said...

I write: what ever comes to my mind :D

That explains all! :P

gunj said...

v cute!:)

joiedevivre said...

hmm very smartly done

Anonymous said...

fundooooooooooo 4 size hai tera....WOW!..

abhi happy mood hai ki abhi bhi confused hai ??

MBA entrance prep ?

nice tag ha... u want sreesath to also stand alsong with u during the historical moment??

aur beta bus route 8 me koi handsome ladka cycle chalata tha bus ke side pe jispe crush hai ?

Salil said...

Hi Aditi,
Next time I come to Vishnu's while the Indian cricket team or MU is playing, I will make sure that I dont enter into a bet with you for chocolates.
Good one.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ express
I got campusjunkie :P

@ Skeptic saint,rakesh

@ nitin
well thats i can dream or imagine abt, bcz i badly wana be thr one day reporting it myself or atleast witnessing it :D

I hope so too :)
n yes 7 projects ''onto them''

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

Well i am doin my graduation in life sciences, 12th was nothing now i am stuck with lotssssss more :P

@ sutta
what do you mean haa :P

Thnks :D

haa yaar 4 size hai
myjhe kids section se apne shoes lene parte hai :(
haan haan happiness aate aur jaate rehte hai :P mera dursa naam confusion hogaya hai :P
parhai tou chal rahi hai, i just hope everything falls into place soon
ohh yessss i so want shreesahnt to stand up me in that moment od history lolzz even better he sd pick me up lolzzz
ohh schoo bus mei nahi par school mei kaaffi thi lolzz, par i miss school bus cz i used to travel with my friends thr abhi tou crowded trains meii :(
aur tu kaisa hai


Express said...

oh, oohhh

that even i got!!

v r work-mates!! ;-)

cj is launching! I partly cant believe!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One Liner - I love myself.
Introspection is always good.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I found your blog through Ishaan's (Thought Processor) blog. I like the way you write! :)
Btw, size 4? really??? wow! I'm like a size 8! :(

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

thnks gal

lolzz yes its 4

well i am just 5 feet talllll
so my shoe size is 4 or 5
but converse mei 4 :P

Sach! said...

:) Mast!
First of all I think you think and wonder all correct. And I never knew what you know :(
Then Ms.Typos correct this:
"I believe: in leaning from mistakes"
Did the plastic thing come from some principle of lust??
Btw,.,You are one helluva reader...Blogrolling you (to consult before buying a book next time)
I to confuse almost everyone :P
I really want to be there in Lords seeing Indian win a clear series. But for Man U :( I don't like the name bassss!!!!
And they say, "never regret something that once made you smile!"
May you get loads of chocolates from everyone you meet :P
Good Luck with the presentations and the 7 projects.. (I know it sucks!)
And don't worry words haven't left you :))

Princess Mia said...

hey hey howdy do...really really long eh?

nicely done tag n u dont regret nothing....wow....happens very rarely yaar...

see ya around dear

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


thanks for d pointer
btw i cant access ur blog, cz there is no blog mentioned on ur profile ??

@princess mia

yup no regrets at all :D

Nits said...

nice tag yaa!
'I need: high levels of concentration '

uve got competition here!!!lol

Shy said...

ooooh love this ;)
read this on gunj's blog as well...pickin up this. i have exams, but i'm vella, so will do this ;)