Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well I don't have any content to write today, but haven't posted for about 10 days now, so I high time I write something.

Its already the 16Th day of the year and my resolutions have gone down the drain,'I wonder why I make them '.
I have been really frustrated these days 'dono why',I don't feel like talking to friends or anybody 'really don't know the reason'.Its like all the tensions have engulfed me and I have isolated myself. Plus I am not helping myself getting past those tensions.
Well I guess its just a phase and I'll get over it.

btw I recently dissected a shark 'one feet long', it was part of our Life science practicals, at the beginning I felt a bit pukish, but then I saw all my calssmates doing it, so I opened it up with scissors and observed it circulatory system 'the heart and the aorta'.And ill be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the process.
I got pictures too but they are a bit graphic 'so I won't put them up'.
After doing it I kinda felt bad because for our experimentation we had to kill a living being :(:(


durjoy datta said...

i so wanna see the pictures............!!!!!
put them on!!!!!!!!!!

maverick said...

lol..shark dissection??ha ha back in sadi dilli :)

The Tentacles of Thought said...

never heard of sharks being dissected before in college labs.cockroaches frogs rats pigeons are ok but sharks??? put up the pics....btw even im going thru a similar phase.rather moody and results r round d corner so im all the more tensd...

Aditi aka Jiggs said...

shark dissection
yup its true , but it was just one feet long lolzz
Got 2 votes for the pics
so will be putting them up.

@ durjoy
pics coming up

@ maverick
hope u enjyoed ur trip

@ tentacles of thought
I got my results. and they were quite a disaster but learnign from them n already onto 2nd sem.

Vikas ( Vicky) said...

shark dissection ... ohhh i dont knw...can i do it? huh

Resolutions... i always used to say they r just like good u read the books or not still its good to have same with resolutions...

btw i broke one of mine on 4th day... thatzz bad... i would'nt hv done that.