Saturday, October 20, 2007

All Star - My Star

I am not the type of a girl who just goes on and on taking about her clothes, shoes,etc etc etc .
But today I would really like to flaunt my All Stars, they are just 'awesome' . Chuck Taylor was the one who made them popular,
I have a self-confessed obsession with them ,already got 2 pairs, eyeing the third . hehheehe
SO who ever is reading this post you can help, by click on the advertisements up on my blog.



Still searching said...

Hey, thanks for coming by my blog and also blogrolling me! :)

jacky jovi said... fish or wht was dat?? hehehe kidding..! nice doubts abt dat....n dis post... gud one...! i always say to ma frnd..." prose n verse....just differ how we stumble n de, how de words fall"...! so u ve dat... dun knw wht...n in ma words u dun need to knw wht it is... u have tht!! n so.... keep ur hands in dat buszzz..!

manojvasanth said...

This is one of those footgears I love to wear. And of course ID also :P

Vinni said...

blogging for money eh? Great additions to your blog. looks really cool now.

Anonymous said...

hey so u r jiggs. i kept wondering who is she .....funny n humorous blog. keep droppin by n keep writing.

i loved it.