Sunday, February 15, 2009

Destiny haa...
I am a big fan of destiny, basically its my favorite word.
But sometimes some things happen whos reasons you can't find,
Was it destiny that I spent the last few days in hell,
Was it destiny that my hopes and dreams were fading away,
Was it destiny that made be completely lifeless,
Was it destiny that made me doubt myself and seem as a waste,
I was completely blank and walked as a ghost.
And now I get to know that it was all for nothing
It is destiny that,
What was happening wasn't right at the first place.

Well I guess it's destiny which has given me a second shot.

But who's responsible for all those days I spent not living.

Life can be a pain in the Ass, but its worth all the happy moments :)


deluded said...

yes, but the pain in the ass is still distracting

Express said...


happy times are wht v make happy. so if u wanna make life more worthy, stay happy more often :P

not pravachan, thats wht I take away 4m ur post

pj said...

it was destiny that,
What was happening wasn't right at the first place

I believe everything that happens is right.We just fail to see the bigger picture when our mind is clouded with negative thoughts.But as time passes, everything falls in place and you realise that what happened wasn't really wrong!


.....SPORTS IN VALLEY.... said...

NICE ONE,,,,,,,,

gunj said...

its not destiny
its us.

Shankz said...

It ain't destiny all out all time...
It is, not doubt, but it doesn't control everything you do or happen and all...
If anything has happened, be it good or bad OR for good or for is you, as a person who makes the choice in the first place....
Its after the choice and till the result (good/bad) which i believe is the part played by destiny.
But then, not trying to put you down and all... a brilliant topic you have touched upon and hope we get a lot of ideas and thoughts from further comments and all....!

(PS: Just finished 'Cather in the Rye'..explains the "..and all.." fixation..I just love that guy..!!

cRap bloGger said...

Destiny is just a creation of mind......something that we can blame when things don't seem to go right!

as shankz rightly says...its for us to decide which path to choose!

can we really leave it for destiny to decide if we gonna go to the office tomorrow or not!!

Manasa said...

Why blame destiny if something goes wrong? :)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

hey guys
ill be replyin soon :)

Rohan said...

Its either your way or gods way..and i think its best if its the latter..!!!

Loved writeup..could relate to it to the 'T'..!!