Monday, September 22, 2008


Content, confused, isolated, vulnerable, cold, happy, satisfaction, guilt, madness, randomness, excitement, humiliation, jubilation, insanity, craziness, silence, complacency, exhaustion, tiredness, boredom, ecstatic, frustration, scared, angry, anxious.

Ohh yes I think alot :P
but I need to stop thinking,
for that,
I need to stop writing.

Its been almost a year since I'v been on rambling on this blog :P writing about anything and everything. In this time iv read some amazing posts (read the pierced section) which have actually made a difference to my life. Now I see things in a different light. And in this journey iv also made some friends whom I absolutely adore.

But some where down the line iv lost the purpose of writing (I have no answer to "Why I blog"). Now its become a mere routine for me and maybe more of an addiction. Writing was always a pleasurable thing which I enjoyed but now it has become some kinda burden.
I want to enjoy it again for that I guess I need to take some time off.

P.S- I am not sad or anything, on the contrary I am happy (really happy) which is somewhat an unfamiliar thing (may be the reason behind lack of inspiration) :P plus gotta a few things up my sleeves which need urgent attention.
Hope to see you guys and gals when I come back, till then IL be dropping by your blogs .

Chowmein 'I can't stop making jokes' :P