Sunday, June 8, 2008


We all think we're going to be great and we feel a little bit robbed when our expectation aren't met,
but sometimes our expectations fall short.
Sometimes the expected simply pales in comparison to the unexpected.
You've got to wonder why we cling to our expectations because,
the expected is just what keeps us steady, standing still,
and the expected is just the beginning.
The unexpected is what changes our lives.

~ Closing quotes of Grey's Anatomy Season 2,episode which aired yesterday.

Expectations is a something which we all carry around with us.
Personally I am really not a fan of expectations, in fact thats one thing I really wanted to get away from, and to certain extend did but a few fragments of it still cling to me. And no matter what I do they don't leave me, I guess they are using Fevicol - 'as they say Fevicol ka joor tuke ga nahi' :P

We all say the best way to go is having ''No Expectations''.
But the truth is if we have no expectations, then we will be like a dead soul wondering around with nothing to look forward to. Pain and happiness are the sides of the same coin, a coin which works in Kingdom Life.
A wise guy:P just pointed out to me that our Dreams and Goals are also expectations does that mean we should stop dreaming ??
I guess not, Expectations will always cling to us in one form or the other, all we can do is, filter our expectations and root out some of the weeds in them, channelize our expectations towards ourself away from others because many a times its the others who don't live up to our expectations than us going the honors.

Well talking of the unexpected, thats where a new journey begins into the unknown and sometimes the unknown surprises us in a way that the known could never reap its pleasure.

Well I must say Expectations has left me really confused,
I guess having Expectations is a part of being human.

I so wanna be an alien : P : P

P.S - This post is a product of my disconnected thoughts on expectations, I guess someday I might be able to make some sense of it. Till then I hope you guys throw some light on it :D


Sutta said...

I guess the "wise guy" has already kaan-foosed you enough!
You know the rest. :P

Welcome back to LIFE!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


ohh yes, some wise guys say expectations some other say no expectations now i guess my unwise brain has to sort out this confusion :P


Soham Chakraborty said...

Life is nothing without expectations ...We are otherwise zombies ... We live every moment chasing some goal or other..Dreams and aims are of course expectations .. but one must know the extent of their dreams and expectations coming true .. thats what is tough.. We are unable to judge ourselves and make an understatement of our capabilities or expect too much from life .. And yaah as human beings we all like surprises ..but that unexpected must be on the positive side to change the life in a good way .. :) ..

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...



hmm soham knows all haa :P
well yup, as always u made sense of my words :D
now i have realized that goals n aims r expectations too :)
n as u said judgin stuff is the hardest part, indeed it is n thats whr i get stuck every time i talk abt expectations.
n yup good surprises r always positive :)


Prakhar said...

honest post!

Anonymous said...

hi alien...u are from which galaxy...

gunj said...

if we have no expectations, then we will be like a dead soul wondering around with nothing to look forward to

dat is totally wat i believe in!!
im so glad thr are more ppl who do too!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...




bahi abhi mei earth par he hu, mere shape ship khrab hogaee hai


yup iv started believing in it

Shankz said...

Expectations are things which you really REALLY wish you get. But you need to know where to draw the line. Drawing the line based on rationality is really important. For eg., just yesterday my friend was telling me that he is good to people, he is honest, never a harsh thought about anyone and he expects to be treated the same by people around him. Told him he is expecting the impossible.

Expectations are good. Dreams and goals are kinds of expectations but only those which you know that its in your hands to achieve them. You cant expect to be Chief Surgeon when you hate biology...!! :P

Expectations are heart breaking. This is THE one thing which every guy would cry by. Things are expected by the girl. In this case, expecting tends to be on the lines of assumption. Trust me, if the expectations are removed from the 'oh-so-many' couples around, you wouldn't get to see oh-so-many heart breaks....

This is the real world dear....!!
Expect the Unexpected.