Monday, October 27, 2008

Public Again!!!

I never though my absence would matter or even be noticed, feels nice that it does :P

But please don’t expect me to be regular and any sanity around here cuaz Iv kinda lost it these days.

Some recommended reads

The Kite Runner’ – Khalid Husseini
(one of it kind master piece, shows what Irony is made of)
If u’v read it then try his next ‘A thousand Splendid Suns’, all I’l say about it is after a lota cuts and bruises, a happy ending doesn’t hurt.

Freakonomic by Durban and Levitt – an interesting read breaks the molds of conventional economics; the blog is on my blogroll.

Of Course I love You by Durjoy and Maanvi, Durjoy is a fellow blogger, his blog ass-pyre. His blog inspired him to write the book and makes me believe that one day ill be out with my book too :D

On my playlist
New Shoes- Poulo Nutini
So What – Pink
Unforgiven-III – Metallica
The day that never comes - Metallica
I’m yours – Jason Marz

Have a great Diwali
But do your bit for the environment, please don’t use fireworks (some reasons for the same are; 60% of the workers in the fireworks industry are under 14 they are made to work in hazardous conditions with very little pay, the sound pollution is a nuisance for senior citizens, small kids and pets among others).
Indulge yourself in a bucket full of Baskin and Robin’s Bavarian Chocolate ice cream or go grab a beer ever better give some money to a charity.
Well I am doing all three.



metal-militant said...

Ugh. 'Unforgiven 3' was one HELL of a let down.It starts SO well,you're thinking to yourself 'this is what I & II were building up to be...' and then...CRASH!!! It hits a wall.

Anyway,I personally hate crackers myself,for reasons you cited AND because of global warming. I mean,global warming would get MUCH slower if every government in this world just BANNED crackers.

Happy Diwali to you as well.May the Force be with you.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

yaah i agree
but the first minute of instrumental makes it a listen.
i advice download the instrumental version of it

well we should use bullock-carts instead of vehicles when the global warming will surely reduce :P

Anonymous said...

Happy Diwali :)
Btw, it's not a ‘A Land of thousand Splendid Suns’ it's 'A Thousand Splendid Suns'. And it isn't a patch on the Kite Runner. :)
Oh and I'm scared of crackers, so I invariably end up doing something good for the environment! :D

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

thnks for the pointer gal

there sd be more ppl like u :P

deluded said...

life can screw you sometimes

like the time when a goat ate up a 500 rs note that didnt belong to me......and I cried over it!

damn you stupid goat

its green

but its not edible!

give it to me.....I'll buy you cabbages instead.


Soham Chakraborty said...

Chalo finally You are back !! and kya baat hain !!! beer sheer !!! hehehehe

Manasa said...

Kite Runner n Pink Floyd-one can read n listen "n" no of times :)

pj said...

i like...'I’m yours – Jason Marz '..nice song
and abt the fireworks..i am with you....i say, just ban them!