Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Recession Talk

These days where ever you go, recession is the current flavor
you put on the news, job cuts is the news :O
apparently more than one lakh jobs are been cut world wide per day
now that's a staggering figure.
I am sure we all are aware of it.

So now lets try to find some light in these dark times called recession.
One thing positive that I can find in these times is that people will no longer take the beaten track and will look for other alternatives and when a lot of people get down on new roads there will be progress. Amidst the current situations there are several avenues mushrooming which were never heard off, for example in the book Hot ,Flat and Crowded; Thomas L. Friedman states that green technology is the answer and the benefits of it can only be realized now as cruel oil prizes are unaffordable.

It has lead people to take up unconventional roads and people are using their inherent talents to something outta it, I am sure not everybody would be knocking the door of a B-school any time soon.
This is just one example, every situation has good and bad we just have to find good in this current one.

As for me, its the first time I am ever facing a situation where I cant find my way in life, all I want from my life is to live off a laptop and a bagpack and go to a work place wearing my all stars . Lemme know where I can do that.


J said...

Talking of finding light in dark times like these, I saw on CNN few days ago about how some people in Germany sold their houses through raffle tickets, each costing €19.

The owner got more than the house's worth while the lucky buyer paid just €19.

pj said...

hehe same pinch!...i've written a similar post..well kind of:)

nd yea recession is the most talked abt thing these days, i mean everywher u go, this topic has to come up.
anyway,feels gud to read a positive post in such a situation:)


deluded said...

good luck you! thats a big dream.

oh and present.......what do ya want?