Friday, September 19, 2008

Excitement !!!

I am really not high on Emotions and stuff, the last time I was excited was probably when India won the T20.
But today I am jumping all over the place,

The Reason

The name reads
Aditi Gupta
Core Writer
Campusjunkie :D

I'v got my Visiting cards :D

One year back I never though that il actually, be paid to write, I need to thank you all who've been commenting on my crappy posts :P
Those words really meant a lot :D
I love you guys and gals so soooo much :P :P :P

P.S - If you bump into me, I am so gonna give you my card :P and if you don't take it, il have to give it forcefully (I got biceps) :P :P :P


Anindita said...

Congratulations! Now if you could just tell me how you are getting paid, I will take that card and distribute it as well!! :D

Anonymous said...

Treat ?

Bhai with Chai said...

Oi..great! congos!! :) :)

ps : put a pic of those biceps u talkin of, it'll be easier to believe! :P

n i t i n said...


and yeah...finally I landed up in Blogger..hehe

metal-militant said...

Congratulations.Ive always dreamt of being paid to write myself.But that's next to impossible with the number of dedicated readers of your blog being countable on one hand.

Anyway,may the Force be with you.

Sutta said...

I got to know already. :P
But I don't want it, lets see how forcefully you'll get to give it to me. :P

Anonymous said...

congratulations :D

pj said...

hey congratulations!!
(hi five!)
good going girl!
wish you loads and loads of good luck!!!!


Express said...


I just don't make enough noise :-P :-P

campusjunkie is due launch!!
and I am having sleepless nights!!!
[for other reasons as well]

I have a visiting card!
I have a visiting card!
I bloddy have one that shows my name, designation and phone number dude!! and its made for me for fuckinh free!!!

I have it when I am 19!!!!!!!
and THAT is better than urz,

Ajan said..., umm wats this campus junkie?
kewl that uve got a card..nice

Sach! said...

Ohho!!! Congo ji...
Party!!!!! :)
Btw...chd post is still awaited...

Anonymous said...

congo fundoo ... see it rhymes...

gunj said...

n i wanna c ur biceps now :P

Peenuts said...


crasiezt said...


Read about your definitely need a break babe, if writing has become a burden!!

But jaldi jaldi wapas aa ja:-) Muah!

divinediu said...

Whoa! Congrats! :D

Mystique Wanderer said...

now isnt tht a dream come true....paid to write...the only thing better can be paid to while away time :D

i see by now ure into the sabbatical mode...even an overdose of heaven can be deadly :P

c u soon

wildflower said...

congo! u must b on top of d worllld ;)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

thanks :D
it really means a lot