Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The year 2008
I'd had planned to get a job,
now I got two :D
Achieved a lot,
Read a lot,
Gotta know a lot
Had a blast.

but kinda closed up entirely
to others
and opened up to a few
stopped being my Social self
become harsh and stupid
thank god my friends
stuck around :D

Eased up on aloota things
picked up a few bad habits
no more rules
was the flavor this year.

But finally
this phase is past me
and I am going back
to my social self.
But gotta stick
to a few of those habits
keeps me sane.

No resolution
No predictions
for the next
I hope it turns out
with me still writing
for 2009.



Ajan said...

WOW! Compared to me, you've seriously achieved a lot rey! (Touch Wood) Good going!

Express said...




Best wishes :-)

aditi said...

well now wn i look back al i can say is
this yr
i achieved a lot which would look good on my cv
but i didnt do much in the real sense, i hope the next yr brings in that change wn i can say i did stuff in the real stuff.

2008 funny yr i must say
i got kinda funny too :P
things got funnier

happpyy new yr


Alok said...

Happy New Year 2009 to you too, man!

Sach! said...

All's well that end's well...
Happy New Year!!! :-)

aditi said...

same 2 ya guys

well i was just wondering since wn did i become so pessimistic
here's hoping 2009 bring in the optimist me in back :D

aditi said...

n also hope i reduce my typos
man i cant type one line w/o making them.

d gypsy! said...

happy 09

pj said...

two jobs?..wow!!..thats good!:D
i hope i find at least one next year..lol;)

happy new year! have a gr8 year ahead!!


aditi said...

same 2 ya gals

well i m havin trouble keepin the second :P
lets see i need to workkkk now


wishful thinking said...

my new year's resolution is to remember to flush when im done.. and put the toilet seat down! i like to keep them simple.. that way everything else i do is an achievement! happy new year! cheers.

aditi said...


thats a good one
for me
nothing at all
jo kar hai that il do
i am goin all out this yr
no restraints :P