Monday, September 1, 2008

' The' vicious cycle :P

I read these lines a few weeks back somewhere,
And I dunno why, but I just cant stop laughing at them. :P

You break some hearts,
Some break yours.

Life it is,
a Vicious cycle :P



Rakesh said...

soo true ya... i feel its very much a fact

Solitaire said...

What's funny? :(

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

i really dono
but i just cant stop laughin at it :P

Express said...


u ve lost it! no, u never had it! :-P
daaru peeke online nahi aate beta..

whr did u read them? these lines?

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

i only wish i had
i guess sm newspaper n book
yaad nahi hai whr exactly :P

Sutta said...

Total Waste hai tu. :D

Sach! said...

Life is..But what's making this funny sweets?

d SINNER!!! said...

:) reminds me of the quote

"life is a comedy to those who think, tragedy to those who feel"

ATAullah said...

ha ha ! the only thing funny here was this comment-

Solitaire said...
What's funny? :(

h ah a !
Apart from the whole funny thing, Life sure is one circle , a vicious circle. You get back what's Yours and also what is not Yours .

crasiezt said...

Funny? You find that funny? Whoa!! Am gald you find that funny babe..and I hope it stays that way:-)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


why does every body tell me that :P
waise tu bada useful hai na :P

I dono really
i guess irony rockss
n i have lost my sanity :P

i guess ill be addicted to ur quote now :P
hmm in fact ill make a little bit of modification to it

' life is a comedy, unless u treat it as tragedy' :P

exactly :D

yup me too :D

sundeep said...
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sundeep said...

Hooray another blogger from Mumbai.
I was tired to read posts from Delhi bloggers...........

peter said...

:o ....u cud have laughed at better ones lol :P

Nits said...

hmmm..thankfully none have broken mine yet! :-P
hopefully i dont break many either! hehe

gunj said...

is saturday ek ne mera dil toda!!
agle weekend char ka main todungi!!
majani laif ;)

pj said...

laffin???..y?...:P lol....

Anonymous said...

oho, not funny! sort of upsetting actually, life is a series of heartbreaks *sigh*

cRap bloGger said...
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cRap bloGger said...

laughter keeps vicious life vivacious....:)

keep ROTFL!!