Monday, January 25, 2010

{dot} Dot {dot}

few birthdays forgotten,
few days lost,

lonesome words
isolated thoughts
caged within.

rising fury
cracks in conscious
cliff down

and the phoenix awaits!


Sjmach said...

Is it a riddle?

deluded said...

eating south
fishes flurry
never give up
put on some pants, hurry!

AG said...

hey sjmach or should i say isundeep
saw ur blog today
look to see u writing

and deluded
ur still the same ha
way to go


n thanks u guys for dropping by

Sjmach said...

Call me anything you want LOL!

AG said...

oppss just realized my typo
*good to see you writing!

Outreyo said...

Love it :)

WINK said...

y do i love reading such posts with an awesomely arbit mood of the blogger? is there something wrong with me? or them? or both?

AG said...

@ Wink
well ur comment resulted into my current fb status
which reads
~ abstract will always shine in its glory because one will always find meaning in it !

n random will always be in fashion :P

n i shall be looking forward to such stuff on ur blog as well!

Anonymous said...

Rise and Shine..