Sunday, February 22, 2009


Some songs have been there forever and u'v heard them before,
you stumble upon them again and get hooked.

Sacrifice - Elton John

Believe - Cher

It Must have been Love - OST Pretty Women

Lemme know about the songs you stumble upon.

P.S - Currently I am in between certain events, once I am done ill let you know what I exactly meant. I always find lessons and reasons from events taking place in my place but from a few, I just couldn't find any so I blamed "Destiny".


Express said...

It must've been luurrrvvveeeee :P

Im stuck on Baby boy - Beyonce
and soo many songs by BEP :P

sundeep said...

its CHER not sher........

crasiezt said...

Hmmmm, I heard "Born to be wild" after a long time..I really used to love that song you know..and now it's my caller tune:-)

Another one would be "You're still the one". Gorgeous song. Heard it a couple of days back..and fell in love with it all over again.

Among the songs that you mentioned, I like "It must have been love". Sooooooo lovely it is:-)

Rushabhh Gandhi said...


Thats the best way to understand destiny....

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

thnks for the pointer sundeep

destiny hmmm
post comin up soon