Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kyle XY

I have been watching this series for about 3 months now, it airs every saturady at
8 p.m on Star World. Its one of the Sci-fi serials which has everything super-natural about it, but is very innate and real which deals with simple human emotions of life, love, friendship, destiny etc etc etc.

Matt Dallas who plays Kyle is really cute too :)
And i'v always had a thing for everything super-natural.

Take a go at it.
Saturdays at 8 on Star World


The Tentacles of Thought said...

Then i take it that u watch scariest places on earth on axn??
Nd dont tel me that u watch anhonee aahat(is it still aird) mano ya na mano n other hindi crap..?
Do u c supernatural on star world??thats nice stuff...
Nd my post awaits ur hurry tho....
rock on
one questn: why is it aka jiggs?wats the jiggs for??
Lolz i feel jiggly wiggly...

setu said...

thanks for the comment.. :)
keep rockin' \m/

Aditi aka Jiggs said...

@ tentacles of though
yaah I used ti watch a few so called horror shows just loved X-files'sad it ended', but a regular viewer of all the sci-fi shows coming on star world
as for jiggs ,well thats ny pen name.

@ setu
ur welcome

Renovatio said...

Season two's rather disappointing, thus far. Don't know how long we'll have to wait for the rest of it, considering the WGA strike, though I think I read somewhere that the Kyle XY scripts were stockpiled.

Aditi aka Jiggs said...

yaah I agree
season 2 was a let down after the action-packed first season but still loved watching it and still a big fan :)
yaah I soo hope that the strike gets over soon,really waiting for wt happens next with kyle.

gunj said...

its a nice show!!
wat amazes me all d time is his weird belly!! :P

Aditi aka Jiggs said...

the belly botton lolzz
I guess he was made artificially in a pod thats why the makers must have thought of no belly button.
cauz belly botton in the unction through which the foetus is connected to the mother in the womb.

KP said...

not a sci-fi fan...but somehow i liked the X-Files....I dont know why........

abhishek said...

better than this watch Prison Break ;) ... if u have Fox channel then lucky u guys .... else download it from net ... This is realy cool .. n can teach u something lolzzz ( especially the first season ) !!!!! adios .. cheers !!!

Aditya said...

I too m a die hard fan of KYLE

This series is awesome
Liked ur other posts as well

Aditi aka Jiggs said...

@ kp
I loved x-files too
maybe sully n molder made it too interesting :)

@ abhishek
I have seen prison break ,loved it n leanred a lot too
hehhe ;)

same here die heart fan
n keep visiting :)


Vikas ( Vicky) said...

not a sci-fic fan.... evn its being 3 months that i watched TV....

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

ahh, i lurrrve this serial! started watchin it bout few weeks ago! fallen in love with it ever since!