Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Words Unheard

There used to be time when I was addicted to blogging, my day and night used to revovle around my blog. This space was my home; something I used to come back to which would always accept me with open arms.
It would be a patient listener at times and at times the biggest source of my inspiration.It was there when the times were tough and also during the joyous times.
It was the reason I got my first job which followed a string of other events. Some which were just dreams and came true.

It been a while that i'v stopped coming here, its not just that I don't have time, It's just that sometimes your thoughts are so cluttered that even words can untangle them. They say that "new beginings bring about new life", but sometimes it takes some time to set course into the new life.

And sometimes we get so blinded by the brighness of the new life that we forget the old self and the old dreams. The dreams for which we had set our course for. The brightness tricks us into taking wrong turns and causes undue pain. And when the light finally fades is when we see the path clearly. The path we were destined to walk.

There is nothing wrong is charting a new course but never forget the path to your dreams

P.S - It feels great to be writing again :D


n i t i n said...

good to see ya back. :)

pj said...

its always nice to see friends back!..I remember how frequently you used to write.
The other day I was just thinking about how much I used to blog and how rarely I do it now!
I miss all my blog friends-some who've quit writing and some who write less often these days...

I still remember commenting almost everyday on your, samby and gunj's posts :)
Used to be fun

bottom line...welcome back!:D

aditi said...

i miss my blog frnds too
i dono how frequent im be but less i wont completely stop writing either.
those times were great fun really with all of u around :D

Those were the days!!!
calls for a post soon.

happy writing!

adhishg said...

Welcome..back... missed ur posts.. :)
ive updated mine after 8-9 months..better late than never