Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tats from the past

Finally I am writing my first post of'08, but firstly would like jot down a few things of 2007.

I got my hair colored for the first time in '07, the color was purple and now it has turned blonde 'looks bad' ,btw I got just a few strands colored 'thank god for that'.
Wore a Saree 'cuaz it was compulsory at my college 'but never again'.
India won the T20, 2 days after winning it, I saw the entire Cricket team here in Mumbai' for the first time' was really memorable. But could'nt manage to see Shreshant 'sob sob sob'.
What else yaa,in terms of my academics it was a disastrous year cauz I bearly studied. Had the time of my live this year ,this year of my college life will be remembered forever.
Made a lot of new friends and lost a few.
But life goes on, another year another life.


matty said...

pretty good time u had last yr..i hope u do have the same in this yr too..
happy new yr btw..

piro nun chiyaa said...

wht a way to sum up a grt un summable phenomenon...! 'tym'...! lk always...a gud to read post...! luking fr more such stuff...czzz dey always open up to ur lyf!! n tht ensures...ur pose are nvr prosaic...! dey sound lk a distant phenomenon...! an escape to de surreal...out in de middle of de real n absolutely un-ostensible...!! keep writing :)

gunj said...

@y is everybody goin ga ga over sreesanth!!
anyhw...better luck nxt time! :)

KP said...

wish you all da best for 2008!

enjoi nice musical post...;)

umang said...

a very very happy new year
i know i am a bit late..but what with examz and then home.. the queen bee's apologies
anyway have a great year and spread the buzz :D :D buzz buzz!!!!!

#queen bee#

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Happy New late...aargghh...update ur blog..its been a while.