Sunday, June 15, 2008

The three Mistakes of my Life - Chetan Bhagat

Bunked my College yesterday, wasn't in a mood to attend some boring lectures of Horticulture, and this book was stock piled for quite some time so the task for Saturday was cut out, but these rains have made me really lazy so finally finished it today :P
I haven't read Five Point Someone nor have I read One Night at the Call-center, and the only reason I read this book was because of its title 'as you may know, mistakes is my favorite word' :P. On top of that Chetan Bhagat was one Guy whom everybody seems to like, so I had to read him.

The story involves Friendship, Cricket, Politics, Business and how people cope with natural and man-made calamities. Its talks of Gujarat riots and the Earthquake, I still have memories of watching that stuff on tv, and I must say, there were points in the book which I found hard to read specially the rioting part because Death is the hardest part for me to stomach. And yes there were some parts in the story which I didn't like but over all the book is a good read 'a bit over rated, but nice'.
I can't say ill take any lessons from the book, but the way the passion for Cricket is projected and the way the influence of politics in dairy life is projected, it makes me realize how small things escalate to big things and how our society stands on the threshold of man-made calamities.

On a lighter note, I got a few questions who's answers I am unable to find :D

Why does every story has a Girl angle to it' if uv read the book then I am talking about Vidya' ?? :P
What fun do guys get outta checking out girls ??
And why are girls often projected as brain less and cry babies ?? x(

Shower your gyaan on the same :P : P


Sutta said...

This book has been written by the thought "this will look good on screen". "Five Point Someone" was a class, rest all went down!

Anyways, bade hi stoopid questions pooche hain apne. :P

d SINNER!!! said...

hmmm...i havnt read it till now but did read the 2 before...

will pick it up smtime...

n abt ur questions, trust me Jiggs a good percetage of gals are actually brainless or they project so to get the attention...have seen quite a lot of it...but bloggerworld is a diff place vs the real place...

Anonymous said...

lol.... same way girls think most guys are jerks

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


hmm i guess il read five pt someone soon
well i know they r stupid questions but i need concrete answers for them
cz every book i read has the same thing, i guess most of the authors r guys, well wn ill write my book i am surely gona take the cases of the all the dumb bone heads i come across :P :P

i guess :D

ur the most experienced guy ard haa :P : P

skeptic saint said...

yeah i ll read the book soon...

as for checking out girls, *feels* nice to know that at least some girl smiled at you during the whole evening...

and as for dumb and brainless girls( like u), they are cute as compard to the brainy

and hey check out my new post...its something new i have tried...

Nirmal said...

yup agree with u gal.....

this book is over rated....but still its fun ready it..i have read his five point someone also...and i must tell u chetan bhagats pattern is reapeating....same 2-3 gal in the main characters life etc...

aditi u wont believe but he describes the sex part also in the same way....u shud read 5.someone..then u wil get it....

and y gals r projected in the same way....hmmm
4 guys gals r brainless and cry babies..
4 gals guys r dogs....

cant explain y..but it is in thesameway..


Soham Chakraborty said...

So , finally you are back from the sad world ... good to see that far as the book is concerned ...i haven't read it ...though i get from the post what it is about.. and the three questions... they can be used against the girls too... it has being going on for ages and will go on... so we have to accept it .. and not worry what the world thinks.. Even a girl can think that the other girl is a cry baby .. even a guy can think that the other guy is a jerk... ( don't take it in the other way :P ).. but thats what happens.. Each one is different and it depends on that individual how he/she presents himself/herself before the world..
Even after this bhaashan ur doubt remains then take hormones as the reason for those questions... :P :D

durjoy datta said...

first Answer: Love is the most sought after thing.
Second Answer : Sex is the second most sought after thing.
Third Answer: Guys often don't get it the above comes the label....sour grapes....!

skeptic saint said...

and as for dumb and brainless girls( like u ;) ;) ;) ;) a thousand winks... ), they are cute as compard to the brainy

i m so cld i miss those winks...and dare anyone say aditi dumb... ;) (sorry no wink this time) shit...stupid me...

crasiezt said...

I hated the book to be was so lame!!
Five Point was delightful..One Night was pathetic so don't even try reading it.

As for the questions...

1. Yeah I know you're talking about Vidya. Ladkiyom ke bina maza ni aata na:P

2. The same fun that we get outta checking out guys:-)

3. That's not true. There are many books where the woman is stronger and smarter than the guy if not his equal. Bhagat has just used a sterotype in his book and I hate him for that. But Vidya has has more balls than the guy, don't you think?

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


well i wrote this review the moment i finished reading it, n i must say thr were pts in the book in wh i wanted to leave it but i never leave a book unread so finished it, n the reason i wrote it was nice was cz i kinda liked the ending.

but but but
on second though i didnt like the book that much, i never criticize a literary piece but this book is over rated.

u can give it a pass

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

@ skeptic saint



highly over rated
i guess
pt taken


yup gota accept
hormones haa :P : P


pts noted

@skeptic saint

i am dumb :P :P


will read 5 pt someone
yup surely she does :P
n :P :P :P
yup funn :P

Friendly Stranger said...

I finished reading it a couple of weeks back!
It's nice and a good example of how serious things can be narrated in a ligher manner....
About your questions:-

1) People need something to gossip about. If an affair is not a part of your film or book, Hard luck! The most possible case would be that people wouldn't turn up to watch your movie or people won't touch the book....
It's an authors way to defend himself from getting dumped....
For scientific reasons, check out

2) Seems like it's natural. Even we don't know the answer to this question..We just feel it...thats all about it!

3) It's kinda traditional! Authors sometimes still feel that they are living in Victorian India where girls couldn't do much....They feel that projecting girls as cry babies would help them in pampering male ego which could even turn out to be USP of the book.

I feel that Chetan is a clever author who knows what to write in order to be the bestseller!
I don't think any other author would and could mix cricket, business, love, politics, religion, friendship and all this stuff in one single novel! It's quite melodramatic but it sells....
I consider SRK and Chetan as counterparts as both of them has same philosophy towards attracting people...
Give people a glimpse of their life, dreams, relations etc. in one go and people would be happy and would remain your fans for life!

Happy blogging!

Nits said...

Well frankly i dont think im gonna read his books anymore, coz i find them way over-rated!

watsed time over them already !! lol.. backkkk!!!

gunj said...

sutta is right!! :P

ranjita said...

chetan bhagat and the word 'over-rated' are synonyms.
his first two books were ordinary. i haven't read 3 mistakes yet..but i've heard its an improvement so good for him.
as for your question, the answer is simple: its because of bhagat's limited imagination. he is after all a man.
but i can safely say i have met more silly men than women.

Express said...

Yea, over rated.

Leaving all aside, talking of ur monsoon laziness. I am sorry I differed initially on this, but research does show that during rains, neuronal activity takes a back-seat, haha!

and my blog is called disoriented neurons :-D

and whts with bunking collg?
horti is bad yea, but ghar-baithke karti kya hai tu?

Anonymous said...

Will take the Honour of answering your questions if you don't mind.

1)Biology says that for every 100 girls that are born,there are 105 guys getting down on earth.That statistically means that we have a global sex ratio of <1. so,to attract the larger population of the living earth, a writer does what he is supposed to do- i.e harnesses the baser of instincts.

2) Well, its the same fun that a butcher has while checking out the chicken.( NOT MY opinion-but sadly that is the fact,though unjustified )

3)That is because, if you have read about the structural functional approach to medical sociology, Men like to think that they are wise- gives them satisfaction.

brainmasterrohit said...

Well, fps{ five point someone } was no doubt an unmatched class, frankly speaking its among the best novels i have read.

But plz guys don't compare his other novels with tht and believe me if u look at '3' forgetting the fps its not tht bad.
yes its a bit dramatic and sometimes goes a bit slow still its a good read .